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  1. People should add me on snapchat >=3

    My username is minibitx!
  2. I keep hearing about snapchat but I never bothered to get one. What is it?
  3. Oooh oooh! Add me! Add me!

    My username is ShadyoFayx​
  4. It's a free app for smartphones where you send pictures to your friends of what you're up to instead of texts

    The pictures delete themselves 15 seconds after being viewed , the idea is that you don't sent posed photos that are meant to be kept, you send snapshots of the moment :3
  5. Think this will work?

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  6. It sounds like an interesting concept, but I'm not sold on the idea of viewing a picture message that's going to be gone in a short amount of time.

    I tend to value the people I talk to and messages I send/receive a little more than that. >;P
  7. I typically try and avoid non-RP sections of forums this big, because I get lost just walking across the street, but I have to agree with Alan. I run social media marketing at work, and am therefore something of a...well, I certainly wouldn't say guru, but my job depends on using absurd media platform ad nauseam.

    SnapChat, however, terrifies me. Maybe it's just paranoia, but the idea of holding a button AND reading a message AND examining and appreciating a very small image all in three seconds terrifies me. I have a friend who uses it and instead of actually reading the message, uses her time to take a screen shot of every. Single. SnapChat.

    Which arguably defeats the purpose, but I'm pretty sure I'd have a heart attack three Snaps deep otherwise...
  8. Dude you don't have 15 seconds to read/see the message, it disappears after you're done looking at it, you can look at it initially as long as you want

    It's not for in-depth conversations, it's for

    'Lookie my new game! Leaving for work, kill me I'm bored'

    kind of things. Your friend is kind of obsessive o.o

    @LogicfromLogic I can't tell from a picture of your phone lol, just go to the downloads/apps/add-ons or whatever they call it on your phone and try searching for snapchat. If you can do internets on your phone it'll work
  9. ...It's a brickphone.

    with such a large crack in the screen that I can only guess what text messages say.
  10. Hey! That's MY phone! 8D We're ancient block phone buddies!

    And, no that is not going to work on our ancient phones. ;___; They are not smart phones with apps. We're lucky to have img texting.
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  11. Snapchat is a great medium to send nudes because they delete automatically. I learned that from my boyfriend.
  12. I can tell, though, and that old thing won't be able to connect to anything like Google Play. ;)

  13. I have the Spider Man App though, to the extremes.
  14. That's actually a reason I'm glad your info is kept private and they don't get your phone number; I don't wanna see random peoples nekkid bits! D:

    So you just add non-pervs :3
  15. I didn't realize people actually did that on SnapChat >.>
  16. That is literally *why* SnapChat was invented. The 15-second *censored*
  17. Huh... figures.
  18. So don't add people you don't know :P
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  19. How is it I make a snapchat thread and it gets a few views and you make one and it gets flooded quickly?

    Anyways, mine is will.tazzy and I would appreciate if you gave me your username on Iwaku before I add you!
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  20. I don't know o.o