Snow and Forest

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  1. The forest was quiet and peaceful, yet again that day. Birdsong and the hum of insects filled the air. He lounged drowsily on a large branch, the musk of the forest tickling his nose and lulling him to sleep. He had already hunted and eaten his fill. He was lucky to have gotten such a good kill that day. With his snow white pelt, he was an easy target to spot. IT often cost him his dinner. His prey that day had been a young sick deer, however, and no matter how fast they ran, he was still faster.

    Despite his large size, he was able to run fairly fast, although not for very long. He easily made up with it in strength and magic. HE let his eyes drift shut completely and dozed lightly, his senses still alert for anything abnormal.
  2. Kieara was running for her life. Poachers had spotted her. And they wanted to get her and sell her into slavery. That or take her pelt. Either was very possible. She'd already been grazed by two bullets. She was now running for her life. Red stained one of her sides in the two trails where she'd been grazed. This couldn't be happening. She didn't want to die!

    She had a snowy colored coat and fluffy fur. Her eyes were icy blue. The young anthro fox hid behind a tree praying no one would see.
  3. He smelled it first: coppery and spicy with fear. Then he He cracked open one eye just in time to see a little white streak cling itself to his tree. She was bleeding, and very afraid. He sat up and looked in the direction she had been running away from. He spotted it immediately: humans. The sharp scent of gunpowder wafted over with them. He dropped down off the branch, landing easily on his paws and stood up to his full height just as the poachers rounded the next tree.

    He flattened his ears and growled viciously at them. They hesitated only a moment before bringing their guns up to focus on him. He dropped to all fours and lunged at the humans. He swiped a paw at the head of one of them, sending him flying into a tree. He didnt move again. He landed on top of another and pinned him while he reached for the third one. He sent the third poacher headfirst into a rock before turning to the pinned one, growling fiercely. The poacher kneed him in the side, gaining a small yelp from the tiger. Using all the strength the human had, he pushed himself free and took off into the forest.

    Raith turned to the smaller anthro after the human had gone. "Are you alright?"
  4. Kieara gasped when the man dropped from the tree and began fighting off the poachers. She stumbled backwards away from the scene watching as he effortlessly took down the men who were chasing after her. She was very thankful for it. She'd have been dead if he hadn't. It was too easy for them to track her in the snow especially with her bleeding.

    When he spoke to her she was silent for a moment letting her ears unpin themselves. "Yeah....Yeah I think so. Thank you."
  5. He nodded, his gaze dropping to her wounds. Although he'd never met her before, he felt a great deal of sympathy towards her. Poachers were nothing new to him. They'd hunted him for years to try and get his white and black striped coat, or to sell him. He had managed to fight them off every time and escape. He could tell, just from her size, such a thing would be harder for her.

    "Those wounds need tended. Can I help?"
  6. She remembered her wounds then and looked down at her side. "Yes please." She said to him. She was still to scared to really think straight. She was shaking a little from the cold and partially from the blood loss. "I can't thank you enough." She told him as she looked at him.
  7. He nodded and approached her. He knew some creatures got a bit skiddish after something like that, so he made a point to ask them first. He knelt in front of her, carefully examining her wounds. He gave her a reassuring smile. "You should be fine. I can stop the bleeding, but thats it. You'll still need to rest for a few days." He placed both his paws over her middle, his paws covering most of her stomach. A soft white light encompassed his paws. His healing ability wasnt very strong, but for things like this, even a little bit helped. Slowly, the bullets clattered to the ground. A few moments after that, the bleeding stopped.

    He knelt back, patting her shoulder softly. "There you go. Be careful now or you'll reopen them."
  8. Kieara listened to him. She was glad he was able to heal her a little bit. She spoke. "Thank you....I've never seen magic up close before." she said to him and smiled a little. "Thank you so much." She was a little shocked at how much bigger than her he was too. She wagged her tail a little happily and spoke. "I appreciate the help, I guess I will see you around?"
  9. "Its not that common in this area. Are you from around here?" He asked, standing up. "You dont have to thank me, little fox. If you ever need help, I'll be more than happy to lend you my aid. Humans are fond of white fur, it seems. I know what its like." HE glanced around the area, an idea forming in his mind. He looked down at the arctic fox. He knew her wounds would still take some time to rest, and humans were quite persistent. "Tell you what, how about you stay in the area until your wounds heal? I'll give you protection until it heals. If thats okay with you of course?"
  10. Kieara listened to him and smiled. He was so kind. "I would like that. I know with a big man like you they won't bother me." She said to him. A fox took protection where they could get it, it wasn't often they could find refuge. Especially not in a place like this. "I won't be a burden will I?" she asked him self consciously.
  11. He shakes his head. "No, not at all. You can stay anywhere you'd like. That tree there," he pointed to the one he had been lounging in, "is a personal favorite of mine." He knew having one other carnivore in his territory wouldnt hurt any. He had chosen this land because of how rich it was with life, and had gone to great pains to claim it as well. "You can hunt freely, but be careful. Humans do tend to like hunting in this area."
  12. She smiled and wagged her tail happily. It showed how thankful she was to be in his area under his protection. "Do...Do you mind if I stay near you?" She asked. Being a smaller anthro, when they met a larger friendly anthro to them, they usually tagged along.
  13. He thought it over a moment, then shrugged. "I suppose you can, sure." It would be strange for him to have someone following him around, but he understood her reasons for wanting to. He leaped up to his branch in one smooth leap and settled down on it again, his hands behind his head and one leg dangling off the branch. "If you need anything, just ask. I'm a very light sleeper."
  14. She hoped she wasn't a burden. She smiled when he said he could. "I won't be dead weight. I promise." She told him and watched as he got back into the tree. Unable to jump right now, she just nestled down into the snow to watch the nature around them.
  15. It didnt take long before he had dozed off again. He slept soundly for many hours. When he woke again, the sun had long disappeared. He sat up and stretched, yawning widely. He dropped back down to the ground, and looked around for the fox. He had gotten hungry again, and figured he may as well go catch something, although he wasnt sure if she was hungry as well.
  16. She had fallen asleep curled up in a ball at the bottom with her tail curled around herself. She had no clothes on like some antrhos like to do, only her fur. HEr tiny ears twitched when he landed, but she didn't wake. She felt safe around him.
  17. He knelt beside her and gently shook her shoulder. "Wake up little fox." He knew not all anthros were nocturnal, and though he knew forest foxes were nocturnal as well, he wasnt as sure about arctic foxes.
  18. She opened her eyes that immediately adjusted to the dark. she realized by him calling her little fox they'd not yet exchanged names. Kieara spoke. "I apologize, my name is Kieara, what is yours?"
  19. "Raith," he replied, standing up. "I was about to go hunting. Are you hungry?" He hadnt really realized they had yet to introduce each other until she said something. He supposed it was due to him being used to being alone.
  20. She smiled. "I am a bit hungry. I believe I will follow along. I'll find a rabbit or something." She said to him. She got up slowly still hurting and tried not to let the pain show on her face. She was at least three heads shorter than him. She felt so tiny. Of course, that was the species difference. His stripes were so beautiful. She'd never seen a tiger up close before. She couldn't help but stare. Her own fur was solid, but it was soft like plush. Like a mink pelt almost.
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