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  1. Hey, would you mind starting? I'm not so sure on how you roleplay so if you start, I'll see how you do and adapt to it.
  2. Okay...

    Kevin and his sister were sitting at a dining table in the mess hall, eating their food quietly.
  3. Tierney and Evander were among the few who walked into the mess hall and made their ways over to one of the most empty tables, sitting down and started eating.
  4. Kevin stared at the girl as she walked by. For the past few days, he had been eyeing her curvy figure, and her wonderful face.
  5. Tierney chatted quietly with her brother, chuckling every so often. On occasion she'd look at a certain boy across the room, feeling a warmness rise to her cheeks -tainting them a light pink color.
  6. Kevin quickly looked away everytime she did this, and a red flush came to his cheeks as he looked down.
  7. Tierney tucked a piece of hair behind her ear bashfully, glancing at Kevin once more.
  8. Kevin was staring at her still secretly, his eyes occasionally trailing to her breasts or bum, and his face flushed red the entire time.
  9. Evander looked at Tierney and raised his eyebrows at his sister's strange act. Tierney slightly bites her bottom lip before taking a sip of her drink.
  10. Kevin watched this still. 'Why is she doing that?' He wondered curiously.
  11. "Why is your face so red?" asked Evander, nodding at his sister. Tierney just blinked a bit and looked up at him, "I don't know what your talking about.." she said looking the other way, feeling embarrassed.
  12. Kevin continued eating, and soon he finished. He stood up, and walked past Tierney.
  13. Tierney glanced at Kevin again, smiling a bit and looking back at her brother. "Maybe we should go to sleep now, it's getting late," she suggested. Her brother nodded and they both stood up.
  14. Kevin listened to her beautiful voice talk, and he sighed. Less time staring at her.
  15. Tierney passed Kevin, sort of brushing her shoulder against his purposely. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said, taking the advantage of having an excuse to talk to him.
  16. "I-It's okay," he said, smiling a bit as he stared at her, his eyes somewhat trailing down. He had a red face.
  17. Evander narrowed his eyes on Kevin as he passed him as well, leaving the mess hall. "Well, I'll see you around," said Tierney with a soft smile, following behind her brother.
  18. Kevin nodded, before he watched her go. His eyes watched her hips, and his face was pink.
  19. Evander turned around once more and pulled his sister close to him, protectively. "Stop it Evander," she whispered underneath her breath, looking up at him irritably.
  20. Kevin looked up at the boy, staring at him. 'Am I...doing something bad?'
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