SNK Modern AU: Only At Trost

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    I N T R O D U C I N G

    Eren Jaeger - Bad Boy in Town

    Armin Arlert - The Adorkable Librarian

    Jean Kirschtein - Punk Ass Kid

    Marco Bodt - Class President

    An MxM PRP with hollabackgirl and senpai
    THEME SONG: xxx
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    It was a lazy Sunday afternoon--clear skies with the sun shining. Usually at the library Maria, it would be packed but currently to Armin's surprise, it was...empty. Well, this is a library after all. Not many people reads book these days or at least, borrow them. Armin couldn't imagine why but everyone has their own opinions. He sighed, turning the next page in a book he was reading. "I guess I should have expected that," He murmured under his breath, sighing. It wasn't too much of a disappointment, the blonde enjoyed the silence. Maybe not too much but it was nice to have a peace of his own mind.

    "But it is kind of lonely.." Armin scoped the spacious room, staring at nothing in particular. Older woman in their thirties was pushing the cart stacked with books in a seldom manner, bored out of their wits while there was a kid with her mother, dragging her to the video section. Other than that, it was just other few visitors minding their own business. Armin frowned, focusing back on the novel he was reading. At least he was getting community service hours for this. Don't get him wrong, Armin loves the library. But he has been going to the same one almost everyday, Armin is human enough to grow bored of it.

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