Sneaking In

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  1. Grayson stepped into the house quietly, a hand over his bruised ribs. His lip had stopped bleeding a little while ago and he was probably going to have a black eye by morning. He was just glad that his parents were out for the next two weeks. His siblings however--well the fifteen year old was hoping that they would be asleep by now. That way he wouldn't have to answer any unwanted questions about where he had been or how he had hurt himself.

    Grayson, or Gray as most called him, had a problem. He had many issues, actually, but his biggest one was the fact that he could never seem to just shut his mouth. That often got him into trouble.

    He was small for his age, which meant that pissing off bullies during the summer at night was not the best idea. They had yelled something at him, though, and he couldn't help but respond. He didn't even remember what it had been, now.

    It had been stupid, but he knew he wouldn't be able to stop himself from doing it again if the situation repeated itself.

    It wasn't like he threw the first punch or anything. He had just said something stupid and sarcastic that had made the guys mad at him and he hadn't gotten away quickly enough.

    So now--here he was.

    "Shit," He grumbled, keeping himself from yelling out when he took a wrong step.

    [Cursing is fine.
    Romance is fine.
    No explicit romance-fade to black.
    Incest is illegal--and weird.
    Doubling is fine.
    Put yourself in the story, not somewhere away from everyone else.
    Character ages are 15+
    Twins are fine.

    I don't really care what kind of family they are as long as it's not talking animals, aliens, or zombies.

    I'll make an OOC thread for plot and stuff so check it out every once and awhile.]
  2. Winter was climbing down the stairs to get a glass of water when she heard the front door creaking open. She tiptoed downstairs and saw Gray, who seemed to be limping.

    "Gray," she started quietly, "where have you been, brother? I didn't see you at home last night.." Her ice blue eyes looked straight at Gray. "What have you been doing?"
  3. "Nothing," Grayson replied, faking a yawn, "It's like--one in the morning. I just came downstairs to get a drink of water. I wasn't feeling too good then I fell over some of the clothes on the ground in my room and now my stomach hurts. But I still wanted to get water. Is that what you're doing, too?"

    He wasn't sure why else Winter would be up at that time. Of course, he was up so he shouldn't be one to judge.
  4. Winter looked at Gray in concern, then smiled when he said he was getting water. "Well, I'm getting water too! Lets go together, shall we?" She smiled, her eyes seeming to gleam under the dim light.
  5. "Er--I already got my water. I put the cup in the dishwasher. I was just heading back upstairs," Grayson supplied, trying to talk his way out of giving his sister a chance to see him in the light. That. . . that would be very bad. He needed to avoid very bad.
  6. "Are you sure?" Winter asked her brother with utmost concern. Then she looked around her. The place was dark and it creeped Winter out. She reached out for Gray's hands.

    "But I'm afraid of the dark, brother.." She quietly whimpered to him. "What if there are monsters under the fridge?"
  7. jason was wide awake laying in bed, he could hear winter and grayson downstairs talking downstairs so he crept over to the stairwell. jason had heard winter go downstairs in the first place but just assumed it was because she was thirsty, however he hadent heard greyson go down. was he down there the whole time? had he never gone to bed at all?
  8. Winter heard creaking near the stairs, and she turned around, but see nothing. She whimpered softly and hugged Gray, realising his shirt was torn, but it didn't matter to her. Maybe he fell down the stairs, she thought.

    "Erm, h-hello? W-who's there?" She stuttered into the darkness.
  9. (Hello?)

    Eric stepped in the room to find his siblings clinging on to each other in the dark. "Relax, it's just me guys." He said groggily, scratching the stubble on his chin. "What are you two doing here? It's late, go back to bed."
  10. ((Why hello there :3))

    Winter sighed in relief, and smiles brightly at her brother. "Hello there, Eric! I was getting water then I bumped into Gray~" she explained.
  11. (Nice to meet you :D)

    "Oh, well, alright then. Just don't stay up too long." Eric says, ruffling up Winter's hair as he passes by her to get to the fridge. He opens the fridge and grabs a new carton of milk. He gulps down the milk, then pauses with a quarter of the milk left, then offered some to his siblings. "You guys want some, before I finish off the whole thing?"
  12. A young woman, sixteen and on the verge of being seventeen, quietly groaned as she walked down the stairs, rubbing her head through her short dark brown hair. "What's going on down here? You guys know I'm a light sleeper..." Skylia looked around in the dark with her hazel eyes before going over to the light switch, flicking it up and flinching lightly as the bright kitchen light hit her pale skin. "Damn... every time..." She then looked to Eric before grabbing the milk carton from his hand and gulped down the rest. "I guess I'll go out for shopping in the morning. We're down to one carton." It was then that she looked over to Grayson, freezing up when she saw his wounds in the light and dropping the carton. "What the hell happened to you?" She quickly walked over to him, noticing his torn clothing and bloody lip first. "Winter, get the first aid kit."
  13. "Yes, Sargent major!" Winter imitated, and ran to get the first aid kit, laughing.
  14. "Sheesh, Sky, you didn't have to be THAT dramatic." Eric rolls his eyes at his younger sister. Eric was of course, just two years older than Skylia, but he liked to pretend he was the mature one in the household. He was not.

    "Besides, it's not like this is the first time he's been roughed up." Eric says as he takes a seat by the kitchen counter. "Gray needs this. This is like.... a coming of age ritual for all boys. Cuts and bruises. They're TROPHIES."

    "Ain't that right, Gray?" He winks at his brother and punches playfully on his arm.
  15. "Oh, well, I'm sorry if I'm worrying about my brother who finally got back home in the middle of the night and has been beat up." Skylia looked to Eric with a slight glare and then looked back to Gray. "Besides, wasn't it last week you were saying getting a girl in bed was a boy's coming of age ritual when you were egging him on to get a girlfriend?" She began to look over her brother, assessing what had been done to him so she could get it all bandaged up easily.
  16. "Well, this ritual has ... stages." Eric 'improvised'. "It's a guy thing, you'd never understand."
  17. She rolled her eyes. "Jeez, Eric. Girls don't even have this so called ritual. Well, it's subtle, not bruises and cuts and sex." She then got the first-aid kit from Winter and began wrapping up Gray's wounds.
  18. Grayson winced as she wrapped his wounds, finding it best to stay silent throughout this whole ordeal. He sure as hell didn't think that this was going to help him become a man but he wasn't about to tell his brother that. The guys that did this to him were just bullies and he was too stubborn to let them hurt him with words so they chose to do it with fists instead.