Sneaking Around (Searching for a male character.)

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  1. Plot Almost cripplingly shy, she is the picture of innocence; sweet, quiet and completely loyal. She's led an extremely sheltered life with her older brother watching over her constantly, especially around the opposite sex. She's her parents' golden child and everyone knows that isn't going to change....or so they think.

    For years she's harbored a crush on her brother's best friend, her complete opposite. He's left the realm of innocence before adolescence and hasn't looked back since. He's reckless, dark, and everything her brother has been trying to protect her from.

    Thrown together at a party, she finds her chance to finally confess her feelings. Could he possibly feel the same way? Or will he take advantage of her tender heart and use her as he sees fit?

    I have attempted this rp a few times, and I would love to find a partner for it that will stick around till the end.

    I do have a few requirements:

    -Post a minimum of three paragraphs. More is welcomed but I honestly can't work with anything less.
    -Post at least once a day. More is welcomed with this as well.
    -Contribute to the story. Don't leave all the work to me.
    -Be able to play multiple characters.

    That's all for now. PM me if you're interested.
  2. Looking once again!
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  3. I like the idea, wanna give me a try? =P
  4. Sure. PM me and we can discuss it.
  5. im sure i can give you what you need in this. lets talk. PM me