SNK Greaser AU: I Don't Kiss And Tell (MxM)

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    a jeanmarco PRP
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    Art Credits go to JohannaTheMad!

    Introducing Marco Bodt, who is your typical prep kid. Mostly everyone at school admired the boy, labeling him as Trost's Golden Student. But trouble ensues when he encounters bad boy Jean Kirschtein, who's about to turn his perfect life upside down.
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    credits to falloutboyonboy for the image above!

    If there was one thing Jean hated the most, then there's one--school. To be specific, high school. There was almost everything he despised about it, countless of things that would take forever to list. But unfortunately in this unfair world, he was forced to attend anyway. "Don't make your ma cry when she sees you as a drop out!" He remembered back, his mother shrilling in French as she mentioned about his dead grandparents. Jean only snorted, wearing a scowl that seemed to be permanent. It's not like as if she wasn't crying about me already.

    Taking his car keys, Jean latched the door open, exiting his narrowed bedroom. He checked his appearance by the nearest mirror, to see if he looked okay or not before going. The eighteen year old straightened his white tee, quickly but also carefully taking out few lints from last night's laundry. He then rushed to the entrance, not caring if he made loud footsteps. His mom could live with it. "Baise moi.." He grumbled under his breath in a foreign language, slipping onto his black converse. Today was going to be a shit day.

    Twenty minutes later, Jean arrived at Trost high school. It was his first day on senior year, the last grade before he could finally get out from this hell hole. He was finally relieved to be freed from the exhausting system but at the same time, a little worried but more irritated on the side. Once he's out of school, he's officially a full grown-adult. That means responsibility and work, work, work. Work besides engineering on busted cars and drug-dealing is definitely not on his agenda.

    He thought for a moment. There was Bertl and Reiner though, maybe they would give him a job to work on. Sure they're college drop-outs but that doesn't mean they couldn't exactly do anything. They're like any other people; work to get paid money. Whatever, I'll just think about this later. Stressing about the future would only give him white hair.

    Shoving his hands in his leather-jacket pocket, Jean strode in the packed hallway, proudly showing off his style. People he knew weren't here yet, so the senior was still alone. Not that he cared though, because he needed some time to himself anyway. And no one was going to pick on him for being a loner. Instead, they would fear him. Watch out for the baddest cat in town, Jean! Mess with him and you'll wish you were never born People would warn, whispering in the gossipy hallways. Not anyone doesn't know who he was, even the fresh meats. And even the preppy kids. He glanced at a small group of giggling blondes, most of them girls--well; all, as they were talking about...whatever.

    Shrugging, he turned away and made a Tch sound and headed for his locker.​
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    Credit to jeanlubipieguski for the art!

    Marco was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet - sweet, humble, caring, and didn't have the gal to say no when a cheerleading friend of his asked for a ride to school so she could make up a test. Which is why he was at school extra early, and why he was distracted as he stopped in the doorway of a classroom, still standing out in the hallway.

    His attention was on the girl he'd just walked to class, and he was saying his goodbyes as he turned to walk down the hall for his locker, but didn't get very far as he ended up running smack dab right into something. Or someone. His eyes blinked and his face turned a furious shade of red, highlighting the freckles speckled all over his cheeks, when he noticed that it was none other than bad boy Jean Kirschtein that he bumped into.

    "Ah, I'm sorry!" Marco exclaimed, quickly checking Jean over, rubbing his own nose from when they knocked heads. He didn't know why it had to be Jean he crashed into, considering he knew this wasn't going to go well no matter what (he could already feel the eyes on them, probably waiting for Jean to throw a punch in the prep's face), but also because..ugh, the guy was too damn attractive for his own good. Not that Marco would ever say so, and he'd die before admitting he had a slight crush on him.

    "Are you alright?" He asked, smoothing out his own uniform (he was too much of a goody two shoes not to wear it) after he assured his nose wasn't bleeding and Jean was okay. ​
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  4. As he finally unlocked his combination, Jean opened his locker. His eyes met with a clean, bare storage; few graffiti scribbled in the end of the locker. It was nothing, really. Just cheesy things like A+M Forever with a big, goofy heart; a cupid shooting an arrow at the drawing. Gross. Crinkling his nose, Jean shoved his hands in his pocket, taking out crumbled papers and empty cigarette boxes. He proceeded to throw the wastes in the locker to hide the childish doodle. What a load of bull. A+M? Seriously? I doubt they even lasted for a week. Nowadays, people only date others to have a title; which was boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever. But Jean for one, didn't want any. It was like a cuff, a chain you can't break until you call it off. It annoyed the senior to an extent, when he finally called quits and stopped dating. He did have some flings here and there but not a genuine relationship.

    Jean turned his head to find the nearest clock. Currently, it was only 8:14 AM. Six more minutes till class starts. He rolled his eyes. To hell with it.

    Like the rebel he is, Jean didn't plan on going to first period. He had better things to do. The two-toned man was about to leave when suddenly, he felt a heavy contact clashing against his body. The fuck? He whipped his neck around to find who bumped into him, his eyes flashing a cold stare. Before he could say anything, the silence began to fill, "Ah, I'm sorry!" The other guy exclaimed. He was rubbing his nose, looking almost embarrassed; his cheeks flushed. Jean lifted a brow, studying the peer.

    Now, Jean didn't pay attention to school, education and social. He has his own wild life at the other side of town, where the gangs are at. But even Jean know who this guy was. Marco Bodt, Trost's proud and loyal student. He scoffed. They never talked before but Jean already hated the man's guts. Marco was probably like any other guy; kiss up to teachers and beg his parents to donate the school to have a good reputation.

    "Are you alright?"

    Jean faced the man, noticing that he was an inch shorter than the prep,"Watch where you're going," He hissed bitterly, his terrible mood growing worse by the second, "Bump into me again and you'll be sorry."

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  5. Marco almost looked floored by the response he got, seemingly waiting with baited breath to see if it was some kind of joke. No wonder though, Jean was one of those 'bad boys', and of course he wouldn't take an apology for an honest accident. Especially because Marco was a prep, not to mention the shining star of Trost, and one who didn't play football at that. Sure it was normal for a guy of his status to do, but he just didn't have any interest in the sport. All the players just seemed like angry brutes to him.

    The boy's brow ticked as he narrowed his brown eyes on Jean, not exactly mad nor looking for a fight, but wasn't about to just lay down and take such a thing. If Marco was capable of anything, it was standing up for himself, and Jean was no exception.

    "I bumped into you on accident, there's no reason to be such a jerk." Marco pressed, crossing his arms over his chest, his lips skewed in annoyance. "Plus, I don't even know you, so you don't need to act like you have some kind of personal grudge against me." Satisfied with himself, Marco passed Jean, purposely hitting his shoulder as he walked by, well aware they had the attention of the student body now. "Anyway, I've got to get to class, so you'll have to excuse me." He couldn't believe he thought that guy was even remotely cute; he seemed like an asshole. Then again, he didn't really know him, now did he?​

  6. Expecting to hear a sheepish apology, Jean was shocked to hear Marco's response. "I bumped into you on accident, there's no reason to be such a jerk," He answered, crossing his arms over his chest, obviously not looking pleased with Jean's reaction. He clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white. The French boy was about to say something but was interrupted, Marco continuing, "Plus, I don't even know you, so you don't need to act like you have some kind of personal grudge against me--" Jean inched closer, glaring. They seemed to form a small crowd, people now whispering, exchanging words nervously.

    "Oh my god is this really happening?"

    "Somebody call the teacher!"

    "This is scandalous, I've been waiting for this moment to happen!"

    His scowl only deepened after hearing the unnecessary comments, brows furrowed. Some people just knows how to get on his nerves. Mostly everybody, because it's almost easy to anger the greaser. But there's definitely a consequence, such as ending up in the hospital with a broken nose and having only a front tooth. "Anyway, I've got to get to class, so you'll have to excuse me," Marco finished, smug with his last piece. He brushed passed Jean, purposely--yes, purposely hitting his shoulder, walking by.

    His blood was now boiling. Jean scoffed bitterly, baffled on what just happened. Was this guy stupid? After treating Jean like that, he's definitely not gonna get away with it.

    Fast on his feet, Jean turned and grabbed the back of Marco's collar, "Class can wait--" He swung the prep to the locker, not caring if he broke a spine from the harsh contact against the metal storage. Immediately, few people screamed in shock; expecting but also not prepared for Jean's dangerous outburst. Their face was now close, nose almost touching, Jean narrowed his eyes, a murderous intent crossing for only a second, "Prestigious bitch. Think you can walk away as if nothing happened?" He let out a dry chuckle, no trace of genuine happiness found but only hatred and annoyance, "I don't think so--" Jean raised his clenched hand, veins popping near his temples.

    And then...

    "What the fuck are you brats doing?"

    Marco Bodt is probably one of the most luckiest man in the world.

    Jean paused, his fist almost close to Marco's left eye. Are you kidding me? The husky, sharp words sounded all too familiar to Jean's ears. He didn't have to look to see who it was--as it was no other than that short grinch; Levi. Fucking fuck you! Rumors says that if you make fun of the grumpy man's height, you'll automatically be assigned to Saturday School and of course, detention. He's always so goddamn offended about his short height, so he used his powers as a teacher to give red slips and what not.

    Also, Jean and the whole school is pretty sure Erwin Smith is fucking him.

    "Well?" Levi pressed, his icy stares sending cold chills to Jean's spine. Jean was only human, and god Levi could be terrifying.​
  7. Well, shit. Marco could've foreshadowed that, but he wasn't trying to have everyone think he was a wimp and would cower like a dog with his tail between his legs simply because Jean Kirschtein was angry with him.

    Okay, maybe getting ahead of himself with that thought. Marco truly wasn't a fighter, it just wasn't in his blood to be violent unless absolutely necessary.

    He made a choking sound as his collar was yanked and his body noisily slammed against the metal lockers, teeth grit as his lips parted in a scowl, staring Jean down as the teen's fist raised and aimed for his face. Marco braced himself, turning his head, only to hear a deep voice that certainly didn't sound like an angel, but most definitely one of his savior. His eyes squinted open to see Jean's fist hovering above his left eye, and he turned his head to the direction of the short man's voice; he, too, knew the grumpy shortie just by his voice.

    But then again, everyone did.

    Marco took that opportunity to shove Jean off of him, lightly this time, and stand up straight, looking sheepish.

    Well, it didn't matter what either of them said, or the excuses they tried to conjure up, because they were hauled off to 'in school suspension' right away, and forced to sit in a class room together for the rest of the day on opposite sides of the room. They were supposed to do homework, but that likely wouldn't happen, it almost never did. Most people napped.

    It was a bit of a painful trip too, given Levi dragged him there by their freaking ears, and by time Marco had settled into a desk across from the greaser he was rubbing at his sore appendage with a defeated frown.

    There goes his perfect record, and now he has to sit in a room with Jean all day. Nothing but Marco, Jean, the teacher who was in and out, and a whole lot of silence.​

  8. Fuck Marco Bodt. Fuck Levi for being the prick he is but most of all--Fuck. Marco. Bodt. After being dragged by the short teacher from the ear (Which was goddamn embarrassing), he was immediately sent to detention. Usually he wouldn't care because it's nothing new, but that took away his ditch-school-for-the-day plan and now he's stuck with an annoying prep. The prep that everyone oh-so admires.

    Levi, who sat in the front for a good ten minute, realized that yeah; it is pretty fucking awkward to sit in a dead-silent room. Jean could've sworn he heard crickets. "All right, I'll leave you two shitheads here for an hour," He took the cup, not bothering to use the molded cup holder. Jean cocked a brow, eyeing on the teacher in careful motion. Like a lion observing his prey. "Don't bother trying to escape. The door from inside is locked. You could only get out with my permission," To prove his point, he took out a key and jingled it, taunting the two seniors, "Think about causing sissy fights again and next time it'll be suspension."

    That said, Levi paced to the door, exiting in his usual dramatic stride.

    Things got really quiet now.

    He was sitting in the very back, stretching his legs on a desk. Their backpacks got taken away, so the only thing they could do was to sit and be bored to death. Jean snorted, rolling his eyes. This is fucking stupid. Slipping his comb out from his pocket, he ran it through his tousled hair, smoothing it out on each brush. He is pretty sure that if Marco opens his mouth, they'll find a dead body with Jean covered in blood.

    He sighed, releasing a short breath. Marco is a stupid name anyway. Sounds like a fucking old rich white guy who likes to play golf in the evening. It sound like what perfect Marco would do.​
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  9. Marco was quiet, not paying much attention to Levi, more so mourning over his ruined perfect record. And just, well, being absolutely bored to death and feeling quite bothered by this whole awkward silence thing. He rested his head in his folded arms upon the desk, discreetly glancing in the direction on Jean, because he could see him with the way the desks were arranged. They were on opposite sides of the room, yet facing each other.

    He watched as Jean combed his hair, finding that it looked extremely soft, and Marco would've liked to touch it, run his fingers through the light color. Okay, seriously, what was so attractive about this guy, right after he nearly punched his face in? Was it that bad boy attitude Marco rarely got to have contact with first hand? Maybe it was just the fact that he was so far in the closet he could only think about other guys and never, ever be able to act on his impulses.

    The preppy boy started slightly and glanced away quickly, noticing he'd been staring far too long, and hoped Jean didn't realize. His face was more or less buried behind his arms, so his pink cheeks shouldn't be noticed and he'd get caught red-handed.

    Marco knew one thing though: he wasn't going to break the silence. Or he might eventually, if Jean doesn't, because an hour or more of this would be unbearable. ​
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  10. Jean, who was absently combing his hair, stopped. In the corner of his eye, Marco was staring at him, too long for his liking's. Jean felt a pang of annoyance in his chest. His mother has been nagging him about his anger issues--but it's not him. It's other people's fault, it's their fault for pissing him off. He pulled his bangs over, the strands falling back to its original position. It would be really nice if an hour passed already, because it has only been five minutes but face the prep in this kind of position pretty much made him feel uncomfortable. He's of course, not going to admit it out loud. "Quit staring at me," Jean blurted rudely, breaking the dead silence.

    Now, speaking of Marco; he seen the guy around and Jean gotta say; he has tons of connection. Not with the bad cats like him, but rich people and such, etcetc. Jean is pretty surprised on how he didn't attend to a private school, since he's all smart and shit or whatever. But here he is anyway, attending to a crap-ass school filled with snotty people. Marco popularity started to grow big in sophomore year, his presence attracting people like moths to light. It was kind of fucking creepy. It was like as if Marco did some kind of voodoo power and shit; just one smile and it'll make any girl swoon.

    Jean peered at the brunette. Well, it was the same for Jean too; chicks these days seemed to be into the bad boy-type. "Oh, he'll change once we go out with each other!" They say. Bullshit.​
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  11. Marco himself didn't care much about his popularity. He didn't let it go to his head, he simply acted like himself, and it seemed to make people flock to him as a result. Well, he acted almost like himself. He still pretended that he was straight, dating girls here and there, because he needed a cover for it. He always felt especially bad for leading those poor girls on. Even now, he was in the works of making a cheerleader named Mina his girlfriend. It made him feel immensely guilty but he just couldn't let on that he was interested in other guys.

    Jean's harsh voice broke him out of his reverie and his eyes darted back towards the two-toned greaser, looking almost surprised that he'd been caught. "Sorry," he apologized sheepishly, glancing away with a small blush of embarrassment. Now he needed an excuse. What would be an acceptable reason to stare at the school's bad boy without getting into another rumble? "I didn't realize I was staring."

    Yeah. Nailed it.​
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  12. "Sorry," Marco said, apologizing. His cheeks started to heat up, showing off a tiny shade of pink. Jean only stared at the boy, waiting for him to go on. "I didn't realize I was staring," He added with a poor excuse, averting his gaze away from the greaser. Yeah, right. Did he honestly think he was going to buy that kind of crap? Jean crossed his leg to the other, arms tucked casually. It wasn't anything new, people always stared at him. He stuck out like a sore thumb, for god's sake! The school he's attending is flooded with preps, greasers attending school to the other side of the town. Unfortunately, Jean lives on "the clean side" so here he is.

    "Where's that confidence you had earlier?" Jean asked, cocking a brow. To be more of an ass, he continued, "You were acting pretty smug back there and now you're stuttering like a twelve year old brat."

    While he waited for an answer, Jean mindlessly played with his numerous piercings on his right ear, not breaking eye-contact. This was one of the reason why people was scared of him; he never blinked from nervousness or showed fear. ​
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  13. Marco's brows rose at Jean when he accused him of lacking the same confidence he had earlier, then compared him to twelve-year-old brat. The prep shrugged his shoulders at him, unable to keep eye-contact with the other male for too long, almost feeling like those piercing eyes were staring into his soul or something.

    "You just bothered me back there with your attitude, is all. I mean, it was an accident, and you acted like an ass." Marco explained, sitting up straighter in his chair, resting his chin in his palm casually as he finally settled his gaze back on the other teen. "You can't honestly tell me that if you bumped into someone without meaning to, and they threatened you, you wouldn't get a little annoyed?" He'd probably get a lot annoyed, and a fist fight would ensue.​

  14. "You just bothered me back there with your attitude, is all. I mean, it was an accident, and you acted like an ass," He explained, straightening his posture. Jean waved his hand as a sign of dismissal, rolling his eyes. "You can't honestly tell me that if you bumped into someone without meaning to, and they threatened you, you wouldn't get a little annoyed?"

    He let out a dry chuckle and clicked his tongue. This guy sure has some spunk in him. He changed from a timid mouse to an angry feline. "You can't honestly tell me that if you bumped into someone without meaning to, and they threatened you, you wouldn't get a little annoyed?" Right on cue, Jean put his legs away from the desk and set it on the ground. He rested both arm on the table and leaned closer, "Listen here Freckles, I'm sure you heard rumors about me. When I say something, you nod your head and tuck your tail between your legs and run," Jean gave a wink, heavily hinting that it was of course, sarcastic, "You're a smart guy, eh Bodt? So learn to keep your mouth shut."

    Jean then sighed, slouching again on his seat, letting his back fall. His grimace came back to his face in a second like always. The chair was a little uncomfortable but hey, this is detention. It's not a place where you can relax and be in total nirvana.

  15. Marco didn't much care for Jean's attitude, but damn if that wink didn't nearly make him swoon. And what did he call him? Freckles? Marco couldn't help but self-consciously run his fingertips over his freckled cheeks. He always had a love-hate relationship with his freckles. Some thought they were cute, some dorky, and they exploded all over his skin in the summer time.

    Marco decided for a different approach this time around. The brunet relaxed as he peered at Jean, leaning against his hand as a somewhat warm smile crossed his lips. Clearly butting heads with Jean got him nowhere, and it wasn't necessarily his style anyhow.

    "If you say so, Jean. I'll be happy to tuck my tail between my legs and run." The boy shifted just a bit, lacing his fingers together and resting them under his chin, his expression slightly teasing. Maybe the guy wasn't so bad if you took him with a grain of..sugar.​

  16. "If you say so, Jean. I'll be happy to tuck my tail between my legs and run," Marco replied, lacing his fingers together and rested them under his chin, smirking a little. Jean wasn't stupid, and he knows the difference between sarcasm and things that are genuine. His knuckles popped. "Good," Jean said between gritted teeth, giving a curt nod with a pissed but stale expression, "Should've done that in the first place. Finally learned your place." Jean took a strand of hair that was on his eyes, pulling it away. He glanced at the time, hoping that one hour would come by already.

    When he took another glimpse of the prep, he felt a ball of anger boiling in his stomach. What Jean wanted in the whole world currently is to wipe that devious, cocky smile off from Marco. He set his lips in a straight line, curving slightly downwards.​
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  17. "Only because you taught it to me." Marco hummed, amused with both himself and Jean. It was almost hard not to be. Pissing Jean off was probably one of the most easiest things in the world, and after awhile, it just kind of got funny. And Marco had only spent about fifteen minutes with the other teen.

    It was around that that Erwin Smith, their oh so perfect principle, came waltzing in with Levi in tow. The men stood by the desk in the center of the room, each shooting a glance at one boy, then the other. Marco looked at their superiors, then at Jean, and back at their superiors.

    "So," started Erwin, leaning against the desk, his face conveying nothing of how he felt, "who wants to tell me what started that little issue out there? Or, better yet, let me just skip all of that and cut to the chase - if I catch you fighting in my halls again, I'll be suspending you. Am I understood?"​

  18. Before Jean could answer the now confident boy, the door swung open and came the principal, Erwin Smith. With his short escort, Levi. Jean didn't bother to make himself look presentable, glued to his position and only turning his head to face the two adults. "So," Erwin started off, holding a stern look on his face. Usually during orientation, blondie here would flash a smile every two damn second but obviously here, shit would go down in the detention room. "Who wants to tell me what started that little issue out there? Or, better yet, let me just skip all of that and cut to the chase--" Jean licked the bottom of his dry lips, already knowing the consequence. The same old threat was getting predictable. Too, predictable.

    "If I catch you fighting in my halls again, I'll be suspending you. Am I understood?" Erwin warned.

    Jean only snorted as his reply.

    Good. If he's suspended then that means he has an excuse to not go to school. But Marco there, might be wetting his pants.

  19. "Now get to class, you little shits." Levi growled in finality. Marco didn't have any complaints, hopping up from the desk so fast he nearly bumped into another while nodding in agreement. Yeah, the poor boy was nervous in the presence of those two, more so than about the suspension. After making his way out the door he picked up his backpack, which was waiting outside the classroom along with Jean's, and swung it over his shoulder.

    He reached into his pocket and pawed around for his schedule, finally producing the piece of paper and looking it over. He was in...physical education. What a thing to have so early in the morning. But at least he wouldn't have to change with everybody else, given he was late, so he didn't have many qualms about heading down to the gym locker rooms to get changed and head off to the gym.

    Little did he, or Jean for that matter, know they had nearly identical schedules. ​
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