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  1. As of right now in your life, how would you like to be remembered by those around you? What would you hope that those close to you would think of when they think about you, in just a sentence or two?
  2. "He died as he lived: Awesomely."


    "He died as he lived: RACKS FTW"
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  3. Simply, I would hope for something along the lines of "he'll be terribly missed."
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  4. Fondly. I don't want people to focus on my death, just think of me fondly and remember why you liked me in the first place. Otherwise, I'm better off forgotten, as all things will be in time.
  5. I would want my older family members to treasure the fun moments we had to gather while I'd want the younger ones to take note of the kind of person I was. As a secondary leader and an older brother, the memories I leave behind should not only be cherished but they should be used to better oneself, otherwise my family and those close to me only lost something without acquiring anything new to show for it in the process.
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