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  1. A haggard, hunch backed old thing moved along the cobblestone path at a glacial pace. In her hand was a small, empty coin purse that she was shaking around with two measly silver pieces jingling around inside of it. She was mumbling to herself in a rapsy, rough voice that no one paying attention would be able to understand. Her feet were wrapped in bits of old cloth, and her dress was hardly a dress at all. The hem was ratty and covered in mud, and there were holes and tears all along the fabric. Worst of all was probably her hair. It was long and stringy, and seemed to be holding on to her scalp for dear life. To say she had lived a hard life was an understatement.

    All who passed by shot her disgusted glances, as if the old woman's appearance alone was enough to offend them. Even the poor looked at her with an air of superiority, and the beggars didn't want a thing to do with her, either. At least the children smiled at her, which was all that seemed to count in the old lady's eyes. In return, she would give them a sparkly eyed look that seemed to belong to another world entirely. Their parents would yank them away before they got too close, but those who were pure of heart easily looked past her cracked face and ragged clothes. Were the adolescent the only ones in this silly old town with anything left to give?

    The old woman hoped not, as she continued along the path and up to a handsome couple that she had seen in passing. The two of them were hand in hand, radiating a love so powerful that she couldn't help but to be drawn in by their happiness. She picked up her pace, before slowing down behind them. "Excuse me, young lady. Would you mind sparing a coin or two?" she said, as she tapped the woman on the shoulder gently. Much to her surprise, the woman turned around with a hate filled glare and shrieked when she saw the old lady. She found safety behind her male partner, who turned around quickly and protectively.

    "Don't touch her!" The man yelled, repulsed and offended.

    "Oh, please? Sir, would you be so kind as to spare a coin with an old lady?" The old lady asked once more, though she could see that the love those two radiated was only for themselves. Just like the rest, they would rush away clutching their purses.

    The man laughed suddenly. He saw that the old lady was holding out her coin purse in hopes of getting a few coins, so he snatched it from her. "You didn't work for this. This belongs to me now," He said, holding it high above his head, prompting the elderly woman to lunge for it in a fit of rage. With ease, he pushed her to the ground and turned away with his arm wrapped around his female companion. They walked away at a quickened pace, laughing loudly.

    "You'll pay for this!" The old hag yelled, hands balled up into fists. The spark in her eyes had died, and tears began to fill them. How could humans be so selfish? This wasn't what their stories were about. She sighed softly, eyes lowered as she felt the multiple stares on her. Is that what she had left home for? She had days worth of humilitation, with the most recent event being her worst experience thus far.
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  2. It wasn't the first time Sansa had witnessed cruelty, and it wouldn't be the last. She kept the hood over her scarlet head of hair as the abusive couple left the presence of the old maid, but her heart was full of sympathy. She knew what it was like to be kicked to the ground, denied kindness and compassion. Sansa knew the price a victim pays. Though her identity had to be protected, she could not allow such a suffering soul to remain unassisted, not when she could do something about it. Jon would disapprove, Sansa thought. I should stay out of it. I could be caught. But her mother had raised her differently, and Sansa was not one to refuse when mercy called.

    When she was finished with her purchase of apples and butter at a nearby market stall, Sansa approached the old woman on the ground and knelt beside her. She was hideously ugly by any standard, a great hooked nose and tattered robes, but Sansa did not hesitate in her assistance. She took the coin purse from her basket and offered it to her. There wasn't much left; Sansa and her family were living poor lives hopes of avoiding capture by King Joffrey and his men. Still, she did not withhold what was left. Surely it could by the old woman a meal or a new set of clothes to wear. That was enough, wasn't it?

    "Here," said Sansa, a smile on her lips. "Don't let them bother you. This is all I have left--it isn't much, but it should put some food on your table. At least for tonight."
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  3. Something bright and orange appeared in the old lady's peripheral, prompting her to glance up to see a gentle face beside her. After what she had just experienced, she was a little skeptical about this girl's true intentions. "Thank you," the old woman said, closing her hands around the coin apprehensively. She began to get up from the ground with surprising ease. Considering her ghastly appearance and hunch back, one would expect her to need some sort of assistance standing on her own two feet.

    She turned to the young woman, a small smile warming her hideous features. "I'm sorry, deary. I don't mean to inconvenience you, but... I have no place to go. No place to stay for the night..." Her smile dissolved into a frown, and she glanced away shamefully. "You wouldn't mind putting an old woman up for a day or two? I have no one here in town to help me while my son is away and I-I promise to make it worth your while," she says, a hint of mischief behind her gaze as she pleaded with the red haired girl.​
  4. She couldn't. She shouldn't. Sansa's safety was paramount above all else, and allowing someone as sweet as an old woman into her care could turn sour very quickly. She couldn't risk her family in spite of her gentle heart. Sansa would never forgive herself if something befell them, so instead of offering her home, she tried to do something better. She cleared her throat and gripped the basket too tightly, nervous.

    "I'm...I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Not because you are homeless, but because you are a stranger and I cannot allow myself to be trusting. But if you want, I can...I can take you to an inn and purchase a room for you? I don't even know if I have that much, though..." Sansa bit her lip. She wanted to help this woman, truly she did, but her own situation could not be compromised. If King Joffrey found her, she'd be dead or violated or worse within a fortnight, and her family would meet the gallows. She would do everything in her power to prevent that. "Oh! Or I could tell you some good spots to sleep in. My family and I were homeless when we came here, so I still remember some nice spots. There's a few trees near the trail that are nice perches, and a small clearing by a lake that looks like something out of a storybook. My little brother thought faeries lived there." She chuckled at the memory. "It's a charming place, really."
  5. The old woman sensed the apprehension coming from the young woman, but remained calm. She could handle being rejected, but this girl didn't want to reject a sweet old lady. Smiling, the old woman moved slightly closer to the red haired girl, her hand going to rest on top of the girl's gently. "Oh, sweet child. Don't worry about putting yourself out for me, you've done more than enough," she replies.

    The old woman coughs sharply, her hand quickly going to cover her mouth before she could offend the girl. Just the small act of coughing seems to have taken a lot out of her, but she continues to smile. "I suppose the prospect of having shelter for just a night was enough for me to be so inconsiderate of your feelings. Forgive me," the old woman says, pulling her cloak over her as the wind begins to blow. She turns away slowly and begins to walk away. A slight chuckle escapes her lips, and she glances over her shoulder to get another look at the girl. "Oh, I should go and find that clearing you spoke of. Perhaps the fairies there will take pity on an old woman like me, and grant me a wish."
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