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  1. There it was, one nice huge bit of property. Jenna didn't know if it was supposed to be some sort of ranch, farm, or just somebody's idea of the best yard ever, but it was huge. Just trying to get OUT there she had to drive down some dry dirt road - her car was so going to need a washing - and going up the driveway felt more like cruising down a street with how long it was. Finally, she pulled her little black car up in front of the house and made sure to honk her horn to let her need clients know she had arrived.

    By the time she climbed out and finished dragging a huge bag out of the trunk, a couple guys wandered out of the house to greet her. One seemed to already be swaying on his feet with a grin that looked more than a little drunk, the other didn't fare much better but at least he could walk in a straight line.

    "Hey! I'm Jenna Milan, so one of you guys are the subject or what?" she pulled the strap of her bag over her shoulder as she slammed the trunk closed.

    Both of the guys started snickering, almost even chortling. Yeah, the were definitely drunk. And it was only Noon? This was going to be fun!

    "Naw, honey! He's out back. Not real enthusiastic 'bout the whole idea, but he's warming up to it now after a few huh.. shots or so." Explained the guy who could stand straight. His buddy couldn't seem to stop snickering long enough to do anything more than nod.

    "Okay, so you remember my rates, right? You're paying by the hour and by the pictures you want to keep. I've got a flash drive for you, you can just plug it in to anything really and download the pictures." Jenna was trying to explain, but it didn't seem like they were following. In fact one was escorting her by the elbow towards the back. His buddy was trying to take her bag for her, but she held on tight to that. Her career and livelihood was in that bag. No drunk was going to bang it up.

    "Yep, got it, not a problem. This way then, we wanna get a whole buncha shots outside and maybe some inside. No matter what happens, just keep on takin' the pictures!"

    Oh man, this is either going to end up really hilarious or turn out to be some kind of creepy cowboy porn shoot...

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  2. "I still don't see how this is supposed to get Nancy back," Emmett protested, scratching the back of his head and squinting down again at the brand new (expensive, too-tight) jeans that Wyatt had produced mysteriously from a bag in the bed of his F-150- along with a new shirt and belt. He was now wearing the whole shebang, and already well out of his comfort zone.

    Wyatt just laughed and tossed back another shot of whiskey. "See, this right here is why you two never tied the knot! You don't know a durn thing 'bout women. The second Nancy sees you're movin' on and lookin' good, she'll come crawlin' back. And if she doesn't, hey, this gets you back in the game!"

    Privately, Emmett wasn't so sure, but all of his buddies had been convinced even before they'd gotten thoroughly boozed up. So convinced, in fact, that they practically kidnapped him out to John's ranch and arranged for an actual photo shoot. Now he was hanging around in front of the barn (John insisted it would be "picturesque") waiting for the photographer to show up. He didn't even want to think about how much money they must have blown on this. At least he could say for sure that he had good friends, although he suspected their wives might have had something to do with their burning desire to see him and Nancy patch things up...

    Funny how I'm the one who has to patch things up when she's the one who ran off, he sighed, suddenly exhausted. His girlfriend Nancy had packed up her things, the guitar she'd bought him for their first anniversary (five years ago), and the dog into the back of the truck- his guitar, his dog, his truck- and driven off to Nashville with local rock star Chris Carls. That had been a week ago, and judging from her Facebook feed, Nancy was having far too much fun to turn around and come home to her boring old hometown and her boring old boyfriend. Emmett was the textbook definition of dumped.

    His life was officially a country song.

    "You're not drinkin' enough, bud." Niel pushed the bottle at him, interrupting his downward spiral of thought. "Bottoms up, I heard a car pull in a moment ago. You need to be nice and relaxed for your photo op!"

    "He's over here!"

    Groaning softly, Emmett steeled himself for the inevitable.

  3. Jenna was taking a good look around as she was tugged along to the back. There was the whole nice family farm look going on. The barn was going to be great background. Two more guys were- no wait, make that three. Jenna nearly choked on a laugh that she was forced to swallow the moment she saw the guy in the tight little jeans and the belt she was pretty sure came out of a women's catalog. 'What the hell are these guys up to? Pretty sure they weren't drunk when they called me...'

    "So, Hi... I'm Jenna. And the subject matter iiiiss...?" Almost all of them pointed at Tightpants McCoy. Yep, just as she figured. Sexy cowboy porn photoshoot. "Okay then! I'll just need a second to setup. You can uh... get comfortable." Jenna was having to swallow another snicker again as she set her bag down on the ground and knelt next to it. While unzipping to pull out her equipment, her clients were having a pep talk.

    John, the apparent host of the party elbowed Wyatt and snatched a bottle of.... well, Jenna couldn't tell what, but she could just about smell it. "You look damned miserable, take another shot. Hey, get the we oughta turn on some music, make this a little more fun. Nancy is gonna shit herself stupid when she sees these pictures."

    'Make it more fun, or make it more awkward... is this a coming out party?' Jenna had a tripod all setup now and was setting up the camera. Batteries, check. Focus, check. Subject... oh boy.

    "I think I'm good to go now. So when ever you guys are ready...?"
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