Snow Fallen Zombies

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  1. ~-_Mark lived in the country, meaning that he was far away from civilizasion. He liked the seculsion, a wide open area with nothing but trees which surround his house comferted him when he woke up at 4, the sun not yet risen. He would start his daily rutien, Taking a shower, brushing his teath, combing his hair. He didnt dress with fasion behind him, because he thought, "What was the use, I'm just going to change into my Uniform when I get into the city, and last I checked my Partner didnt care." He got into his car and turned off the Am radio on the dash, Mark didnt like listening to it entill he got closer to the city. Namely for the reason that he gets only static, he lived too far away. When he did reach closer to the city, when trees turned into house complexes and houses turned into office buildings, he turned on his radio and still heard nothing but static. "Odd, I am within the city bounderies... Something's wrong." he would mutter to him self. instead of getting a cup of coffee before work, he desided to go straight to the Department. On his way there, he saw nothing but Civil Unrest across the streets, people attacking eachother, nearly killing one another. When a group of attackers being one to the ground, he gets up and joins their possy. Weird... When he got to the Police Department, all of the cars where gone from the front, off on call. There were only a few in front, handguns drawn and looking franticly around for danger. One pointed their weapon at Mark and shouted, " Freese!" Mark stopped the care and replied, hands out the window to show he was unarmed, "Wait, it's me. Mark, Im a police officer."_-`~
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    The room was bare, with hardly any of her personal things in it, other than her clothing and school supplies. She brushed back a strand of her neck length, pure white hair. It was not dyed. She was born with white hair, and had often been bullied and looked down up by other people because of it. She didn’t really mind, though, she thought as she flopped onto her small bed. Even with her fragile frame, she could beat even full grown men in terms of strength and speed. The last few people who dared teased her had just recently been discharged from the hospital. She had been in custody for a long time for that..

    Closing her eyes, she heard a scratching sound in the floor below her. It was soft, but gradually became louder and louder. Getting up lazily, she took her coat and gloves before walking down her creaky stairs. It must be that good for nothing mom and dad she had, she had thought at first when slipping them on. As a moaning sound came from the door, it was apparent that something was wrong.

    She looked out of the window beside the door, to see a strange man, with ripped clothes and a blank face scratching on her door. With that, she closed the curtains, not wanting the man to see her. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up on end. Sensing danger, she immediately ran towards her back door, pulling open the knob and went towards her bicycle at full speed. It was never too bad to be cautious. In no time she was cycling away from her house. As she sped in her bike, searching for a safe place, she found more and more of these people with blank faces shuffling towards neighbors and attacking them. What was left of the practically destroyed neighbourhood was destroyed cars, and screaming people running for their lives.
  3. ~`-_ The police officers at the main gate sattled down and welcomed a fellow officer of the badge in. they closed the gate ammideatly to ensure the offices security. Mark runs through the doors to try to find his senior officer, his boss, and ask what the hell is going on. The building was empty, too meny calls of breack in's and civil unrest reach out across the city and places outside it's bounderies. There were even calls from other cities telling of the same thing, that they needed help from other cities close to them inorder to stop the riot on their streets. Mark couldnt find his boss so he went into the locker room and changed into his uniform. Because of this situasion, there was an order from the chief that blaired from the loudspeaker from each room, " All officers report for duty, Equipt your Riot gear and Arm your selves with High grade weapons from the Armoury. I repeat-" it would dontinue every few minutes. he would do so, a bullet pruff vest and a riot helmat fallowed with knee and elbo pads. He took a riot sheild and strapped a 12 gag. Riot Gun, flashlight mount at it's front, around his right shoulder, then holsterd his hand gun. The next order for the police were, "We have to obtain Order back to the streets of this city. If you find Anyone performing unlawful acts during this time, Stop the situasion as you see fit." He frowned and nodded, heading for the garadge to get his squad car. His partner was allready gone by the time he came into the Department. He had to get to her, by any means nesissary. He had to make sure she was ok, Natasha._-`~
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    Huffing and puffing as she threw her bike on the grass, she spotted the monsters eat the remains of a young child. Holding back vomit, she paced towards the large metal doors of the gym, and pushed it open. A mob of the zombie like humans greeted her with low moaning and shuffled towards her. Her eyes darted around the large place, yet she saw no signs of Kyle. He couldn’t have been attacked by them, could he?

    No, he couldn’t, she assured herself as she picked up the bike again and pedaled towards the next place he could be. On the way, she noticed a young man in a police officer’s suit. He could surely help her find Kyle. “ Help me find my brother!” she practically tackled him and shouted, fear showing in her voice.
  5. ~`-_ At first, this police officer didnt awenser, only when the girl tackled him is when he really moved. The man moaned, a low pitched continuos exhail from his lungs. He turned to face Teur, his fac mangled out of recolecsion, the only part of his body that was recognisable was the tattored uniform of a police officer as well as his badge number, 1334. Teur had not choice but to back away from him, for he was enclosing onto her possision. His arms outsttreached and bend aquwardly, no living thing could do such a thing without feel ammense pain. His teath were bloodied and yellowed. _-`~
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    Anger flooding her mind, she took out her small knife that she had usually hidden in her pocket, and stabbed him in the head. Blood burst from the wound on his head, and covered her entire body. The man stopped moving, and slumped to the ground. In a daze, she limply held the knife and looked at her blood stained hands. It was all right. She had killed was going to be all right!She sat down, not bothering to notice or care about the stray zombies surrounding her and the corpse.
  7. ~`-_Mark whitnessed the event unfold before his very eyes. Seeing a grown man, an officer of the law try to take the life of a young women. He could not believe it. He rushed twards her, drawing the .45 mm Pistal hostered on his right him, holding it with both hands for a ferm grip. He raised it only slightly, it's iron sights aimed at her feet as he spoke to her, "Freese! Drop the knife, right now." He did not know of the situasion, and how she came to attack the officer, but he had to play it by the book. Mark could not do a think with the assalint carring the weapon, she would be marked as dangerous or even perhaps one of the Rioters who are making the city turn up over ontop of its self. He repeats his order when she does not comply, "I said drop it!" his face grew serious as he staired down at this gray haired girl. He knew her, from reports that passed through the 'paper-work' officer the Department shared with the officers out on patroll. Her name was Teur, she was arrested with Attepmted Murder of a teanager who was her "local-bully." She was a disturbed child with Psycological problems and was found guilty on case of insanity. She and her brother have been licing with foster parrents for a couple of mounths, and now this? Did the riot that is happening now push her off the limit? Mark needs to get the knife out of her hands, for her safty, and his. ((Sorry for saying your Char is Insain, it's the only thought that rushed through my head from this. From my point of view, all I saw was a person stabbing another. You understand right? ^w ^;;))_-`~
  8. Just noticing the cop, she turned to him with bloodied wrists. " So even self protection is illegal now?" she smirked, wiping a bit of blood off her face. Damn, it had already dried up, she thought.

    Holding her hands up, with palms facing the policeman, in what seemed to be a sign of surrender, she sighed. The knife gleamed brightly in her hands, looking a bit menacing. Once again, somebody was getting in her way. She absolutely hated that.
  9. ~`-_Mark leaned forward, holding out his hand so he may grasp hold of the knife. Taking it from her, he fold the knife back into its holder and pockets it. No need to risk fingerprints, he was a witness to what happned. He looks down at the body and notes how strange it is that it allready has evidence of decomposision. He asks her, "Self protection, was it?" rising an eye brow to her with doubt._-`~
  10. "Yes, it was. I'll have you know the guy attacked me first." As her knife was taken away, she reached for it, to no avail. " Hey! Give it back! Do you have ANY idea what the fuck the man turned into?" she pointed to the lifeless corpse beside her, which had rotting, green skin.

    " Sure, just take away a lady's only protection." Crossing her arms in indignancy, she scoffed and noticed a few more of the...things coming towards them, slowly but looking menacing at the same time.
  11. ~`-_ Mark ignored her, he had to check if his fellow Officer was allright. He kept his eyes on Teur but also walked twards the corps, keeping his weapon drawn and ready. He could smell it's stench from here, it caused him to gag. This person was dead, and has been for a while. But how could that be? He witnessed the officer atleast struggling against this young woman. He wasnt bleeding either, for a person with his type of wound. There would, there should be a large puddle of blood which exspelled from his head where the knife was plunged. He held his hand up to his mouth as he stood, eyes closed and nearly to tears. 'What the hell's going on here?' he would think to him self, slowly turning twards Teur. He sees a few more people behind her, bearing the same resemblance of the officer laying at his feet, wobling twards the two. He shook his head, "Fuck... It can't be... It couldn't be..."_-`~
  12. " Yeah, well go ahead and ignore me. Just give me my fucking knife, and I'll leave you to be eaten by these things in peace." she walks towards him, reaching for her knife, which was in his possession.The only thing letting her fight off these things.

    Already she was getting impatient. If she didn't escape soon, they would surround them, cutting off any chance of survival.
  13. ~`-_ Mark flintched when she reaches for his belt. Like all Police Officers, they are trained to defeand them selves from people to are trying to reach for their gun, nightstick, or peperspray. He grasps her hand and twists it over her shoulder, holding her in a hold she can not get out of for he had locked her wrist behind her shoulder blade. He reaches for his hand-cuffs and locks them around her wrist, stopping her from doing what she was about to do. He looked down at her in a questioning look and asks, "What's the big idea, reaching for an officers belt would make anyone look suspisious." He knew that the horrible smelling figures were enclosing onto their posision, but this was more serious. "Almost as if you were going to murder another officer."He holsters his .45 and grabs onto the chains of the handcuffs and pulls her along, "You're under arrest for First Dagree Murder and attempted murder of a Law Enforcer." He opens he shotgun hind door to the squad car and pushes her in, closing the door behind her as it locks from the outside, so she can not escape, no mater how much she tries._-`~
  14. On the outside, she did not struggle much. On the inside, though, she was seething with anger and plotting on how to get out of there. She had no time for this!

    The cold metal handcuffs rubbed her wrists harshly. She tried wriggling out, to no avail. "Hey, what do you plan to do now, Mr. Policeman?" she said his name rather mockingly, as if trying to provoke him.

    Policeman. They were so goddamn annoying sometimes. The soft leather seats and supposedly calming music playing in the car did not help her mood at all. She stared at him, wondering what actions he'll try to take now.
  15. ~`-_ "Booking you and bringing you back to the Department." he would reply back to her through the glass, his voice was muffled to her. He walked around the back side of the squad car, keeping his eyes constent on the "pedestrians" which were gaining ground twards the two. Before he entered the care, he ponderd to him self for a moment, then walked away from the car to investigate the body of the dead officer once again. He turns him over and looks up and down his person, seeing his badge number, 1334. He signs, he knew this man. He was there when he first joined the Department, he was the one who shared the locker next door to his. He took the badge and put it in his breast pocket and entered the squad car, driving away from the scene. As they drove away, the officer laying apon the sidewalk begins to twitch, and slowly stand once again._-`~
  16. " I said it a million times already, IT WAS FUCKING SELF DEFENSE! YOU STUPID HYPOCRITE COP. Wow, if cops were all like this, wouldn't we be doomed?" rolling her eyes in disgust, she could only watch the scenery pass by from the window of the rapidly moving car.

    One, two, three, four fucking monsters, she counted on the way to the police station. God, this cop was an absolute idiot. " Hey, mind loosening the fucking hand cuffs? They're going to leave marks." Glaring, she talked to him coldly, as she squirmed in the handcuffs, hating the feel of confinement it gave her.
  17. = Amy continued to run as the memories of th events leading up to this moment cycled throughout her head. "It was just supposed to be recon, intell only... that's it"

    Amy and her team of 4 other hckers and gaurds had been sent of their simplest assgnment in weeks. No armed robberies, no bomb threats, not hostages, no guerilla warfare, just simple recon. Or so she thought. The mission wasto infiltrate a simple building in the town, bug the place with cameras and jammers and get the hella out. In, out that smple. All it shouldvetaken was some climbing through the vents, blending in with the population and mediocre bribes. Of course Amy, or Vixen as was her codename, could always get it by charming a couple of the residents/gaurds. Her looks did come in handy. The chip allowing her to comminucate with the rest of her team was in her ear the entire time, even now. "Vixen, Crow, Taurus, Archer, Scrat." That was her team. She continued to replay the event in her head.
    Squad 7.

    "7's I thought I made it specific that no citizens were to be harmed on this paticular outing!" Their leader shouted through the mikes. One by one they replied" Negative, Sir". "Then why have mass murders been accouned for in all 5 of your sectors?" This caused Amy to pause as she was crawling through he vents, she started to pick up a small scent pouring from straight ahead. She squirmed up to the vent the foul scent cme from. Itwas hard to move because of her chest. Peering down into the vent she saw a man sprawled out behind the a desk, his innerds plastered all over the room. That wasn't even the disturbing part. He was being eaten alive by 5 other grey skinned deteriorating creatures. "T-This isn't real... S-S-Squad 7, Pull out!" She squealed childishly as she tried to cover her mouth. Scrat spoke on the mike "What's wrong sweet cheeks? Vent squeezing those ni-" Then static was heard from Scrats position. Archer spoke next "Guys Scrats!-" Nothing bu static. Shortly followed by Taurus as Amy scurried to the exit of the vents. "Guys! Guys!" She wanted to cry from pure confusion, this isn't what she had signed up for. She made her way out to a small parking lot wile she tried to radio Crow. "Crow.. You still there? What's going on. I think the others are-" She could hear the static from his intercom, literally hear it from where she was, wich ment that he was close. "Crow!" She shouted as her headshot aroun in any and every direction. Slowly he apprached. But... It wasn't him anymore. He was one of the gray things, not even looking like his former self. "S-Stay back!" She muttered as sweat dropped from her brow and she pulled a large rifle from the sheath on her back. She couldn't shoot him, she just couldn't. Instead, she ran like a coward.

    That's when things picked up in real time. Amy had run to the lower levels of the lot using her stealth to avoid those 'things' while they feasted. When she was low enough she jumped to a nearby rooftop using the roofs to get to the street level. With one last jump she barreled into the street, almost causin her bra strap to pop. She looked up to seean incoming cop car. "Stop!!!l Se screamed. She mightve looked a little odd, a 16 year od girl underdressed and strapped to the bone with eapons. She didn't careright now, she wanted out.
  18. ~`-_It was a good thing that the car was going slow, or else Mark might not of seen the girl jump out infront of him. He might not of stopped just inches away from hitting her, causing some serious damadge to her body. He might of killed her. But he did not, instead with perfictly placed refleces, his eyes snap to her, pushing his food hard onto the breack and turning the steering wheel hard right, causing the Car to screetch to a halt and a "J" streak on the road behind it. He looks at the girl, sees her Military fasion wardrob and weaponry. He could only guess that she was a soldier, or perhaps some kind of Black Ops oprative. He got out of the car, standing on the other side of it than she was, he leaned back into the car and grabbed the Riot Gun, putting the strap around his left shoulder and wrapped the stock of it with his right arm, holding it's trigger with his right hand. He took covering posision and aimed his .12 gag at her, Shouting, "Allright, that's close enough. Put your hands up and lay your weapons down on the ground." A million thoughts poped into his head, what if she was a soldier of the French Army, what if I'm hindering somekind of mission to descuver what's happening right now... What the hell is happening? All while he thought, he kept his cool, making sure that if she was just a nut with heavy weaponry, he would be ready if she attacked._-`~
  19. Amy fell back on her butt. "Oww.." she got to her knees, rubbing it lightly. It was because ,well the car had stopped, but much to close. After a flashy manuver the officer took cover behind his vehicle, the usual protocol. This frustrated the girl. "Is this really the time for that mister!!" She looked as I she was about to cry, her eyes watery. She may have been a skilled operative but she was still a 16 year old girl at heart. Shakily, Amy would get to her feet and put her hands high above her head. Her purple silky hir began to stick to her cheeks as she slowly moved towards the officer. "D-Don't shoot." She whimpered as she made her way to the passenger seat. "I-I can get in right? You wouldn't leave a young girl out her with those 'things' right? Mr officer?" She uttered the last part seductively. Getting a man to do exactly what she wanted was childsplay, especially with her features and the way she dressed. Maybe she was being abit pranoid but she hoped that he'd hurry up and let her in, she culdve sworn that she heard more of them behind her.
  20. ~`-_Mark looked at her seriously, looking down the sites of his .12 gag. He thinks to him self, '...Looks as if she knows what is happening, she could awenser some of my questions.' He sighs, lowering his weapon and his guard as he spoke to the young soldier, "Fine, but you're ridding shot-gun. I dont trust you being back there with that deliquint." He then gets into the car, resting the Riotgun between the driver's and the pasengers seats. He looks back at Teur, making sure she wasn't doing anything suspisous. He looked right twards the pasenger's door, waiting for it to open as he rested one hand on the steering wheel, the other arm on the backs of the seat as he turned his body._-`~