Snake Bake Soiree Masquerade Charp Logs

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    NARRATOR: It's a lovely spring day out at HOGSMEADE, a quaint little wizard town not too far from Hogwarts. Today it is a bustle of unusual activity as students, locals, teachers, and random folks are browsing around the SLYTHERIN BAKE SALE. No one is quite sure WHAT AND WHY they need their Common Room repaired, but it's always a pleasure to have the Slytherins selling baked goods instead of shaking down First Years for cash. -11:58 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: Little wizards and witches are running everywhere. Screaming. Being a nuissance. The poor teachers that have to chaperone this thing... That's why they normally never allowed the youngest at Hogsmeade! What idiot approved it this time? -12:06 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: A gaggle of giggling school girls were currently standing in a circle at a corner, laughing hysterically every time a cute boy walked by. -12:08 Jul 28
    [Clarice is a Gryffindor student in her laaaaast year. And she looooooves baked goods, even if they're made by a bunch of snakes.] -12:12 Jul 28
    Clarice: Wearing her spring uniform and her hair done up with extra glittery barrents, Clarice was gliding down the street stopping here and there to peer at sweets. But what she was REALLY after... the potential future Mister Clarice. Giggle! -12:14 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: There were plenty of handsome young elligible men roaming around Hogsmeade this fine spring day. Erwin Slingbat, member of the Quidditch team, and school renowned snot bubble expert! He was even demonstrating some of his practical bubble blowing skills over by a stall. -12:17 Jul 28
    Clarice: Clarice couldn't help but stand there transfixed, staring, totally appalled and disgusted for far longer than she wanted to. No, Erwin Slingbat was NOT future husband material! Before he caught sight of her, she promptly turned tail to run down the street. -12:18 Jul 28
    [Rupert Shafiq can't believe he's been reduced to this, and he WILL make Astrella Rosier remember the day she forced him to participate in something as stupid and undignified as a bake sale.] -12:24 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: One of the stands was.... taking a stand.... and not selling baked goods, but instead was selling totally adorable super plush snakes that slithered around. Unfortunately, several of the plush snakes were getting away and in to some of the pies. Didn't think that one through. -12:29 Jul 28
    [Wren Viridian is a Gryffindor on a mission.] -12:33 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: There was flour on his cheek. He was elbow-deep in dough. His short black hair was mussed and sticking to his forehead in unpleasant ways. He was wearing an apron over his school robes. The Slytherin's only consolation was that there were too many of his Housemates in the same predicament for it to be good blackmail material. Of course, most of the other ones doing the actual baking were girls, and even they were producing some pretty frightening-looking results... Rupert looked up from his work to sneer at a Second Year. "What are you doing?! You can't just put raw Billywig stinger in there! Are you TRYING to kill the customers?" -12:33 Jul 28
    Clarice: Clarice was back on the prowl again. Or rather, WAS prowling until she got momentarily distracted by the cuuuuutest plushies of all time! Of course, instead of helping the Slytherins catch the now rogue snake plushies before they made a mockery of every open bake stand, she was standing in the middle of the street laughing her pretty little head off. -12:35 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: There were a few exchanged glances over at Rupert Shafiq's stand, and a little confusion about whether or not they truely were trying to kill anyone. -12:36 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: A mission of baked goodies! The 7th year Quidditch player had spent all night making cookies for the bake sale. He stopped at the Slytherin stand with his arms full and stared for a moment. "Uh... Chocolate chip pumpkin cookies." Never mind that he had said that he was bringing chocolate glazed spiced rum cakes- his personal favorite. Which it turns out are much much harder to make than they appeared. -12:38 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "If we kill them, they can't come back to give us more money," the Fifth Year boy explained to his helpers slowly. Then he was turning to look at the Gryffindor boy, hands on his hips and lips pursed to keep in the instinctive set-down. "...How many?" -12:42 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren enters.] -12:43 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Four dozen or so..." Wren stated with a smile. His entire family was Slytherin, he was used to the ego-melting stares as he stood there in his bright red and gold scarf and distinctly dyed hair and casual clothes. "Where should I set them? I got them all boxed up.. Two cookies to a package." With a sweet little bow on top. -12:45 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: Rupert's explination was good enough, and his helpers promptly resumed trying to NOT poison everyone. That did not stop them from giving Wren dark looks, though. Meanwhile, plush snakes were now getting in to everything all up and down the streets. Clearly a spell had gone horribly wrong. Teachers should probably do something about it, but from the looks of the streets, it was clear that all the chaperones were getting beers and not paying attention. -12:45 Jul 28
    Clarice: "Oh dear, maybe I should do something..." mumbled Clarice to herself. She didn't exactly feel sorry for the Slytherins this year, there had been a bit of team warfare going on... but without a proper common room, they'd all end up in everybody's hair. So Clarice pulled out her wand and got to work chasing plushie snakes! "Come back here, you!" Baazt went a spell! -12:48 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: Those blasted kids might have won this round but the little witches!! They thought it funny t' change him into what his name is, a cat! Welllll, they would soon find themselves little newts after a day's time! With a frustrated mew a large bobcat stalked through the doors, nudging one open with a good head-butt. While animals would most likely not be allowed at a bake sale, he was hungry and had his griffondor scarf on. Don't ask him how that managed to stay around his neck during the forced transformation clue. The large gray and silver cat was heading straight for Rupert's table when something slithered right across its paws. Felix glanced down at the odd sensation,then instantly pounced on the retreating snake! Darn thing was fast but now the cat had a wholeee other reason for being there...catch all the plushies!!! Too bad it wasn't watching where it was going and ended up rolling around under Rupert's table. -12:50 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert shrugged imperiously, the effect of which was probably ruined a little by his resemblance to a Muggle baker. "I don't think anyone's claimed that table." He let his gaze drift meaningfully to the empty stall next to his- really, just a few rickety boards that seemed on the verge of collapse. "...You did catch that this is a Slytherin bake sale, right?" he couldn't help but ask, lifting his chin a little. -12:50 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: The snake plushie Clarice zapped.... BURST IN TO FLAMES. And yet, the thing kept on slithering around. There was now a flaming snake plushie making it's way down the street. One rolling around with Felix the cat, and several others now heading for a gaggle of now screaming school girls. This was off to an excellent start for the Slytherins. -12:54 Jul 28
    Clarice: "No, no! That isn't what I was going for!" Squeaked Clarice, who was so certain she cast a freezing spell and not a flaming spell. Now, without asking - or paying - she snatched a big pitcher of milk from one of the stands to go put out the snake fire before everything went up in flames. -12:58 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "No one else wanted to help you slimy gits. But not having a common room can't be fun." Plus it gave the Slytherin's somewhere to be that wasn't anywhere else. "And I wanted to try to make something." At least the cookies had turned out alright but the last week or two he had spent in the kitchen working on the bundt cakes had been failures. He stared at the falling apart stand. "I wasn't thinking I'd actually have to sell them..." -12:58 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren had nearly cornered the snake when it darted behind the others' legs. The thing was a crafty little craft! With a quiet meow Felix flicked his tail back and forth, eyes narrowing as the stuffed creature peered out from behind Rupert's shoe. In one swift move the feline pounced...except when it came down it had a good claw-full of Rupert's leg and the snake was slithering away dramatically slow, as if to taunt...little fuzzy bastard! ] -12:59 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Do we look like we have any free hands to-" Rupert's impatient retort dissolved into a yowl of pain as Felix's claws dug into his leg, and he jumped back, trying to shake the cat off only to fall down flat. One of the cauldrons full of cake batter came down with him in the process, coating both Rupert and Felix with pre-baked cake. "Filthy animal, I'm going to curse your- curse your skin off!" -01:03 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren hung on tightly as the other came crashing down, a load of cake spilling onto each other them. Ooooo...cake. He quickly hopped onto Rupert's chest, all twenty somethin' pounds of him, and plopped his bum down to start licking frosting off his paws. Yum!] -01:04 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: There is now a milk-sodden, burned, but still very hexed plushie snake slithering down the street. Potentially out to seek future vengeance. The gaggle of screaming school girls had stopped their screaming to stomp off and oggle school boys. Yet, several snake plushies were still terrorizing stands and annoyed students. -01:06 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Uh... Shafiq? Are you?" The yowl of pain and then the cauldron of cake batter... Seriously, didn't the Slytherin's have any normal bowls? Wren was a terrible cook that was certain but this.... Well, it took the cake. "Are you alive back there?" Wren hopped over the stand to set the Cauldron back and stare at the cat wearing an identical scarf to his. "Uhm... Shoo cat?" -01:07 Jul 28
    Clarice: "Bother this... I never liked snakes!" After stomping her foot in frustration, she heard the commotion over at the stalls. ....not the plushie snake commotion, but the flying cake one. Being a natural born heroine, Clarice immediately skipped over to the stall and peered down at Rupert and Felix. ...didn't say a word, but she definitely needed to see what happened. Clarice laughed out loud! "Slytherins aren't very good at planning events, are they?" -01:08 Jul 28
    [Tallulah Buttons , with her head in the clouds and a heart made of pure gold, was by all means immune to the terrorizings of a plush snake or two. Stooping to wrangle one of the wrigglers, she wasn't quite aware that her dress was hiking and she was displaying zebra print undies.] -01:09 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: The Slytherin boy's face was rapidly turning Gryffindor red as he heard one of the younger girls giggle at his predicament. "I... HATE... cats," he snarled, shoving the animal off and struggling to sit up. There was batter everywhere. "Someone should keep their bloody pet on a leash." -01:10 Jul 28
    [Rakas was certainly not an ordinary being, but what he was exactly, one could not say, because not one person could meet his eye for too long to uncover his nature. But perhaps people just did not want to know, and they might have been better off for it. Physically, Rakas was a young man in his early twenties with a well-maintained, relatively tall body that had some nice muscles to behold, not that one could see them under the richly decorated, white clothes which were decorated by intertwining, gray-and-black patterns that reminded one of a city, full with the life of its people. Upon these clothes was a greatcoat of azure blue that matched the colour of his eyes, and it was magically enchanted so that white clouds swam through it every now and then. The man's hair had the texture of steel and concrete, but most striking of all was his face. Looking upon the strong jaws and the piercing eyes, one could not help but think they were being observed by millions of people at once if they made so much as a glance at his profile.] -01:11 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "What a funny little spell," she murmured as she straightened back up with the captured new friend in hand. "Are you here for the bake sale too, Mister Snake?" Tallulah tilted her head to the side which of course made her vibrant green hair bounce about her shoulders. Green? Yes, yes. Spell gone wrong. Couldn't be helped. -01:12 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren wasn't very happy with the shoving. He hadn't shoved him! Just was different damnit! With a startled hiss he shook off, sending bits of cake flying in each direction. While the other was busy fuming Felix dipped his paw into a nice pile of frosting and pressed it right against Rupert's face from forehead to chin...gettin' a bit on the shirt too for good measure. Then it stuck its tongue out before darting on top of the sale table. Mmph, cake cat needed to keep cleaning least he currently tasted like sugar! ] -01:13 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Well it's not mine." He noticed that Clarice had joined them at the Stall as he offered Rupert a hand. "Here. Let me help you. We'll get everything under control and- Hey Clarice... Do you know who the cat belongs to?" Wren wriggled out his wand and started putting things back together. -01:14 Jul 28
    Clarice: "Eeep!" The cat was shaking batter everywhere, and Clarice did the only logical thing. Which was to step behind Wren. "I haven't a clue! He has a Gryffidor scarf, so I can only assume he's someone's naughty familiar." Wren was helping Rupert, so Clarice made herself useful by eyeing all the treats and considering a purchase. It WAS her secondary objective, after all. And no brother or cousin was there to tell her no! -01:16 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Apparently there was a cake batter sprinkler set up! What ingenious creation! Tallulah swiped some batter from where it had splattered against her cheek and popped it into her mouth. "Delicious cake batter. The hint of cat fur really makes it unique, I do say." -01:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: That cat-! It was evil! Despite inward protests at accepting help from Wren- a Gryffindor, what's more- for the second time today, Rupert grabbed onto the other boy's hand. He didn't say a word of thanks, either, and he let go at once so he could better glower at his minions. "What are you lot staring at? Back to work!" He studiously ignored the way cake mix dripped from his robes and onto his shoes. -01:20 Jul 28
    NARRATOR: Rupert's "minions" promptly scattered all over the place to clean up cake batter and set everything straight. No one said a word about why neither of THEM bothered to help him up or with the cat. There might have even been evil snickering in the background. And to top it off, the plushie snakes went strange quiet and not a one was to be seen anywhere! -01:22 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux was whispered to be a transfer from Beauxbatons later in the term. Seventh year and unSorted thus far. The whispers have it in that the fashionista has acquired a much-coveted apprenticeship at Madame Malkins' Dress Robes in Diagon Alley. Patrons of the shop were starting to see an edge in the robes made available to the wizarding populace of Britain. There was a slight Muggle influence in their modernization, but people could still fall in love with leather, lace, fur, and pattern. Today was a day for.....networking, let's say. She has, in her possession, a ridiculously large sum of money written in check form sporting the shop's insignia on it. A hefty sum for a few mere pastries, but then this was all really about restoring the Common Room, right? She strolls down the streets of Hogsmeade as a representative of both the shop and her particular talents. Dark hair was pinned near the crown and twisted into purposefully haphazard strands tucked through with arching golden pheasant feathers. The bodice of her corset was modified to add sheer black fabric over her shoulders to flare out into ruffled sleeves, straps bound her midsection, the buckles converted into gears. The matching breeches, gold and black stripes vertically aligned, had the gears cut out of the leather to offer peeks of the fishnets she had on underneath. Her boots rose up the length of her calves, a simple Victorian affair save for the small, gold feathers dangling from the ends of her laces. An amber choker decorated a porcelain throat and she paused, hovering on the edge of the scene with violet eyes narrowing to get a read on the scene. Truly, she had a great deal of work to do and resented the 'gopher' work that had been assigned to her.] -01:22 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren quickly turned his attention to the previously up-turned cauldron. Licking his lips his feline self easily hopped inside and began lapping up what was left of the batter. Mmmm, at it would have been a good cake if the final product wasn't thrown across the shop area. Oh well, more for him! ] -01:24 Jul 28
    [Rakas looked around the room and took his surroundings in with contemplation, nostalgic memories stirring within him at the sight. It has been a long time since he had been in the presence of humans as himself, but exactly how many human years it was, he could not say. A thousand? Perhaps two? The answer eluded him, but the question stirred the remaining seeds of grief in his heart, even though he thought that his heart had healed. Therefore, he stopped that line of thought and simply revelled in how much humans have advanced since the last time he was with them. Even though he saw their progres with his eyes, experiencing it in person was certainly a different matter, becuase this way, the small details were not lost on him.] -01:24 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: With Clarice hiding behind him and helping Rupert up... Wren took a facefull of cake from the shaking cat, batter running down his cheek. "Well, this is a good start isn't it?" Wren said cheerfully before issuing a cleaning spell for Rupert's robes. Wren himself had decided to abandon the stuffy robes and only had on a pair of slightly battered blue jeans and a black tee shirt. -01:26 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Gritting his teeth, Rupert jabbed a finger at the nuisance cat. "Get. Off. My. Table." It was clear from his tone that he expected Felix to cooperate. -01:28 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Oh confound it! There she'd gone again staring off into space while her flighty mind fluttered off on some imaginary adventure. So it was no surprise that when Talullah glanced back down at "Mister Snake" in her hands, she found it had slithered off somewhere unseen. "...I'm sad now." -01:29 Jul 28
    Clarice: "I'll just take that! I'm sure I can find where he belongs." Clarice snatched Felix up off the table as quickly as possible. "In the meantime, who will buy me a treat? I would loooove a cookie!" She bat her eyelashes and gave her best pretty flirty smile! -01:30 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: Felix's head popped out from inside the couldron, his paws soon joining it as they grasped the edge of the large bowl-type item. His ears were flattened and hackle stiff. Cake Cat is not impressed! His tongue was out again, just daring Rupert to try something. He had claws and he wasns't afraid to use them!! -01:30 Jul 28
    [Clarice is now known as: Clarice Drosselmeier] -01:31 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren snarled a startled hiss, clawing at the female until he slipped from her grip. In a blur the feline was climbing Rupert's robes, easily holding onto the fabric as he perked on the male's chest, hissing angrily in Clarice's direction. No one picks up the cake cat!! ] -01:32 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: *perched* -01:32 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Ohh! I love cookies too~" Tallulah chimed in. She stepped forward, digging into her change purse for some coins and was sure to cast the cat-carrying girl a smile. "Which one would you like?" -01:32 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Eeeek!" Appaling! Clarice never encounted an animal that didn't like her, so the cat's violet reaction had her letting go quickly and ducking behind Wren again. ...and now she was peering at Tallulah and her super sweet offer. Clarice didn't have the heart to tell her that she was just trying to charm a boy in to buying her one. "Oh...! Um, I'll eat just about anything sweet and delicious. Who brought all of these cookies?" -01:34 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: At least Wren's cookies were still on the table all nice and safe in their sturdy box. "I've got some chocolate chip pumpkin cookies?" The Gryffindor boy said with a smile and opened up the box and pulled out a neatly packaged in clear plastic wrap and a red ribbon cookies. "I wanted to help out..." -01:34 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: With a startled cry, Rupert attempted to pry the insidious creature away again. "You horrid, flea-ridden- mangy-" He grabbed hold of the cat's scarf, and set about trying to wrestle Felix into submission long enough to wrap up his claws. "Only a Gryffindor could love something like this!" -01:36 Jul 28
    Rakas: And indeed, many small details have changed since he last visited, for example, the humans near him had an aura of magic around them... Along with a cat. That was weird, but Rakas just dismissed it as the times changing, but nevertheless, he wanted to investigate that himself, so he made his way over to the small group with a small, friendly smile on his face, regardless of the fact that he knew not many would be able to meet his eyes for too long. Regardless, he hoped that his presence would not alienate them or push them away. He would have hated for that to happen. -01:37 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren swatted at Rupert's hands as best he could but the guy was darn relentless! His front paws actually got stuck in the darn scarf, giving Rupert the chance to do as he long as he did it quickly! And watched the teeth! ] -01:38 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Hmmmmm..." Tallulah's 'hmm' was far too long. Awkwardly long. But then again most people found her awkward in all ways Tallulah. "Well I can tell you that this Hufflepuff loves the sound of chocolate chip pumpkin cookies... Do they sing like the jack-o-lanterns on Halloween? I think singing cookies would be either delightfully entertaining or possibly disturbing. I'm voting for the former though." Sweet smile. -01:41 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I am not keen on my food singing, but chocolate chip pumpkin sounds delicious! Did you really make them all yourself?" Clarice was curiously watching Rupert struggle with the strange cat. She wanted to help, but the cat clearly... had prefferences! Clarice offered Tallulah a big grin in response. Until she caught sight of Rakas staring their way. She immediately stepped closer to the others. "Umm... that weird guy is... kind of staring at us." -01:43 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: It appeared that madness had ensued only moments prior to her arrival and she tipped her head sideways in a studious look as she drank in the details. There was a social dynamic here that she was simply going to have to impose herself on, but such was the struggle at the beginning of every new phase, wasn't it? She honed in on the stall where the others were around just about the same time Rakas did and Tallulah made that comment about singing cookies. A low, purring laugh rumbled in her throat before it could be helped and her lips were tilted in a slight, smirking half-smile. The body language of Rakas gave his uncertainty away and she offered a conspiratorial, encouraging wink before turning her attention to...."Pardon, but who would I have to speak with to make a donation? I'd thought that a cake sounded rather delicious, but it appears that I'm to be denied such pleasures this day if the fracas was anything to go by." -01:47 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "They don't sing I'm afraid. They are just cookies. Nothing special. I promise. Plus they are free of cat." He handed each girl a bag of cookies. "They'll be four sickles, please." -01:49 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Finally, Rupert was able to sieze the chance to bundle Felix up snugly in the scarf- and promptly deposit him back into the empty cauldron, wrapped up like one of Wren's bags of biscuits. "There. Now stay there," he fumed. It was only now that he was cat-free that he noticed the odd characters his stall was beginning to attract. "You can talk to me," Rupert told Viola, straightening to his full height, "if you would like a cake or pie. Or to the Gr- to Viridian, here, if you prefer biscuits." -01:49 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "What is a Viridian?" -01:50 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren fumed as he was tied up, then dropped into the pot like a turkey on thanksgiving. Hmph! He wasn't...*struggle struggle*...gonna just roll over!! When the feline realized he was good and stuck, a VERY loud yowling started up to the tune of the gryffondor school song. The cauldron made it echo that much louder... ] -01:52 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Sounds promising. I find cat fur is difficult to digest. It certainly explains why they're always coughing it up," Tallulah commented as she handed over the appropriate amount for both bags of cookies. "Thank you kindly, Wren Viridian." She turned her attention to 'that weird guy' then, tilting her head to the other side a moment before it popped back into place and with a smile to boot! "I'll go talk to him!" -01:52 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Thank you s- Oh, no! You shouldn't go do that...!" Clarice had cookies in her hand, but Tallulah pranced off towards Rakas because Clarice could snatch her back. Talking to creepy looking strangers? Where were the chaperones! Giving Wren an apologetic look, Clarice very quickly followed Tallulah. Someone needed to make sure she didn't get kidnapped! -01:54 Jul 28
    Rakas: From the looks of it, things were off to a great start, noted Rakas bitterly as he saw Clarice move uncomfortably from her position at his sight, so he paused in his steps for a second before he decided to continue. There was nothing to lose from interacting with humans, he reminded himself, which was when the cat started yowling and horrifyingly so. Irritated at the noise, Rakas slightly changed his course towards the cauldron. Without a second thought, Rakas leaned into it, then he spoke. In cat. "Would you mind being silent?" he asked, his voice utterly unnerving as it was just the same as staring into his face. Despite him having only one voice, it seemed like millions of intentions were contained within his tone. "These wonderful people here are trying to have a fun time." -01:55 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren eyed the man, hissing slightly when he started speaking in some gibberish. He wasn't French, how would he understand that?! In fact, the guy was making the sound echo much worse by speaking into the cauldron, making the feline's ears hurt. With an annoyed meow Felix freed one of his paws and promptly thwapped the guy on the nose. ] -01:57 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren watched Clarice abandon him to the Slytherins and then the older guy came over! Perhaps he was someone's brother? He was dressed pretty fancy... Wren felt conspicuous in his jeans and tee. "The cat is singing ... " Wren scratched his cheek and noticed they'd been joined by the pretty new girl who was also dressed really fancy. Really really fancy. A blush blossomed across Wren's face and he moved to hide partially behind Rupert. -01:59 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah stood idly by with a chocolate chip pumpkin cookie sticking out of her mouth whilst watching this bizarre scene unfold. She was utterly entertained. -01:59 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "This is Viridian." Rupert yanked Wren back out in full view of Viola with no compunction whatsoever. "What would you like to buy today, mademoiselle?" -02:00 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Tallulaaaah." Clarice latched on to the girl's arm. Her bag of cookies were tucked away in her school robes. The stranger was now trying to talk to the evil cat, and Clarice was pretty sure the best and safest option was not to stand there staring. "You know, things have been going really weird today. Do you think it.... it's all done on purpose?" she whiiispered to the girl. -02:02 Jul 28
    Rakas: Well. That was weird, if nothing else, because animals usually understood Rakas if he was talking to theim in their own tongue. Yet for some reason, this one did not seem to understand him, not to mention that he thwapped him on the nose. Then again, it might be the magic around the cat interfereing with him, so instead of talking with the cat, Rakas freed him from the cauldron despite the scracthing and biting he was sure he would endure even though he only had the best of intentions. Who the hell put a cat in a freaking CAULDRON anyways? -02:05 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Ak!" Wren made a noise as Rupert dragged him out. He stared at the fancily dressed girl as his glasses slipped down his nose. "Yes, I know. One of my ancestors was a Headmaster." He shuffled in place, pushing Rupert's hands away. "Oh no... He freed the cat." Wren stared. -02:06 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Blinking back to reality, Tallulah first heeded Clarice's words and then surveyed their surrounding. "No weirder than normal I would think. Then again, I'm not really one for conspiracy theories, Clarice Drosselmeier. I am, however, amused with that gentleman over there meowing at the cat. I wish I could speak Cat too." -02:06 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: A very evil person, that's who! While Felix did feel the need to assault Rakas, he knew the guy was trying to help him out. Thus, he kept his claws sheathed until he was free. BUT! When he was free...yeah, he latched onto Rakas's front just like he had Rupert's. He liked his perches and this one seemed a bit less detrimental to him. Bright green eyes looked up as he got comfortable clinging to Rakas's clothing, curiosity the main emotion. The feline was curious why he was freed. -02:08 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Oh no, the wild crazy cat was loose. Clarice wasn't sure who would be in the most danger. "I suppose speaking the actual native language of an animal would be useful, but normally they seem to understand things just fine with body language." ...and it looked like the stranger was suffering the brunt of the cat's displeasure. Clarice breathed a sigh of relief. "In the mean time, I guess I should get going. I am on a mission today. Thank you for the cookies!" -02:09 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "Mmmm," her grin widened when she caught the blush creeping over Wren's cheeks, a knowing lift coming to her brow. "Britain seems to quite adept at growing Viridians," without bothering to disguise the amethyst roam of her eyes over the Gryffindor's wardrobe and then back up to his face. The bit of French had her heart fluttering a soft, pained beat and a crispness edged into her expression to ward it all away. While she was capable, being new was a wretched experience with pain much like growing. "How long has it been since you've managed a strawberry rhubarb pie? I think I should very much like one of those and I'll take some biscuits from the Viridian as well. Now who do I make this out to?" A snap of the fingers, indicating experience with wandless magic, conjured a precisely folded check that she splayed over the front of the table. -02:09 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Strawberry rhubarb pie, you say?" Rupert was already rolling up his sleeves, although he paused long enough to glare daggers at Felix when he thought Viola wasn't looking. "Coming right up. Viridian can get you those biscuits while I get that for you. Right?" He nudged Wren with his foot. -02:14 Jul 28
    Rakas: A million stares united in a pair of eyes looked at the cat clinging to Rakas' chest, stemming from the azure blue eyes of the man as he contemplated what to do with the cat, because he seemed to be rather attached to him. But at least it was not meowing horribly anymore, so Rakas' ears no longer had to withstand that assault. Though he understood why humans lived with cats or why they were not annoyed by their meowing, that concerto was horrifying to behold even for his ears despite the fact that a noise almost made him deaf once. -02:15 Jul 28
    [(Timeout) NARRATOR was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:16 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Of course the ancestor Wren spoke of also wrote a very famous book on curses and counter curses. There was no doubt about which House he belonged to. "Uhm... For that you might want to check one of the real bakers..." He looked over the Slytherin's tables and winced. "It might be safer." And then he was nudged! "Two sickles..." He held up a little bag of cookies, these were tied with a green bow instead of the red ones from before. "Here you go." -02:16 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "It's no problem at all..." Tallulah gave Clarice a little wave as the girl walked away but it was precisely at that moment that Tallulah became curious about what the mission could possibly entail. Picking something up for a friend or a teacher? Or perhaps Clarice Drosselmeier was secretly an Auror! Tallulah was always up for a little bit of adventure, especially if her friends needed her. And by friends, she obviously meant everyone because everyone was her friend. She'd started following Clarice without even realizing it. -02:16 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Oh, and you can make it out to Slytherin House," added Rupert. -02:17 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren was about to start purring quietly in contentment but when he saw those million stares? His jaw went slack and claws retracted. A second later a thump could be heard as the large cat flopped onto the floor, then bolted right back up onto Rupert's table, knocking what he was doing right into his clothing from the momentum...then the cat followed since its brakes didn't work well in icing. At least his claws still worked...and now he was hanging on by his front paws on Rupert's robes once more...] -02:19 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Now that the streets weren't swarming with snake plushies (something even Clarice found a little strange, where did they all slither off too?), she was free to resume her hunt. Operation Future Mister Clarice. Giving the stranger Rakas a wiiiiiide birth, despite the fact she kind of wanted to chat with Wren, Clarice weaved her way to some of the other Slytherin stalls to see what other treats she could charm from cute boys. -02:19 Jul 28
    Rakas: And there, the cat escaped, right onto the robe of Ruben, just as he expected deep down. Even animals were frightened of whatever lurked beyond the surface of Rakas despite his best intentions, so he just gave it a mental shrug before he turned back towards the stand, namely towards Ruben, meeting him eye-to-eye despite knowing what would inevitably happen. "I am sorry about that. If it is any consolation, though, I am interested in the food you are selling," said Rakas as he took in the contents of the stand with his eyes. If anything, the culinary arts of humans seemed to advance relentlessly through the ages, creating foods that were more and more delicious. -02:27 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Why in the blue blazes did the infernal feline insist on attaching to him?! Cursing up a storm, Rupert pinned the cat in the crook of one arm. "Will you stop that? I'm trying to work here, you stupid thing!" Casting about for someone to glare at, he settled on Wren, narrowing his eyes at the hapless Gryffindor as if it were somehow all Wren's fault. -02:33 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: Viola pulled the cookies closer to her position, running an appreciative finger over the bows. "Did you tie these?" The question was posed to Wren, of course, but that would also be when the Cat of Doom returned with his ferocious heaviness. Before she could deliver a scathing retort to the beast, though, Rakas showed up with his apologies and Viola fell into scrawling out an amount on Madame Malkins' check. A flush of color had touched her cheeks, her heart was pounding, but her loops and curls were precise in that elegant script of hers, a controlled elegance. "You know what I do with troublesome cats?" A dangerous sweetness was behind her words and she looked up to fix Felix with a hard, disapproving look, whipping the check around to push it across the table. 5,000 Galleons. That's right. It's how the business world rolls and it was the amount she'd been allotted to spend for this. Many Slytherin families were OLD patrons of the shop in Diagon. "I make coats out of them. Nothing like a little pussy hair to trim the edges, I say, especially when its so nice and soft." -02:34 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux took up the cookies and offered both the entrepreneurs a polite nod. "I'll be back for that pie then?"] -02:36 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Stuck in a stall with Rupert Shafiq didn't seem pleasant at all. Especially since he had attracted the attentions of a very large and clearly needy cat. "Yeah. I did." The redness returned to Wren's face and he ignored Rupert's stare. He nearly choked though as Viola finished her sentence. The money. The comment. Wren was scarlet. -02:37 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "So what's this mission of yours?" Tallulah suddenly asked from over Clarice's left shoulder. "If you don't mind me asking, that is. I could offer my help if you want it? Mother always said that helping others comes before helping yourself and though I'd really like to help myself to these delicious cookies, if a friend is in need, the cookies can wait." -02:37 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: The feline mewed quietly as he was tucked under the others arm, not really able to do much besides grumble. Its claws were more or less useless, although...After a few moments of shifting slightly, Rupert would feel a rather unpleasant set of claws digging into his lower waist. -02:38 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice nearly jumped out of her skin, and her yelp could be heard clear down the street. She turned to give Tallulah a wide-eyed expression, but it quickly faded to a wide cheeky grin. Her hands clasped behind her back as she rocked on her heels. "Actually~! I am looking for a boyfriend and future husband. Everyone says the bonds you make at school will be the ones you have forever, but I haven't even had a boyfriend yet and it's my very last year! So I am going to find someone cute today and make him mine. Do you really want to help? It might get tricky..." -02:41 Jul 28
    Rakas: "Just let that cat go about his business," spoke up Rakas so that the shopkeepers would actually hear his voice and listen to it instead of just ignoring him. He did not like using the strange quality of his voice for dramatic effect, but if something had to be done, then it had to be done, because clearly, these people had no idea what to do with an animal. "If you let it be, it will not disturb you. Cats are naturally attracted to people who find them unwelcome." -02:42 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Good day- Ow." Rupert's eyes began to water as he was mauled yet again, and he barely had the presence of mind to stuff Viola's cheque in the lockbox under the table before he was staggering over to grab Wren by the arm. "Viridian, this damn cat belongs to one of your Housemates, and I can't- work- like- this," he wheezed. He stiffened and glowered at Rakas when the strange man spoke up. "I would be perfectly happy to let it be if it would return the bloody favor! Are you a customer? Buying something?" Meanwhile, he was struggling to get Felix into a less... pointy... position. -02:44 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren didn't fight Rupert as he moved him about, eventually finding him tucked under his arm again, but this time in a much more content position. He didn't like facing towards the back but front? Yes, that makes a content cake cat. He gave a soft purr as his eyes ran over Rakas with curiosity. ] -02:47 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Tricky is a good word to describe fun, if you're asking," Tallulah replied with her own grin spread across her lips. "So which should we find you first? The boyfriend or the husband? I'm not sure why you need one of each but it still sounds like a good way to spend the day, regardless." -02:48 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "The horrible animal isn't ours, Shafiq. I don't know why it's wearing a scarf but it's definitely not ours. I would have known." Being linked to a wreckerball of a cat was not something that pleased Wren in the slightest. "Anyway. I brought you biscuits. Can I leave this madhouse?" -02:49 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "How are you certain that it is a mere cat and not a Kneazle or perhaps even an Animagus? Let us not point fingers too hastily." Before she's going to eat any of these cookies, Viola pulled out a slender silver case inlaid with tiger's eye. She snapped this open to reveal a tiny stylus and miniature sketchpad. The young lady flipped through several pages and became absorbed in getting an exact copy of that bow so that she would remember. "You seem to have an uncanny knowledge of the feline psyche, sir." This was to Rakas though she hadn't looked up from her work, etching the bow with sure strokes of a well-practised hand. -02:51 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Oh! Um...!" Clarice hadn't meant she wanted BOTH a boyfriend and a husband, though now she was thinking all sorts of amusing things. Like being the heroine in her very own harem of cute boys. She quickly shook her head, no, she definitely just wanted one single great romance. "We better start with just a simple boyfriend, I am too young to get married. We are now Team Boygrabbing!" Clarice bounced on her feet clapping her hands. Missions were so much more fun with a friend! -02:53 Jul 28
    Rakas: Well, even if his advice was not acknowledged, at least Rakas was acknowledged, so he supposed he could not complain save for the attitude of the shopkeeper, which could be excused given that he was trying to fight a cat futilely. "Yes, I would be a customer. I am interested in what kind of goods you are selling," he said, his millions-of-stares in his two eyes meeting Rupert's eyes, his strange voice also no doubt frightnening the man. At the comment of Viola, he simply looked at the young woman, the only person who did not seem to be on edge around him so far and studied her for a second. "I have an uncanny knowledge of many things," he said simply. -02:53 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Unfortunately for Rakas and his attempts at intmidation, Rupert's attention was elsewhere. "...Why would I care what you do, Viridian? If you aren't prepared to work, you should go." The Slytherin boy shoved a parchment menu at Rakas without a second glance, frowning down at the now-content animal under his arm. "And of course it isn't a normal cat. It's far too smug. Distasteful creature. What exactly are you?" -02:56 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah was almost certain that boygrabbing was filed under sexual harassment... Still she shrugged, figuring she was misunderstanding the situation somehow and decided she would just follow Clarice's lead. "So what do we do first, Clarice? I fear I know almost nothing about boys." -02:57 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren glanced up at Rupert when he finally got some non-violent attention. He gave a quiet meow, then reached a paw up to tug on his scarf...that had magically rewrapped itself around his neck. Felix wasn't sure how long the spell was to go on but he wouldn't mind it ending early if the other could figure out he was hexed. ] -02:58 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I... well..." Clarice had started walking down the street again, but stopped at the question. Tapping her chin with a finger, she thought over her plan. "...normally I prowl around looking for cute boys and then I talk to them. Um... You know, I haven't really gotten farther than that point yet! What do you suggest is the next step?" -02:59 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "I was going to help you but bloody hell, have you noticed that this place is a madhouse!" Wren's hands raised in irritation. "There's premade ready to eat pumpkin and chocolate chip biscuits in the box. Two sickles for a bag." He turned his attention to Rakas feeling irate and angry at everyone. Besides, this was the Slytherin bake sale! Why was he helping? Because of his family? "Whatever." -03:00 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Well... I'm certainly no expert on the matters of the heart but I do remember this one story I read.." she muttered, mimicking Clarice by tapping her chin with a finger. "The girl and the boy had a chance meeting that sparked a conversation. I think the key element in that scene that led to their eventual 'hook up' would be that they had something in common." She trailed off for a moment before smiling sweetly at Clarice. "Have you tried talking with a boy you actually have something in common with?" -03:03 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: To be fair, Viola had yet to make any sort of eye contact with this stranger and had been entirely self-absorbed in her own business to have caught the disturbing inflections of Rakas' voice. She finished copying the bow and snapped the case shut, tucking it back in the pocket she'd fetched it from to finally collect her cookies. "Almost too pretty to untie, and this particular shade of green? Stimulates the intellect and draws the eye, inspires creativity and appetite, yes, a most excellent choice to wrap a biscuit in." The ill-tempered Wren was offered a supportive wink before she looked to Rakas full-on. Her brows came together in an uncomprehending furrow and she drew in a breath to compensate for the sudden loss of oxygen in her system. A couple of stammering tries and she managed a "I-I've no doubt that you do." -03:03 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson was young maiden] -03:06 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson faiiiiil] -03:06 Jul 28
    [Rakas studied the parchment menu for a few moments before he heard Wren's proclaim of chocolate chip biscuits. "Then I would like a bag of chocolate chip biscuits," he said as he put the parchment down, then he held up one of his hands, closed it into a fist and then opened it, causing a pair of sickles to appear in it. Genuine sickles too, without a single trace of magic or trickery about them despite the uncanny way in which they were conjured. Meanwhile, the woman who had expressed interest in him acquired a shaky voice, so Rakas thought that it would be the best if he kept frightening only a few people at a time, and as such, did not engage in conversation with her just yet. He waited to see if she would flee from him or not, though he was definitely enjoying the fact that these two young men have not panicked at hearing his voice or looking into his eyes.] -03:07 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "The fact that it's a madhouse is precisely why we need people who aren't going to muck it up any worse," snapped Rupert, and then plopped Felix down onto the table next to his baking station. "People who can help make sales so I don't have to handle that on top of being the ONLY person here who knows how to bake something edible, and someone who can help me fend off the advances of a cat who is so daft that it's tugging on its own scarf!" He was so caught up in being righteously frustrated that it took Rupert a moment to realize his own words. "...This cat... is definitely not normal." -03:07 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Of course I have. I talk to boys all the time! But having things in common doesn't really make for the perfect romance." Now how would she explain this... A bright grin came across her face as she bounced over to Tallulah's side and rest and arm around her shoulder. With a flare for dramatics, Clarice waved a hand in front of them. "IMAGINE THIS! A beautiful spring day in Hogsmeade. Everything is going swell... and then! Kapow! Oh no, something silly has happened! Then, by mere chance, or more likely fate... the heroine runs in to the hero! A perfectly timed rescue! Or love at first sight! Then it's magical sparks and stuff! ....Um, you understand what I am looking for now?" -03:07 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren huffed, sitting back on its haunches, paws crossed over its chest. Bout' time the guy figured it out! He leered up at Rupert, ears flat and a pout on his feline lips. ] -03:09 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson was a young maiden, a first year here at hogwarts, and from her robes, it would be easily discerned that she was a Hufflepuff girl. Shifting her glasses up on her nose, her long blonde curls bounced a she walked into the place, she sighed. Where was her brother when she needed him? She looked around with her vibrant green eyes and realized she saw no one she really knew all that well, "Well bugger." she'd just have to make do with most likely being along for the night.] -03:11 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Muck it up even worse? Wren wondered briefly if Rupert had forgotten he was a Gryffindor. "The cat is definitely daft..." He stared at it. "And obsessed with you." Wren was still inside the stall with Rupert and it was getting crowded. At least the cleaning spell was still working and the batter was nearly gone. Wren stared at the cat. "You should take it to the teachers, I'll man the booth." Gryffindor bravery or not, cat wearing his house colors or not, Wren didn't want the cat. At all. -03:11 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "Oh, for Merlin's sake, do you do nothing but bake and complain?!" It seemed to her that this Rupert Shafiq was a study in exasperation, but that didn't mean he was entitled to being an unappreciative brat. "Let us look at this logically. No, not a normal cat that obviously displays an attachment towards you. Wearing a Gryffindor scarf at a Slytherin bake sale. Could it not possibly be that the scarf your poor fellow here is trying to tug off is a cursed object? A prank played on him? Viridian. Your family knows of such things, yes? Let's help one another out." -03:11 Jul 28

    Rupert's assistants, as it so happened, were not being particularly helpful. One of the girls was trying frantically to cook something that looked charbroiled, and the other was laughing and rubbing dough on her companion's face. -Rupert Shafiq

    Tallulah Buttons: "Hmm hmm." Tallulah nodded as Clarice described the scene, now rubbing her chin as if she had a beard to stroke. "I think I get it. You want it to happen right away. My father had a saying for things like that, you know? Ahem~" She cleared her throat and put on her best manly voice. "Tallulah. You can't always have everything served to you on a silver platter. Sometimes you have to be the one in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove." She smiled then, adopting her regular airy, scatterbrained voice. "Understand?" -03:13 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Of course I understand. And thaaaaat is exactly why we are on a mission!" At this point they were just going around in circles. Clarice just erupted in to giggles. "Oh come on, lets go talk to people and buy more cookies. I've every intention of having a whole stash by the end of the day." Clarice grabbed Tallulah's hand and dragged her along as she skipped down the street! -03:15 Jul 28
    Rakas: It seemed like that everyone was ignoring Rakas in favour of the cat, which was not that surprising if he thought about it, because they had a way of gathering all the attention around them even if they did not intend to do it, however, the talk about a curse made him perk up a bit and he consciously searched for the cat with his eyes before his uncanny eyes locked on him. He could still feel the magic around the strange creature, or was that a strange person? He did not know, but he turned back to the stall and put the two sickles onto the table with a small clatter to gather the vendors' attention. -03:17 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren eyed the scarf-wearing cat and shook his head. Where was his famous Gryffindor bravery? He'd lost his own scarf now and had assumed his bravery was with his scarf. Long gone in this madness. "Just cause my greatgreatwhatever wrote a book on curses doesn't mean I'm any good at them!" But he could try, right? And now of course the man wanted the biscuits. Wren handed him a bag, glad for a distraction. "Thank you. Shafiq, where is the money box?" -03:18 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Well now her brain was a little fuddled from this roundabout conversation so naturally Tallulah just shrugged and skipped along the street with Clarice. Skipping was something she could do well. Many bruised and scraped knees from trial and error had hardened her spirit and honed her skill. Her vibrant green hair swung behind her and her straight across bangs bounced against her dark-skinned forehead. "Are there any targets of interest you had in mind already?" she asked Clarice. -03:20 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Nothing but bake and complain?! Rupert couldn't believe this. The only thing he'd been persistently complaining about was the repeated event of having a cat sink its claws into him. The one time he lost his cool about something else... and she'd been around for what, five minutes? Choking back his outrage, he turned to Viridian and spoke to the Gryffindor as if the French girl didn't exist. "Under the table, here." He pointed with his foot. "It's certainly not a Kneazle, so a cursed person or an Animagus is the only alternative. I'm guessing the former. Do you think you can, or shall I try to find a professor?" Who knew where the professors of Hogwarts had run off to; Rupert hadn't seen any of them all morning. -03:21 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren sauntered along the table, licking up crumbs nonchalantly as he waited for the two boy's to make a decision. He wans't a fan of them trying to change him back but a teacher might be hard to find. Either way...these cake crumbs were yummy! ] -03:24 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson smiled as she walked up to the punch bar. She poured herself a drink and looked over the crowd yet again. what was she supposed to do?] -03:25 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Uuuum. Well, no, not really. That seems to be the most trouble! I talk to so many boys, but none of them ever seem to be just right. I've even tried talking to girls too, but that just ends up being even worse!" Clarice had already considered that perhaps her boyfriend trouble could be a lack of preference for boys, and for a few months tried chasing girls. That just didn't turn out right for her at all, and here she was back at boys again. Clarice shrugged and laughed it off. "The chase is fun though." -03:25 Jul 28
    [Rakas nodded at him being acknowledged and took the small bag of biscuits into his hand before he turned towards Viola. "I am sorry that I have frightened you," he said simply, hoping that as unnerving his voice was, it would serve to reassure her a bit. Meanwhile, a cloud started to slowly swim into the azure blue of his greatcoat, showcasing its magical nature for everyone to see. Or was it really magical? There seemed to be no spell holding it together.] -03:26 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah was back to her "hmm"ing and stroking an imaginary beard. "Well, let's try this. Close your eyes for a moment," she said, placing her hands on Clarice's shoulders. -03:29 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: With an impatient huff, Viola veered into the direction precisely opposite the table, the weight of social pressure coming crashing down on the sensitive shoulders of an artist at heart. What's worse is that she knew she was wrong! Impatience had been projected onto the one person suffering the most from this disorganized atmosphere. WHY had she been sent down here?! It seemed like a cruel trick on her Master's part to thrust her into such an environment. She could feel that awful tightness gathering that heralded a bout of tears. The pressure was released though by the direct address of Rakas and she tilted a feathered head at him. There was a wariness to her expression but she managed a tight, sincere smile. "Think nothing of it. Who doesn't love a good scare? It calls to mind our own mortality. Besides, it is your nature that frightens and not your words or deeds. You cannot help your nature and so you do not need to apologize." A wistful sigh formed as she watched the cloud drift over his cloak. "What sort of fabric is that? What sort of enchantments do you have on it?" -03:30 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren busied himself with putting the money away in the box where it would be safe. "Your helpers are making a mess, Shafiq." Wren said as he noticed the two minions behind them creating who knew what. He knew Slytherins were weird, he knew that personally so, but this was a new level of weirdness. "You try to find a professor or get the scarf off him. Something. I'll sell cookies. Take your goons with you." He gestured at the 'helpers'. -03:32 Jul 28
    [Amelia Marken walked in shyly, looking around cautiously.] -03:34 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Close my eyes? Okay!" Why not. Clarice was pretty sure a fellow student wasn't going to try anything funny. Standing still, Clarice squeezed her eyes shut. "Now what? Should I envision something?" -03:35 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Yes, actually. Good call," Tallulah chirped. "I want you to imagine your perfect guy - what he looks like, sounds, like, his hobbies, his fears. All of it. Now describe him to me." -03:36 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson sighed, "this is a drag.." she leaned against the wall and pulling a book from her robes. 'the complete works of William Shakespear' on the cover a she stood there.] -03:37 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert got the distinct feeling that he'd just been dismissed. Color rising in his face again, he scooped up the infernal cat once more. "I'll be back to finish that pie, then. When I've found a teacher." Grabbing the girls by their apron strings, he marched off into the crowd with his "goons" in tow. He'd find a teacher and dump this stupid cat on them right away, then, and then he'd be able to get back to finishing his job, and no one would be able to say a damn thing about him! -03:38 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice thought about it. "Uhm...! I guess he would be really tall. Because I'm too short to reach things. And he'd be heroic! Cause my family has problems with curses all the time and you never know when you need a hero. He'll be fearless, but not reckless. Love cake, be gentlemanly handsome. Maybe even run his own business! Is that good?" -03:39 Jul 28
    Rakas: Now that was one response Rakas did not expect, though he noticed the strange tenseness in Viola's voice, which probably came from his eyes and his voice. At least she did not run away, though, which was a start, so he decided to enjoy the company for as long as it lasted. "I am glad that you see me for what I am," said Rakas, referring to his certainly not human nature. "It has been a long while since a human did not run away from me sceaming or was too afraid of me to even talk to me. Then again, it has been a while since I have been amongst people," he said, then he realised he had not answered Viola's question. "It is my own creation. You could say that it is made from a city, or rather, every material which one can find in a city." -03:40 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: Amelia looked around, shying away from any contact with people. She looked around, playing with her wand. She had never been to this kind of thing and it scared her to think of all of the people. She ended up sitting against a wall near the girl reading Shakespear. -03:42 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: Unfortunately, no teachers seemed to be around and one of the girl's was looking at the feline much unsavory-like. He was not food, nor for sale! He gave a low grumble after being carried for several minutes, claws beginning to come out as his right paw started running along the male's hand. He wanted down soon...and just gave the warning about it. -03:42 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Now Wren had a stall all to himself. Empty and free of cat and Slytherin. Not that he was sure there was much of a difference really. He picked up the mess that the helpers had created and with no one bothering him he managed to have the stall looking nice and neat. Tidy. Perhaps he was an unusual Gryffindor. Wren didn't care. With the stall nice and neat (and cat-free!) Wren began to set out a few packages of the biscuits. "Biscuits for sale! Chocolate chip pumpkin biscuits! Two sickles a bag!" -03:44 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: *she looked at the girl who sat by her and smirked, holding her hand out to her.* My name is Riffie, and i'm from Huffle Puff house, how are you? -03:45 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: " need..." Tallulah thought really hard for a moment (and she was sure there was smoke pouring out of her ears right about now) before finishing the sentence with, "You need a Gryffindor that's also a baker!" She gave Clarice a little shake by the shoulders, grinning. "Hey, isn't Wren Viridian a boy that fits that description?" -03:46 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert was a quick learner. As soon as he felt those claws, he let go of the cat and let Felix drop straight to the ground. Cats always landed on their feet anyway, right? No need to feel troubled. "Right, that's it! You are not allowed to scratch me, is that clear?" -03:48 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "Well, I am waiting for a pie and have managed to make a perfect ass of myself, I believe that I spy the Outcast Bench just down the way," and she pointed to a bench in the village square not many paces from their current position. "Your introduction inspires many questions and I don't notice you being overly busy at the moment either. Didn't you come to mingle?" Her brow lifted in a challenging, teasing manner. This could very well serve a multitude of purposes. Not only did she wish to pick this stranger's brain, but she also wanted to console her frazzled nerves with Wren's cookies. -03:48 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I suppose a baker Gryffindor makes sense..." The more she thought about it, it did. But not because of who Tallulah suggested... In fact, thinking about Wren as a potential boyfriend just had Clarice tilting her head and looking dubious about it. "I suppose when you look at him a certain way he is gentlemanly cute, but..." -03:48 Jul 28
    [Amelia Marken stutters out, "M-my name is Amelia... I'm a Gryffindor." She took her hand and shook it slightly. "I'm fine, how are you?" She hoped she didn't mess up her introduction. She always messed something up.] -03:50 Jul 28
    Rakas: (Was that directed at me, Viola?) -03:50 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: (Yes) -03:50 Jul 28
    Rakas: (Okay, I was not 100% sure of it) -03:51 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren landed right on his backside. He wished that feline rule was true as well! Too bad he was a bit back-heavy in this form. With a mew he opened his mouth a few times in mocking of Rupert speaking, then stuck his tongue out. Either way, he let his claws retract. ] -03:51 Jul 28
    Rakas: "If you have no problems with my being, then I would be glad to talk to you," said Rakas, his heart warming at the thought of a human actually wanting to talk to him despite the oddity he was, which again, brought up memories from over a thousand years ago, his last visit to the world of humanity. "But I was not aware of the tradition of the Outcast Bench. Is that something people have in every city or every village?" asked Rakas, remembering back to the times when people used to banish others or prepare a sacrificial lamb as something to take their sins away. -03:54 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "But then what?" There was a frown on Tallulah's lips and she let her hands fall away from Clarice's shoulders. "I only see Gryffindor girls, other than Wren. Then there's that strange man and the cat, which I'm certain is a person with a hex placed on him. Oh, and the grumpy Slytherin baker. Rupert I think his name is? But generally Slytherin are more success oriented than they are brave and adventurous." Needless to say, Clarice's options were limited today. -03:56 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: I just got here, so far this place is a drag, *she put her book back into her robes and smiled at the girl* See.. I don't normally come to these things. So i don't realy know anyone here. -03:57 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert's lip curled. "Right. I don't speak cat, so that doesn't help your case either. Now, Nott and Fawcett here-" Rupert blinked, then looked around. Sure enough, the girls had vanished. Rupert had been ditched. "...Fat lot of help they were anyway. Fine, just follow me and don't cause any trouble." -03:57 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Then... um... I guess it's worth a shot then!" Clarice had never gotten this far in a mission before, to actually have a target picked out. She was more than a little nervous as she inched and eeeased her way back to the Slytherin Booth where Wren, for some reason, was now the person in charge of doing the selling. Clarice cleared her throat. "Ahem.. um... Hi again...!" -03:59 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: The feline gave a slight snicker before running in front of Rubert, reaching up with little grabby-hand paws as he meowed quietly. Yeah, he wanted carried the right way this time, not under his arm! In return, he shall not claw...for a few minutes. -03:59 Jul 28
    [Amelia Marken Amelia nodded. "I don't come either but my brother sent me an owl saying I had to come or he would make me go to a different school." She looked down and pulled the letter out of her robes. "I quite like it here so I'd rather not leave." She smiled up at Riffie. (Sorry there's like three of me. The page keeps closing on me and I have no idea what I'm doing.)] -04:02 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: He had to pause mid-step so as not to step on Felix. "...There's nothing wrong with your feet." Side-stepping in one fluid motion, he skimmed the crowd for any sign of a responsible adult. None were immediately evident. Rupert began to wonder if they were all in a pub somewhere. -04:02 Jul 28
    Rakas: (Changing colour or this will get confusing) -04:02 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I think it is something that is transformed to suit whichever culture or subculture utilizes such exclusive tactics. I think you'll find, if you study the practice, that you'll find the social struggle of humans mimics that of all animals. There's a drive for establishing heirarchy. Order. Survival of the fittest in any given species, but then I digress and have traveled on a freeform thought long enough. Some could consider it rude to be dragged along on a tangent without any warning." By this time, she's procured the bench by inviting herself to sit. One leg folded over the other and she gestured with her chin at the empty space alongside her should he choose to make use of it. "Do you have a name?" -04:03 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Hi Clarice." Wren gave a smile, teal hair falling in front of his glasses. "Did you come back after more cookies? I'm afraid Shafiq is gone, I sent him and the cat away so there's nothing here but cookies." He took a breath, at least it was nice and quiet without Rupert being noisy and the cat adding onto it. "Two sickles for a bag." -04:03 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: (it's fine) *she nodded and smiled more* i'm glad you still have a brother, Amelia. I'm a first year here, how about you? -04:05 Jul 28
    [Tallulah Buttons kept her distance from Clarice and Wren, content to listen in but not be close enough that it would make them uncomfortable. Her green-eyed gaze turned outward at the crowd, watching the flow of pedestrian traffic up and down the main street of Hogsmeade. And although her hearing was tuned in to the conversation a few feet away, her gaze was settled on Rupert Shafiq and his humorous charge. Were they trying to find a teacher? Tallulah herself wasn't too shabby when it came to removing and reversing hexes.] -04:06 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I haven't really tried the first ones yet, I've been.... uhm... busy!" Then Clarice fell silent, rocking on her feet and kinda-sorta-staring. Until she realized she was and quickly shuffled a few items on the stand to look busy. "Sowouldyoulikesomehelp!" Her jumpy shuffle nearly had her knocking a few items off the stall that she hastily had to catch. "Sorry! Help though, is good right? I thought the Slytherins were supposed to be running their own stalls..." -04:07 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Same." She pushed her brown hair behind her ear. "I saw you reading Shakespear. Do you have a favourite play?" -04:08 Jul 28
    Rakas: "Does it now? I am surprised that you speak so lowly of your own kind," said Rakas as he followed the girl who dressed in so vividly imagined clothes, colourful fabric the likes of which he saw at times, but not too often. "I think that people are unique and that if they are likened to animals, then it is a sign that there is something wrong with them. True, there are some aspects of theirs that they can never help, but a person is always different from an animal. Do you not think so?" he asked as he sat down beside the young woman, taking her invitation. "The name I was given is Rakas. What about you?" he asked inquiringly. -04:09 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren scampered along next to Rupert, mewing quietly about how unfair it was that the other wouldn't carry him. He kept up, sure, but it would be so much nicer to be back at his normal height level...even if he was still stuck as a cat. ] -04:09 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "I didn't want to be the one in charge of that stupid cat, you know? Someone had to do something so since the cat likes him so much I sent him with the cat out of my hair." He scowled in the direction that Rupert had went and then set to helping Clarice tidy up the things she knocked over. "I'm not cooking at the moment. Just selling cookies... and... You've not tried them yet?" Well that was disheartening! "If you wanna help though..." -04:10 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: not really, *she replied honestly* i just like how Shakespear wrote his words, it still fascinates me to this day, the wonder of his wordsmithing. *she looked like she'd gotten a ittle lost in her world* but what does one expect from an age where the English word it's self seemed to be magical in a sense? -04:11 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Are you sure you aren't in Ravenclaw?" Amelia asked, looking up at her with green eyes. "You sound smart enough to get sorted there." -04:12 Jul 28
    [(Timeout) Amelia Marken was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -04:14 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Not yet, Not because I don't want to though! I just want to collect as many sweets as I can to eat later when I won't be able to get them." Everything was put right back where it belong and Clarice let out a sigh of relief. This was just silly. What was she so frazzled about? "I would like to help. I might've helped with the cat, but it's just the strangest thing! It clawed at me and I never had a cat act that way with me before. I'm always so good with animals!" -04:14 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Leaning against the frame of a nearby stall, Tallulah was content to keep watching Rupert and the cat as if it were a television program. Oh yes, she knew about television, having gone to live with her Muggle side of the family. Another chocolate chip pumpkin cookie jutted out from her mouth while she watched, casually nibbling on her treat. Actually, these cookies were really good. She'd have to compliment Wren later. -04:15 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: *she looked at Amelia, a glint in her eyes* Many have asked me that, i' not sure how to answer that question though. I quite like it in Huffle Puff. -04:16 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert seemed totally unmoved by Felix's mewling. Instead he was preoccupied with his search for a professor. The Three Broomsticks seemed like a good place to start, although it was more of a hotspot for students. Still, it couldn't hurt to check... He headed that way, muttering under his breath. "Never find one when you actually WANT one..." -04:16 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Well, the sorting hat probably knew you would like it there... Though sometimes I wonder why it put me in Gryffindor..." She played with her hair, nervous. "I-I'm not all that brave..." -04:17 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "I'm not sure if it's a cat so don't take it personally, alright? I'm sure animals still love you and it was just a grumpy human in an animal form. After all, most cats don't want to eat cake." Wren couldn't help but to sigh, now that he wasn't in the thick of disaster it was much easier to think! "But sure, you can come and help me sell cookies until Shafiq gets back and takes over again." -04:18 Jul 28
    [Lawrence Gilderfub , a rather portly chap, walks into the room, and observes the various ables of baked goods. They all looked delicious, but a batch of muffins stood out from the rest. He walke up to them and purchased one, and took a bite as he gegan to meander around the room to associate.] -04:19 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: There was a large group of kids right outside Broomsticks that snickered as the two walked by. Felix tried his best to hide behind Rupert's legs but the kid's called behind them. "Bye Felix! Have fun as a cat!" Before anyone could turn and see who they were, the kids vanished down the street into the crowd. -04:19 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I do not consider it myself speaking lowly of humans as it is to identify that there is a base nature. In *all* created things, no matter how evolved or sentient, I would imagine that this would even include you. Everybody and everything is unique, but everybody and everything can also be classified. Personally? I find it a strangely comforting thing. It helps to know that one is never alone." She's unraveling the bow finally to pry apart the bag with its cookies open in order that she pluck one out. A bit is not yet taken, however. Humor touches her features at the cadence of his introduction and a smile touches the corners of her lips. "The name I have been given is Viola. Devereaux to be exact. For the sake of simplicity, I will say that I agree with you in that people are different than animals." -04:20 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Awwww... They were heading inside. That wasn't any fun at all! Glancing over her shoulder at Clarice, Tallulah determined that the girl seemed to be fairing well enough. Pushing away from the stall she'd been leaning against, the flighty young Hufflepuff sauntered after Rupert and of course the cat of a curious condition. It never occurred to her that this was what stalkers did. -04:20 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "So you really did get cursed, huh. That was stupid of you." Rupert gave Felix a distinctly unimpressed look. "You're a Gryffindor, after all, aren't you? -04:20 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: I don't know about that Amelia. *she smiled.* you may surprise yourself *she sat next to her* -04:21 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Yay! I always wanted to run a little bakery!" Searching around, Clarice found one of the tossed aside aprons and quickly put that on. Complete with a big bow at her back. Maybe she could even try her hand at baking! "I have a gentleman friend that owns his own bakery, and he makes the most amaaaaazing pastries I have ever had. I've told him I'd marry him just for his cakes alone. Do you do a lot of baking?" Clarice found a bowl and some flour. what were the next steps for baking things? Water? Sugar? Berries? -04:21 Jul 28
    [(Timeout) Amelia Marken got too distracted for their own good...] -04:23 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: The feline pouted, but he couldn't really argue...cause cats can't speak english. The kid was known for his short fuse and attitude so that was probably the main reason he'd been cursed. He gave Rupert a smack on the leg, claw free, for the stupid comment though. -04:23 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "W-well I'm talking to you." Amelia said with a giggle. She looked around and started to observe the people. "Sometimes, I like to imagine what would happen if everyone had to switch houses and which house they would be in." -04:23 Jul 28
    Lawrence Gilderfub: He nodded at a few of the other patrons, students and attendees, trying to be polite. He stopped, remembering something. "Oh dear. I really should remember to lock my doors..." he said to himself, and hurriedly left the room. -04:24 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Lawrence Gilderfub escapes to a secret lair!] -((04:24 Jul 28))
    Rakas: "I see your way of thinking," said Rakas as he though of what Viola just said, pondering it for a few moments before putting it away for later. He could think all about it when he was away from here, but for now, he had to enjoy himself, he reminded himself. He made a promise, after all, so he might just use this opportunity to try and forget what happened all those years ago. "It is nice to meet you, Viola. And I am glad that you are not scared of me," said Rakas while the cloud on his greatcoat swam further in. -04:25 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren's ears reddened. "No... I wanted to make bundt cakes for the bake sale but every time I tried they failed. I had to make the cookies twice before I got them right." He had the grace to laugh at himself even though he was redfaced. "I'm not a good cook... You've got a friend who is a Baker? That's cool. Do you get free stuff from him?" The idea of free pastries definitely made Wren interested! "Marrying a guy for his cooking. Isn't it usually the other way around?" -04:26 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert almost let slip a snicker at Felix's plight. Oblivious to any interested parties that might have been tagging along, he opened the door to the Three Broomsticks and poked his head in. Damn! Not a teacher in sight. He was probably going to have to trek all the way to the Hog's Head looking for them. Sighing, he stepped back, narrowly avoiding tripping with how closely Felix was sticking to his legs. "You're nothing but a hassle, you know." -04:28 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: yeah.. that's a good idea. Maybe someone will pull that prank and throw us into a backwards world. *she chuckled* -04:29 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Wouldn't they get expelled if they did that?" Amelia asked. She looked around and smiled at the different smells. "At least it smells good." -04:32 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice was right in the middle of measuring random things in to a bowl. She was definitely not looking at a recipe and proportions couldn't possibly be right. She glanced up at Wren with a grin. "He sends me treats all the time, and I'm sure it's to keep me on the hook so I'll buy lots of treats when I visit his shop." She giggled and dropped a few eggs in to the bowl. Whoops! Now she had to pull out egg shells. "I'm not really very good at cooking. At home, we have a chef for that. So I'd definitely like to marry someone who can cook." -04:32 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren rolled his eyes, weaving in and out of Rupert's legs as the other walked. No wonder cats did that was kinda fun! He got kicked a few times as they got to more busy areas. It totally sucked being one foot tall! After a minute he ran in front of the guy again, reaching up with the most pathetic kitty face he could muster. It might help that he was now partially covered in dirt from being kicked into a small pile of dirt. ] -04:32 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: As Rupert poked his head into the Three Broomsticks, Tallulah approached the duo. And perhaps she'd gotten a little too close for comfort without realizing it because as Rupert stepped back and turned around, Tallulah was right there with an innocent smile on her face. "Hi Rupert! Are you looking for a teacher for some reason?" she asked rather bluntly. Her doe-eyes looked him over once before falling to the cat near his feet. "I heard what those mean kids did to you, Felix." -04:33 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I think that it's nice to meet you as well, Rakas, and who says that I am not afraid of you?" She took the time to bite into the cookie, closing her eyes to enhance the subtle nuances behind the flavor and texture. It was a beloved combination of flavors, to be sure, but the proportions and the process would always render different results. She heaved her shoulders in a blissful sigh as the cookie did precisely what she'd hoped it would, sending sugar and endorphins to her pleasure centers. Her posture and countenance relaxes some and her tongue darts over her lips to catch any stray crumbs. Nodding her approval, she opened her eyes to lift one in an encouraging salute to Rakas. "Worth every sickle. But back to fear? When else am I ever going to get the opportunity to speak to someone like you again? Likely never? What are you? Why are you here? What *is* that coat made of? You said a city, do you mean representations of the components that compile a city or what do you mean?" -04:35 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: If the puppy- or rather, kitty- eyes had any effect at all, it was too late to tell once Rupert nearly collided with Tallulah Buttons. The weird Hufflepuff girl. "Y-yes, I'm looking for a teacher. To reverse the jinx." He took a hasty step back to put some distance between the two of them, only to bump smack into the door. -04:36 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: *she smiled* i guess so. but yes... it's smelling quite wonderful right now -04:37 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Uhm..." Wren watched Clarice. "You're... doing that... wrong." He had gotten rid of Rupert's helpers only to get one of his own. "Ah. Why don't you try again? Here. Let me help you with the eggs." He shoved the large bowl of... whatever that was away and got Clarice a small clean bowl before moving to stand behind her. "Look. Crack them like this." He pushed an egg into her hand and then guided said against the small bowl, cracking it. A week of cracking eggs had left Wren rather good at it. -04:37 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Too bad I don't have any money. I could have bought something and shared with you." Amelia said, looking around at the different sweets. -04:39 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren eyed the female, ears flattened in annoyance. Yes, those brats would get what was coming to them though! He flicked his whiskers a few times before turning to climb up Rupert's robes. If he didn' want to carry him normally, he'd practice being a koala! ] -04:40 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: There might have been an accidental squeaky sound from Clarice. If only because this was such a romance novel setup moment, and she was painfully self aware! ...and then in a split second that weirdness was gone and Clarice was totally impressed at being able to crack an egg with one hand and NOT have it explode all over the place! "...That's neat! Oh, lemme do another!" Clarice reached for a second egg and... cracksplat! Not quite the graceful one handed display she was going for. On the bright side, she kept any shell from dropping in to the bowl. " I guess that kinda takes a lot of practice. What's next?" -04:40 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: That went better than expected at least. "Well. I was only able to successfully make the cookies so... Uh. I don't know?" Wren looked flustered as he backed away from Clarice, bumping into the side of the stall. "I don't know if they have all the stuff for pumpkin biscuits but I bet we could make just plain chocolate chip ones... if they have any chocolate." Wren started searching the stall, trying to find the things they might need and after a few minutes of digging found some dark chocolate chips! "I wish these had a recipe on them or something... we'll just do them like the pumpkin ones and it'll be fine. .. I hope." -04:44 Jul 28
    Rakas: "You have so many questions to me," said Rakas, slightly overwhelmed by the nature of Viola, but he took her mention of fear rather seriously as he knew what effect he had on people normally, so he distanced himself a bit from her. He found that usually helped, though he was not sure how Viola might take it, because she seemed to be interested in him. "We have all the time in the world. And I think you have met beings like me several times already. You just did not know it." -04:47 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Ohhh I see. I thought as much but I really don't like to assume. You know what they say about assuming right? You can't do it without making an as-- Oh dear." She was bumped from the side and with that her thoughts went tumbling out of her one ear. "Right. I might be able to reverse the jinx? If Felix wants me to, that is... He really seems to like having a reason to follow you around, Rupert." Oblivious smile. -04:47 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "It will be an expiriment, then! Surprises are fun. What is the worst that can happen? I'm sure we're savvy enough not to burn the booth down." Even as she said it, she was stepping here and there to avoid getting in Wren's way while trying to get measure cups and some more sugar. Only instead of staying out of the way, she kept winding up in the way, which was leaving her looking almost as flustered as he was. Clarice finally pulled her wand and just floated the ingredients over to the workspace. "There! I can stir and you can pour?" -04:50 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: "i'm sorry Amelia... but i must take my leave for a little while" -04:52 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: First he bashes into a door, then he gets climbed like a tree. Rupert reached to disentangle Felix from his robes again, moving out of the line of the door and grabbing Tallulah by the wrist. Now he had the cat in one hand and the Hufflepuff in the other, and he was striding down the path leading to the outskirts of town. "...It's probably better if we do this somewhere less crowded." He had no idea how good Tallulah was at counterjinxes, and the last thing they needed was more charms gone awry today. And I'm still wondering why all of our chaperones are missing. -04:52 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: The only disturbance in her posture was that she angled herself a little more towards him to compensate for the distance. Her elbow found the back of the bench so she could prop thumb and forefinger to her temple, almost seeming aware that she was overwhelming him, both amused by and resigned to it at the same time. "I have so many questions all the time, forgive my curiosity as I forgive your tendency to induce fear. Both are equally unintentional. So why don't we simply follow the conversation and see where it takes us. You might have all the time in the world, but I do not. You mentioned beings like you? What are you?" -04:54 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: The cat was unpleasantly shifted, once again, under Rupert's arm. Hmm, well, at least the guy used deoderant. His back legs dangled and swayed as he walked, front paws flexing claws just in case he was jerked from a mis-step and had to teach the other a lesson. -04:55 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Oh..." Amelia said, looking down. "Okay. It was nice talking to you." She stood up, ready to try and find something else to do. She looked around, feeling hopelessly lost. -04:55 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Riffie Masterson melts away.] -((04:56 Jul 28))
    Wren Viridian: After several near run-ins with Clarice; Wren was happy that the girl had decided to accio things over to them. "Hah. At least we can throw the evidence away if we royally screw up." He smiled, relaxing a little bit. This was Clarice. He had went to school with her for seven years. Everything was fine. Even with the gender-roles reversed. Wasn't it usually the stronger man who stirred things? But he wasn't sure he trusted her to. So by memory he started measuring out flour and sugar and brown sugar and butter and vanilla, letting Clarice mix it all together! -04:57 Jul 28
    Rakas: "Then we should consider this an equal trade," nodded Rakas as he thought how to answer Viola before he decided to go for the easiest and the most simple route. "I am the guardian spirit of a faraway city, but you could also say that I am the city itself," he said as he looked straight into Viola's eyes, meeting them with his millions-of-eyes in a pair of gazes. "That is why you feel like that whenever I talk or whenever I look you in the eyes." -05:01 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice grinned at Wren, and with her wand got with the stirring. She did everything with her wand, this was no different. "And if we're lucky it'll turn out great and maybe even be the best cookies at the entire sale. Those Slytherins will be rolling in their beds crying for weeks because Gryffindor saved the day once again." Juuuust to make sure, Clarice dipped a finger in the batter and tasted. "Hmm... more of that vanilly stuff!" -05:01 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: She really couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Rupert carrying Felix around like a sack of potatoes. It was truly humorous, no matter how one looked at it! She, herself, was being dragged along like a dog on a leash though it wasn't as if this bothered her. It was a bit strange though that she was being dragged along instead of pushed away. It was a nice change from the usual reaction to her company. "I assure you that if I'm good at any spells, it's hexes and the reversal of said hexes," she informed. She was already digging out her wand from the little satchel at her side. She had to stick her whole arm down to her pit into that bag just to find her wand but in the end she prevailed. "Then shall we begin?" she asked, lifting the wand up and eyeing Felix carefully. -05:04 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: Amelia walked aaround, before noticing the two baking. She smiled as she watched them. They looked cute together. She dug through her pockets, hoping to find a bit of pocket change to buy one cookie from the two when they finished. Maybe she could go talk to them, but maybe they would find that rude. So there she stood, staring like a creep with her hands in her pockets. -05:05 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Just a little bit." Wren was careful with his use of vanilla before capping the stuff and stowing it out of Clarice's sight. He wasn't stupid. Oh no. Not that. He handed her the bag of chocolate chips. "Just pour them all in, I'll be back in a moment." Wren had noticed the girl watching them bake and went back to the front of the stall, leaning over the counter to wave at her. "Hi there! Do you want some chocolate chip pumpkin biscuits? They are really soft and delicious, I promise! One pack is two cookies and they are two sickles!" He waved again. "To help the Slytherin's with their Common Room, you know!" Even if he was a Gryffinor. The Slytherin's needed corralling. -05:08 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Oh, no, he was not holding the cat while Tallulah Buttons practiced counterjinxes. No way. Rupert stopped to set the cat down unceremoniously on the stretch of dirt path they'd parked on, getting well out of spell-range and folding his arms over his chest. He really, really hoped Tallulah was right in her self-assessment. Felix could still run if he wanted to, of course... -05:08 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren returned the gaze from Tallulah. He wasn't a fan of students practicing on him but he wanted his darn human body back! Not that the claws weren't nice, but still. He plopped his backside down when the other set him on the ground, bright green eyes watching as Rupert backed away. Thanks, for the support, tch! ] -05:10 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: Amelia hesitated before walking closer. "Y-yes please..." She handed over two sickles, thanking him. "Y-you and your girlfriend look cute together." She said quietly, nodding to Clarice. -05:11 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: Despite her claims that there wasn't any fear, she wasn't immune to the unsettling depth behind that scrutiny and the prickling of the fine hairs on the back of her neck. Her breathing escalated as she imagined the shadows from every corner of her mind being brought to light. It was her adamant refusal to allow such vulnerabilities on display that broke the trance effect of his voice and eyes. The cookie, only a small portion remaining, was forgotten in those moments and then her brows drew together, her gaze torn away and cast on something a little more familiar and a little less complicated. "Do you like your job?" -05:12 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Uh huh!" Clarice nodded and dumped in the chocolate. Stirring along with her wand while he handed a customer! Eeee, it was just like running a real bakery! Between stirring she gave the contents another taste. So much better! But it was missing something? While Wren was busy, Clarice grabbed a bottle or two out from under the table and put in a few dashes. Whatever those things were, it was bound to be a taste surprise! Her stirring resumed, now with a cheerful bout of humming! -05:12 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Rupert was far too quick to set Cat-Felix down. It made Tallulah pout but then smile after a few seconds. "Have a little more faith in me, my good sir! Like this wise feline friend here," she said, gesturing at Felix's relaxed pose. "Well then." She took a moment to roll up her sleeves before taking a step closer and mumbling an incantation, wand hovering over the cat's head in a slow circle. This was no first year's hex. This was the work of an older student, one around her age, and she was in her final year. As the seconds ticked by, Tallulah took on a more serious expression, determination sparkling in her green eyes. "Hmm.. I think I understand now." She stepped back and brandished her wand anew, took stance, and flicked said wand whilst barking out her incantation! -05:14 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Girlfriend? "Oh! Uhm. Thank you but Clarice isn't my girlfriend... She's a girl who is a friend but uhm. Yeah!" Wren went red around the ears again. "Thank you for your patronage!" He handed over the package of cookies, these tied with a green bow, all nice and tidy like. "I hope you like them, I made them myself!" He didn't notice Clarice putting anything into the batter... -05:16 Jul 28
    Rakas: "That question is akin to me asking you if you liked existing," said Rakas simply as he saw Viola's reaction, so he moved his stare away from her eyes to let her relax, to let her continue talking to him. He had to admit, this woman had quite the internal strength if she was able to force herself to look into his eyes like that, which in turn, reminded him of why he came here. The warmth in his heart turned into bitterness at that, but he just pushed it down and continued talking to Viola, the colourful young woman who seemed to have nerves of diamond. "So yes, I enjoy it. It is interesting to watch how people change through the ages... But it can also be unpleasant, especially if people are battling amongst themselves." -05:17 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren was very hesitant to trust the female but he needed his old body back. He squared his shoulders, staring her down after turning away from Rupert. As the wand flicked he closed his eyes, opening them a moment later as a loud rumble echoed through the area. OH HELLS YES!! A HUGE tiger stood where the small bobcat used to be, a wiley smirk pulling its lips back to reveal two very nice sets of sharp teeth. He could totally work with this form... ] -05:18 Jul 28
    Amelia Marken: "Oh, I-I'm sorry..." Amelia said, blushing from embarrassment. "I-I'm sure the cookies are really delicious." She said with a small smile. She looked back at Clarice then back to Wren. "I think you two would make a cute couple though." She said quietly before rushing off with her treat. She opened the bag and ate a cookie, smiling at the taste. -05:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "I don't think that was right!" Rupert's voice cracked a little, even as he tried to look composed. "Maybe- a different counterjinx? You know more, right?" -05:21 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: ....... "Huh. Wasn't expecting that." Tallulah, with her hands on her hips, cocked her head to the side and eyed the tiger with slight amusement. "A hex on top of a hex. A hex layer cake. Hex layer cake... That sounds deliciously evil. Alright, stand still, Felix. I'll remove this one too." -05:21 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice had long since stopped stirring, the wand and bowl now stirring themselves as she bounced on her feet and clapped. It was a simple little trick, and she was proud of it! Once the dough looked about right (not that she had any idea of what right would be) she plucked out her wand and cleaned it up with a damp rag. "I think my stirring is done!" she chirped over her shoulder at Wren. -05:22 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: The tiger gave a big yawn, then began licking its left paw. Mmm, tastes like cake still! His tail was thumping happily against the dusty ground as he waited for the next spell. Too bad, the tiger thing was kinda cool... -05:23 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: An unexpected laugh bubbled up at Rakas' first comment and the sound rang out from her eyes, light shining from their violet hue to throw off a suggestion of color. It was funny to have asked him that now that she looked back on it, no harm in laughing at one's self. It was better than feeling guilty as she had before with Rupert. "I can see where it would be interesting, unpleasant, and ultimately lonely." -05:24 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Thank you!" Wren called out over the counter as the girl ran off and he looked at Clarice and the bowl. "Do you think I got the mix right? Cookies aren't too hard once you get the hang of them but..." Wren scooped up a bite of cookie dough which smelled strangely like cinnamon. "That's weird I don't remember putting cinnamon in here..." He stuck the bite into his mouth! "That is... really...weird. I think I messed up.." Wren's face fell and so did the rest of him. Right into the booth's 'floor'. -05:25 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: A layered hex? Rupert blinked. Either Tallulah Buttons was crazy, or crazy smart. But wouldn't she be in Ravenclaw, then? Why was she a Hufflepuff? (...Hufflepuffs didn't have brains, right?) -05:26 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Oh no, I just mixed in a- Eeep! Wren?!" He was dead! She killed him! Clarice dropped on the floor next to Wren and gently shook his shoulder. Then waved her hands in front of his face for some cool fresh air. "Wren! Please don't be dead! I am so sorry! Maybe there is a teacher!" Popping up on her knees to look over the booth counter, she glanced around frantically for a teacher. Where WERE all the chaperones?! -05:28 Jul 28
    [Rakas was honestly surprised by Viola's laughter as that was the last reaction he expected from her, but then again, humans were so different, perhaps even more different than his kind, the spirits of cities, so there was no telling how would one of them react. Her comment about loneliness, though, made the bitter feeling of Rakas stir up even more. A cloud ran across his face as sorrow entered his heart once again, but he tried not to show it. "Yes it is. But it is not as lonely as you think... By the way, how should I adress you? I do not know what the tradition is in your home."] -05:29 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren groaned as Clarice shook him. "I think ... I think the Slytherin's are a bunch of bastards... Must have done something to the ingredients... Something." Wren couldn't control a whine as he pressed himself against the floor, the world felt like it was floating away! "... I think I broke my glasses. Again." -05:31 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: The second attempt to break the hex came with a more dramatic flourish of her wand. Sparks flew out of the end, bounced off of Felix the tiger and promptly set fire to her hair and dress. Calmly Tallulah patted the embers out and gave a heavy sigh. "It's a Weasley product. And I have no clue how to fix that. Not yet anyway." She tucked her wand away again and pushed her accidentally green hair out of her eyes. "Might be best if you bring him to the store, though personally I would very much enjoy being a tiger." Her eyes glazed over at that moment. -05:32 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: The tiger's rumble wouldn't have gone unheard by Viola and neither did the sudden drop of Wren which drew her upright from her relaxed pose, both feet on the ground. "What the.....?" She shook her head quickly and looked back to Rakas, her adrenalin pushing any fear over his strange gaze out of awareness. "I'm certain I couldn't possibly understand what it is to be you. Ever. Given a thousand lifetimes. And you may call me 'Viola'. Shouldn't we be DOING something?? Where are all the...are we the oldest ones here?" -05:33 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: Granted, she's a transfer, nobody really knows her year yet. Or her House. -05:33 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "That is my fault, I just found the jars under the counter with all the other ingrdients, I though it would be good...!" Oh no, she was going to get sent to Azkaban for murdering a student! This was awful! The least she could, though, was fixed his glasses. Clarice got a hold of them, put them back on his face and cast the simple fixing spell. Then she was trying very hard to sit him back up again. "Does it hurt much? Are you going to throw up? Oh.. I hope I haven't cursed you, someone is always getting cursed!" -05:35 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren raised a brow as the spell bounced off him and set Tallulah partially on fire. Dude, was he magic proof now?! HEH. Let's see those jerks try to mess with him now! The large feline gave a loud mew and turned, tromping over to Rupert before licking his face from chin to forehead. Then he sat and gave the kitty eyes again, gesturing with the want to be carried. Except now he was kind of three hundred pounds... ] -05:35 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Eeeeurgh!" Ruper swiped at his face with one sleeve to get rid of the copious amounts of tiger drool. "How am I supposed to walk around Hogsmeade with a tiger?" This was NOT what he'd signed up for. "You're sure we have to go to... Weasley's? To fix this?" -05:39 Jul 28
    Rakas: That was a most interesting sight, thought Rakas, but alas, he could not really help it. "I am afraid there is nothing I can do. The cat did not understand me the first time and the best I could give to these people is a scolding. Though it would be a very effective scolding, I doubt that it would impact them too much," said Rakas as he took in the happenings with his eyes. "And I believe that if we interfere, we will be blamed for messing everything up. This way, the burden rests on those who have organised the event." -05:41 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Not gonna throw up but..." He stopped and managed to sit up with Clarice's help. "You... did what? Why would you do something like that?!" He scooted over an inch with a frown as something began to happen. "I am really not happy with you, Clarice. At all. I thought you wanted to help!" Another inch was scooted. The magical hair dye that Wren used to keep his hair brunette and teal leached out of it, leaving him with incredibly pale hair. "....Bloody hell. What just happened?!" -05:42 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson reappeared at the entryway. her blond curls bouncing up and down as she seemed hurried. She walked right into someone, her book falling out of her robes and a delecate looking necklace dropping from her fingers, it fell to the floor and her heart stopped for a moment. But it did not break and so she bent over to pick it up and then went to make her appology "I.. I am so.."] -05:42 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah giggled at the tiger affection and when she was questioned about her certainty on the matter, she nodded vigorously and said, "Positive. I'm sure a teacher could fix this situation but as you can see, there doesn't seem to be any around right now." -05:42 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren lifted one giant paw and patted Rupert on the shoulder in condolense...except he wasn't aware of his own strength and on the third pat, had the poor guy face-planting into the dirt. Er, oops? Leaning down he nudged the guy with his nose, then grabbed his robes and began padding back towards town, the male hanging from his jaws like a kitten grabbed by its back fur. Guess they were heading to Weasley's! ] -05:45 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "...So, you noticed that too. I was planning to check the Hog's Head next for them. It's not far." What he didn't actually want to admit to was that he was reluctant to go to a Weasley store. Slytherins didn't always get the same sort of customer service as the other Houses... And there was still the matter of Felix now being an enormous carnivorous beast. That was sure to attract attention. -05:45 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I am trying to help! ...I just! ....I didn't realized they'd keep something inedible in the ingredients counters!" Clarice felt awful, positivly awful. Even his hair had turned, and now he hated her. Clarice immediately made a fuss about helping Wren off the floor. "I am so, so, so sorry. Let me clean all of this up, I won't touch another thing, I swear! Or I can fetch someone for you, I mean, I can't see any of the teachers, but there is surely someone who can um... fix you...." Clarice looked about ready to cry. This so awful! -05:46 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: (Skip my post in front of yours Rupert) -05:46 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ((No worries, I got it!)) -05:46 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ...But it looked like he wasn't going to have a choice. With a yelp, Rupert was dragged off. "L-Let me- go! Damn you!" -05:47 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I don't see a single professor in sight! Seriously, where are all the adults? No, no, scolding with this age group only gets one laughed at. At least that's what I did anyway. That cat is not a cat. That cat is, quite possibly, a student." The one hand on her thigh was squeezing at her knee while her leg jiggled in indecision. "I can't......rrrrrrrrgggggh, yes, I can. I can sit and watch and laugh. Nobody's dying. Right? Right. Nobody's dying." -05:49 Jul 28
    [(Timeout) Amelia Marken doesn't post enough.] -05:52 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Should she follow? She certainly didn't want to be anyone's third wheel but this whole debacle was just too hilarious to turn away from. "It seems our good friend Mister Felix has chosen to seek Mister Weasley's help," Tallulah announced as if she were the narrator of a cartoon or an old black and white superhero show! Seemingly the threat of a three-hundred-pound carnivorous beast wasn't a concern in the young woman's mind as she gracefully climbed up onto the tiger's back and sat side saddle. She was sure to wave and smile at passersby so that they wouldn't be alarmed by the tiger. -05:52 Jul 28
    Rakas: "You are an interesting person, Viola" noted Rakas as he observed the sudden change in Viola's attitude. "But then, every human is an interesting person. Every being is an interesting occurence," he said with a small smile as the shadows of grief slowly started to lift from his heart. "So, Viola, what is it that you do? You look too well-dressed for a student, not to mention that if I am seeing it right, that is some fine silk you are wearing." -05:53 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "No!" Wren said crossly. "Tell me what is wrong with me already, damn!" he didn't mean to swear but he was getting agitated! "It's alright. I'm not dead. I just... Come on. It's the Slytherins. We both know that they are irresponsible horrible people!" Not that the Gryffindors were much better right now. "It makes sense they'd keep something weird... You don't just throw stuff in when you're cooking. You've got to follow a recipe. Recipes are there for a reason! -05:54 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: " Wren grumbled. -05:54 Jul 28
    Riffie Masterson: *she looks around the room. what in the hell was going on. Had the place gon mad while she was gone,* sorry.. i'm sorry. excuse me.. *she sighed and looked at the necklace in her hands,* why'd i even bring it here? *she whispered* -05:54 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: ((This whole chat is making me giggle, you guys are hilarious)) -05:54 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren wasn't too keen on having someone sitting on him but the fact that he could actually carry someone on his back was rather entertaining. After a few turns and shoves, using Rupert as a slight-plow to get through the crowds, they ended up in front of the Weasley's. Stopping abruptly he dropped the slytherin boy and pawed at the door, then glanced down at him as if saying; What are you waiting for, open the darn door! ] -05:55 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Of course, right! No random ingredients!" Mortified and teary eyed, Clarice fumbled to find the bottles she had dumped in to the batter and then hastily handed them over to Wren. She had to fix this somehow! "These two are what I used! Just a couple dashes of each... Are you sure I shouldn't go looking for a nurse or a teacher or... Or somebody else!" Other than her, because it was very clear she was not the person he wanted helping right now! Ooooh, this was a terrible idea! -05:57 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: I. Hate. Cats. There was no way that some of his fellow Slytherins had missed that humiliating scene. Now things were going to be even worse than usual. Struggling free of Felix's jaws now that he could get his feet under him, he viciously stifled the scream welling up inside of him and grabbed the door. He might as well get this over with, right? He didn't have any cards left in his hand. "You can wait here or come in, I don't care which." Not looking at either of his companions, he yanked open the door to the joke shop and made a beeline for the counter. "Excuse me. I need a counterjinx for... that." He pointed behind him at the tiger. -06:01 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Huh." He stared at the two bottles. "These shouldn't have caused this... There was no reason for that to happen at all." Wren had a very interesting upbringing and he raised a bottle and sniffed it. "This bottle is mislabeled. I believe someone was trying to sabotage Shafiq... " He patted Clarice's shoulder. "It's okay! It's okay, don't cry. I'm sorry I yelled at you but you just can't do whatever you want... Baking is a lot like making a potion. Concentration. Precision. And a background that tells you what you're doing..." The now blond haired boy hugged Clarice hoping to stop the tears. "No harm. But we can't use that dough. Want to try again?" He smiled, still having no idea his hair was it's natural shade. -06:02 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: When Rupert pointed back at the feline it was obvious the door was not quite built for felines...of his size. The cat's backside was just a tad too big for the door and as he finally figured this out (after putting several claw marks in the wooden floor) he thumped down and turned onto his side. Then, the tiger awkwardly kicked its back feet to push itself into the shop. Aha! There we go! Once in he jumped back to his four feet and padded over with a loud purr. -06:05 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah didn't feel the need to stand on her own two feet even when they stopped outside the shop. She didn't however worry just a little for Rupert because his face was awfully tomato red... Inside the shop, she glanced up at the man behind the counter, blinked, and then smiled sheepishly. "Oh, I'm not part of the jinx," she chortled, sliding back to her feet and stepping close to Rupert so that the tiger could be properly inspected. "You know, you should really learn to laugh at silly things like this," she whispered as she leaned a little closer to the boy at her side. "You've got this vein popping out of your forehead. Riiiight here." She poked Rupert's forehead with a finger, her smile holding just a little bit of sympathy. -06:05 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: *did however -06:07 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice was sooo close to crying. The unexpected hug seemed to do the trick though, turning sniffly Clarice in to wide-eyed, quickly nodding Clarice. "I guess it is a lot like mixing potions. I AM really sorry. Trying again sounds like a good idea... Uhm.. maybe we should inspect everything here in the stand. If someone is really trying to sabatage his booth, who knows what else is in here? And you know, it might not just be his booth... earlier today there was a bunch of loose plushie snakes terrorizing everything. Um... they seemed to be missing now, though..." -06:08 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: For some reason, the compliment brought a soft rush of color to her pale cheeks and acted as an anchor for the scattering of her thoughts. The tiger situation seemed to be well in hand, but that nice cookie-making chap and the girl with him seemed....wait, who was operating the baked goods stand? Nobody?! A part of her was so busy fantasizing about how things would've gone differently if she'd was the business aspect of it all. It made ZERO sense! Her nostrils flared with the breath she took to reel her brain back in and actually she found herself preening at the eye Rakas had for detail. "As it happens, yes, I'm a student. A seventh-year transfer from Beauxbatons. I've not been Sorted yet, I'm not altogether certain that I wish to be. Things are very different here. And.....yes, you've a good eye." It was meant to be a little bit of a joke. She stroked her fingers along some the the ribbons holding the gears in her corset. "This is silk here and along here," she skimmed a hand along the ribbing. "I've designed everything I'm wearing myself save for the boots, it's.....what I do. My kingdom to make the world dress beautifully." -06:08 Jul 28
    [Riffie Masterson sighed and clutched at the necklace, not knowing what to do. She sat on the floor and sighed, looking at the gold encased onyx stone.] -06:10 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: While the shop employee came around the counter to examine Felix, Rupert turned his back on Tallulah as if he were very interested in one of the shelves. "...You have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know a thing about me." His shoulders were tense and hunched, and even the back of his neck was flushed. For a Slytherin, who should have been proud to be unreadable, Rupert had quite expressive body language. -06:13 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "It's okay... But you're right. I did just say that it seemed that things had been sabotaged... I am not really sure we should trust any of the ingredients. I'm so glad I made my cookies last night in the Kitchens. The House Elves would freak out if anyone messed with their stuff... So that's safe at least. " He raked a hand through blond hair, he looked different with his hair like this. Not like himself at all. Or at least the himself he let everyone see. "Why don't we just sell my cookies and tell Shafiq about it when he gets back? I don't want to risk poisoning us or anyone else." Wren grabbed Clarice's hand and gave it a comforting squeeze. "It is okay, I promise." -06:13 Jul 28
    Rakas: Of course, Rakas was one who paid attention to detail, otherwise, he would not have been able to remain in this world for so long, so he also noticed the blush of Viola, not to mention her anger at something that he could not quite place. Her answer, though, was what really threw Rakas off-guard, as he expected everything but that, so he could not help but sit in surprised silence for a few moments before he said something back. "You have a wonderful profession, Viola, just as your clothes are wonderfully designed. It always is interesting to see the new kinds of fashion people invent, but seeing it up close is an entirely different thing," said Rakas as he took in the details of Viola's carefully designed attire with renewed interest. -06:15 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Well that was a cold response. Tallulah quickly checked to see if her breath smelled bad or something. Nope. Maybe Rupert was just the 'personal space bubble' kind? She giggled softly and poked his ribs this time. "Hard to know someone when they refuse to be friendly, right? Riiiiiiight?" She turned away then, sauntering over to the counter and leaning an elbow on the surface. "So, Mister. This is one of your prank items, yes? Can it be removed?" -06:17 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: There were a few sparks behind the two as the Weasley did a spell, hopefully to undo the current one. I took a moment but when the smoke finally cleared and the fire was put out, a young kid was standing there in gryffendor robes. "Hmm, darn. I kinda liked the cat look." He had long blond hair and the same bright green eyes as his previous feline components. After giving his head a good shake he thanked the man and turned to Rupert with a cocky grin. "Will you pick me up nowww?" Of course he was joking slightly, however...Felix hopped on the guy's back before he could turn around, arms locking around his shoulders. "Now I get my ride!" -06:17 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Now that Clarice was thinking it through, everything about today was pretty suspicious! Those two Slytherin girls didn't seem so bright, but they couldn't be -this- bad with baking stuff, then there was the snakes and... and of course all the missing teachers! Who would let all these students roam around Hogsmeade withouth supervision? Yet, he trail of thought got a tiny bit derail when he squeezed her hand, and now she was turning a bit red and trying not to giggle weird. "Uh hum..! um..." With her other hand she gestured up at his hair, a curious expression on her face. "Your hair is... blond?" -06:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "What in the name of-" Rupert practically toppled over as the damn kid jumped him. "Get off of me, you idiot!" The Slytherin ended up making a stumbling grab for the counter, and accidentally grabbed onto Tallulah instead. The trio fell down in a tangle of limbs on the shop floor. Felix on top of Rupert on top of Tallulah! -06:22 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I believe that the way one dresses is an extension of who they are. An external way of portraying the infinite internal. It may seem a petty field to some, but the fashion of an age tells more of a story than most give it credit for doing." She had no qualms about discussing her interests, but it seemed somehow different to do so with Rakas. One shoulder lifted in a shrug that she was attempting to play off as casual. "You seem....surprised?" -06:25 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren couldn't help but laugh at their mess. "Hmm, I'm not up for threesomes..." Glancing over his shoulder at the female he raised a brow. "Mind if I borrow my new pet?" What? He wasn't exactly known for being nice! ] -06:25 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "... My hair is..." Wren groaned and looked around frantically for a mirror! "Oh no. Oh no no.. Not this.." He whimpered before taking a deep breath. "It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. And yes. I'm blonde. Naturally so, unfortunately for me." He grimaced. "It's proof of my Mother's infidelity early on in their marriage... I keep it brown because it's less upsetting. To everyone." -06:26 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: A serious of sounds erupted from Tallulah's lips. First an "Oooo~" as the Weasley easily fixed the hex on Felix, then a smooth little "ahehehe" when Felix jumped Rupert, and lastly a squeak of surprise as they all toppled over. "I- uh- g-go right ahead?" she stuttered, blinking up at Felix. For the first time in, well, possibly her whole life, she felt just a little embarrassed by that boy's comments and it showed on her cheeks as pink! -06:27 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: *series -06:27 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "What- Get away from me!" Rupert shoved Felix off of him and scrabbled up onto his feet again. "You two can goof off all you like, but I've got to get back to the bake sale. I've got... responsibilities. I don't have time for this!" Without another word, he stomped out of the store. -06:29 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I like it. I think you look very gentlemanly with it like this." That probably sounded like a silly compliment, and it was clearly something he was uncomfortable about. Clarice busily went about making sure the stall was straightened up and glancing up occasionally in hopes of seeing Rupert. Why was it taking him so long? "Rupert is taking quite awhile, you don't suppose he and that cat wound up in trouble, do you?" -06:29 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren jumped up and quickly followed the other out the door, tying his hair up on the way so it wasn't in his face. It normally went to his shoulders but was much easier to handle in a ponytail. "Heeeyy. Wait! I'll help!!" For a price, of course! Just not monitery...] -06:30 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Riffie Masterson is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((06:31 Jul 28))
    Rupert Shafiq: "You've helped quite enough for one day," snapped Rupert. "You're not a cat anymore, you don't need to follow me around." -06:33 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Sitting up and pushing her wild green hair back into place, Tallulah stared at the door Rupert had disappeared through. "He's far too grumpy for his own good...." she muttered with a small pout. After Felix left, she pushed herself to her feet, curtsied in thanks to Mister Weasley, and strolled back out onto the street. She didn't feel glad about leaving poor Rupert so ruffled up but she also felt like she would just be getting in the way, if not making things worse for him. So instead she headed back toward where she'd last seen Clarice - the cookie booth. -06:33 Jul 28
    Rakas: "I honestly not expect you to be a student. You look far too mature for one in the outfit, not to mention the quality of it also suggests so," admitted Rakas as he contemplated Viola's words. "In my experience, only rich people wear fabric like that, and students are usually not one of them. You have a point with the expression, though, but not everyone can be as lucky as you are. Not everyone can make their own clothes to express how beautiful they are inside." -06:33 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Any trouble they got themselves into I'm sure they probably deserve." Cold, oh so cold from a Gryffindor! Wren was feeling his Slytherin roots today though and he was cranky. "I'm sure they'll be fine." He dug two sickles out of his pocket and put them into the money box before opening up a package of them and handing one to Clarice. "Here. I'm starving, you must be too." He smiled warmly at her again. "Thanks for thinking I look like a gentleman... Everyone else is in their uniform though and I came down here in my jeans...I feel silly." -06:34 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren followed Rupert right into the building, putting on his best 'please forgive me' pouty face. "I'm sorrrrry. Let me help, please???" Sure he was a ass to the guy before as a cat but he'd honestly had a crush on him since he started last year. "I-I can cook really well!" ] -06:37 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Cooking and baking aren't the same th- Viridian, what in the world happened?" The first thing that Rupert noticed upon reaching the stall was that Wren's hair had gone completely white. The second was the Gryffindor girl fussing around. The third was that Nott and Fawcett were still nowhere to be seen. -06:41 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: She was pretty hungry, and wasn't going to turn down a free cookie. Clarice took a bite, and was instantly bouncing on her feet and grinning. "This is goooood! Almost as good as Mister Brody's!" With her head at a tilt, she was trying to figure out his shifting of moods. Was that the result of her poisoning him? Aw man, she really did feel so bad about that! "I wasn't going to wear my uniform today at all, but I got fussed at by a classmate. I'd be much happier in my normal clothes. ...Still, I am a little bit worried about potential saboteurs and kidnappers... " -06:41 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Oh, Rupert! There you are!" ....and now she had to explain what happened in his stall. "Uuuhm..." -06:41 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux couldn't help the little smirk on her lips or the glint of patriotism for her mother country. Even from such a short distance away, the differences in culture were readily apparent. "French girls grow up faster than these puritanical British you've immersed yourself in today, I'll agree. As for the quality, do not think that I have no worked for every stitch of it. Do I come from a wealthy family? Of course. Do I take advantage of that? Perhaps, but it is not the center around which my business and interests are built. You call my 'lucky' and I find it an inaccurate word. I could launch into a monologue over it, but I won't. So are you suggesting that some of my proceeds should go into teaching a class on design? It's not a bad idea at all."] -06:42 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: ((*not)) -06:43 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren pursed his lips but noticed both of Rupert's helpers were gone. He rolled on his feet slightly before mumbling; "I can bake too...and your helps seem absent..." Grr, it was hard to be nice to someone when you wanted to curse half the people at the school for making fun of you! ] -06:44 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Oh dear. She'd gone to find Clarice and had unintentionally met up with Rupert and Felix again. "Long time no see," she joked with a half wave of her hand and a squinty smile. "Clarice, were you getting baking lessons from Wren? That was really nice of him. Did you learn much? Maybe you can help with the stall then too." -06:45 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Welcome back." Wren said dryly over a shoulder as he ate a biscuit. "I managed to get most of the mess up but then we had a problem. Most of your ingredients are mislabeled." Wren nibbled another bite of biscuit. "I think you're being sabotaged. Possibly by whoever sent the cat your direction in the first place. I wouldn't trust the ingredients. I tried a bit of cookie dough to make sure it was right and poof! My hair dye leached out." Wren shrugged slightly before turning around again. -06:45 Jul 28
    Rakas: The outburst of pride was also something that Rakas did not expect, but this time, he managed to take it in stride. However, he could not help but disagree with the Viola when she said that she was not lucky. "I would consider you to be quite fortunate if you were born into such a family. Unless you have worked for your riches, in which case I am sorry if I accidentally offended you," he said, then he contemplated the rest of what Viola said. "Unfortunately, I do not know if humans would like what you are wearing. To my eyes, it seems beautiful, but then again, I find beauty in the strangest things according to the few poeple who have dared to talk to me," admitted Rakas. -06:48 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "Sabotaged?" Rupert bristled. There were, unfortunately, a staggering list of suspects when it came to the question of who might want to wreck the Slytherin bake sale. He couldn't even rule out his own House. But more than that... he supposed at this point it might be beneficial to disclose his other suspicions. "...There's another thing. Have any of you seen any of the teachers? I haven't seen a single one since we left the castle." -06:51 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren quickly shook his head. He hadn't seen any, even when he was parading around as a feline. "I haven't seen any at all...adults, yeah. But not teachers." ] -06:53 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice also shook her head. "I haven't seen a single one. Not since around noon today during the whole plushie snake fiasco. It really is strange, isn't it! There should at least be SOME adults around, what if we um.. killed each other..." She swallowed guility. After all, she very nearly killed Wren herself! -06:56 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I don't take offense so easily," but then she reconsidered that statement and laughed again, shrugging, "...perhaps I do, but I try to overlook things that could happen because of language. I will allow you to continue perceiving me as lucky. Thank've been very generous with your compliments. What else do you find beautiful? I often find that strangeness and beauty coexist." -06:57 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "It's alright Clarice! I said it was so it is." Wren tugged the girl into a loose hug. "I'm not dead. Just... without my hair dye. It won't kill me." He looked over her head at Rupert and Felix and Tallulah. "No teachers? That's... really weird." He frowned, not realizing he still had a grip on Clarice's shoulder. "That is really.... really odd. They are usually so good at hovering over us." Wren was on his last year here at Hogwarts and the teachers were ALWAYS around! -06:59 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren tilted his head, lips pursing again for a moment before he mumbled; "What about those snakes? The animated ones? Were the teachers here before the snakes vanished?" Maybe they had gotten cursed into being plushies? But that would mean someone was trying to sell their teachers??? ] -07:00 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: She'd been silent for most of the discussion because really, she didn't have a clue about what was going on. Being such a space-case had just as many cons as it did pros and one of them was that she never really fully knew what was happening around her. Still, she thought she'd pitch in with another theory. "Maybe it's a test?" -07:06 Jul 28
    Rakas: "There are many things that I find beautiful. For example, the skyscrapers that people build, when viewed like this, are beautiful, but they are also a good addition to a city's soul if they are designed properly," said Rakas as he gave some thought to the question. "There is also the texture of the concrete which makes up the roads, or which holds the houses together, the shops which keep the people in a city... There are many things," he said, going over the city he was for inspiration as to what to say. "Was I? I just see people as beautiful, but you are one of the rarer gems, Viola. You actually try not to be afraid of me." -07:07 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux found herself wondering at the way he seemed to be able to challenge what she thought was a core aspect of herself so effortlessly. Chalking it up to the fear and that sense of intense scrutiny, she tossed her head a little bit in a way that had the pheasant feathers jostling some. "You almost sound like a Muggle with your love of cities and the concrete, I is almost that you have an appreciation for the way that things and people come together, no? Is this inaccurate? "] -07:19 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: In truth, she was terrified of him. -07:19 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: Glancing towards Tallulah Felix questioned; "Do you know where the snakes went? Those plush ones? I know I chased one off awhile ago but I haven't seen one since...and I'm sure there were more." -07:21 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "I don't know... I got here just as they were slithering about but I was busy trying to figure out what to do with my cookies.." Wren slumped as the world tried to pull a moving act. "Hmmm. As I said. Your ingredients are mixed up, Shafiq..." A bead of sweat rolled off his temple. "And haven't seen any teachers.... Should we try the school?" Wren was looking a little paler than normal. -07:22 Jul 28
    [Rupert Shafiq ] -07:22 Jul 28
    [(Timeout) Rupert Shafiq has timed out.] -07:23 Jul 28
    Rakas: "I think that would be a good way to describe it," said Rakas as he thought back to what he was, how everything connected to people. "If people no longer came together, then my kind would be no more, so it always brings me joy if people come together. What about you, Viola? What do you enjoy?" he asked, curious as to what she liked to do. Besides designing clothes, because that seemed to suit her rather well. -07:25 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert noted the touchy-feely interaction between Wren and Clarice, and resisted the urge to make a face. Typical Gryffindors, hooking up in a crisis. At least, he didn't think that the Drosselmeier heiress and Wren Viridian had always been this cozy. Then he took a closer look at Wren. "...Viridian, you look like you're going to keel over. You probably need to see the nurse. What did you eat, anyway?" He turned to look at the other Gryffindor boy in the group. (So help him, he was surrounded.) "I was going to go check the Hog's Head for the teachers before you pulled that stunt back there. There's still a small chance they might be there." It was no secret that the dingy little pub was a favorite among the professors of Hogwarts. Even if they weren't there now, it was a better place to start than anywhere else... -07:28 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice got a hug, and for several moments there, she was just standing. Silent! Bewildered. Totally in a silly grinning haze of sillyness. ...until she remembered there was something serious going on! Her serious face returned. "It's definitely not a test, that's for sure. We should go looking for them, just in case. Hogs's Head is the most likely place to look? If you're feeling okay?" Now she was looking at Wren curiously, after Rupert said something about it. -07:30 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I arrived just at the same time as Wren, it seems," Tallulah replied to no one in particular. "I was holding one of the snakes but then it vanished while I was daydreaming." At the mention of Wren's condition, she frowned because, yes, it was quite obvious that the boy didn't look well. "Clarice should maybe take care of Wren. I'll go check the Hog's Head for the teachers. I'm friends with the owner." -07:31 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren shook his head and then smiled at the group just a little. "It's fine. I'm okay." He realized he was still holding onto Clarice and let go so he could look like he wasn't having to lean on her for support. "I'm okay. Really. Just a little dizzy and honestly I'm not sure what I ate really. Like I said. Your ingredients, Shafiq, are really really wrong. Mislabeled and missing. You could have really hurt someone." Wren frowned at the prank gone awry, whoever did this... He was not pleased. "No need for a nurse though, I'm good." -07:34 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: " Hog's Head then?" Standing around wasn't going to get them anywhere so...Grabbing Rupert's hand he yanked the guy behind him, heading for the door, then down the street. "We'll go check Hog's Head! Tallu, you can come too if you want! Just gotta keep up." -07:35 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "Pushing the envelope, causing disturbances so that people grow in new and unexpected ways, even if it earns some animosity directed my way. Sometimes I'm guilty of arguing for the sake of arguing, it's a shameless pleasure of mine, really." Her lips twisted into an unapologetic smirk that somehow managed to be sheepish at the same time. "It is a strange mesh of interests between you and I, wouldn't you agree?" The furtive motions of the other students out of the corner of her eye were distracting, there was a sense of urgency about them that had her nerves spiking even more than they already were. "Let me ask you a question, have you ever been to a damn bake sale that had this many problems?" -07:37 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "...I taste everything I make first," Rupert informed them in a matter-of-fact voice, before the increasingly familiar manhandling started all over again. "H-Hey! Stop pulling on me, you annoying little-" He shook himself free. "It's rude to grab people like that, you know! We'll all go!" -07:40 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I do like adventure~" Setting off at a merry little skip of a pace, Tallulah followed the boys down the street toward the other side of town. Most students would think twice about heading out this way but often the threat of danger eluded Tallulah. Besides, the owner of the Hog's Head was quite nice when you got to know him. -07:40 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "...Where did you come from anyway!" Announced Clarice as she caught up with the two younger students. "And what happened with that awful mean cat? Did you find out where he belonged?" She still cast a worried glance in Wren's direction, still a bit concerned he was irrevocably poisoned, but if he insisted he was alright... -07:41 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren grumbled, his hand lightly grabbing hold of Rupert's scarf. He was used to being rough to get what he wanted so it wasn't the easiest thing to not drag the guy down the street kicking and screaming. ] -07:41 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Skipping past a struggling Rupert and the paws-on Felix, Tallulah kept on going, the skirt of her dress swaying to and fro and up and down. Once again, passersby got an unwanted glimpse of her undies. It was a day off from school so why would she wear her robes and uniform? That was just silly. "Going to see wheeeere the teachers have gone~" she sang. -07:46 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: The kid was weird. Really weird. A Gryffindor though. "Hey kid, what are you? A first year? Second year?" The older Gryffindor boy squinted at him, not really sure who he was. There was quite a few students after all. "Sorry but I'm a little dizzy and I can't place you." He followed after them though, after all figuring out where the teachers were was a good idea. Besides. He still felt a little weird and having teachers around might fix it. He glanced over at Rupert. "Either way someone could have gotten hurt." -07:46 Jul 28
    Rakas: "That is an interesting coincidence, I agree. Though I prefer not to interfere with humans, if I can help it, I enjoy watching them change through the ages, because I can not see them change personally," said Rakas, then he paused for a bit as he was thinking about it. "No, I have not. But I have seen chaos that was better organised than this event," he admitted, his voice growing bitter at the memories of turbulent times in his city. "I would rather recall the slightly misorganised festivals or the slight catastrophe of the grand events than those times, though. But yes, this is quite the mess," he found himself agreeing with Viola. -07:47 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: A Gryffindor admitting to caring whether a Slytherin gets poisoned? That's a new one. Rupert was in the midst of reclaiming his scarf from Felix- who was somehow even clingier as a person than as a cat- when Tallulah skipped in front of them, and he sputtered a little. "You crazy woman, you- Mind where you're flouncing about, will you?!" There was something wrong with all of these people. He couldn't wait for this all to be over so he never had to speak to any of them again. -07:54 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: ((one sec, just finishing something up right quick)) -07:55 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren glanced back at Wren, brows pushed together slightly. "I'm a second year but I'm in the library alot to study." When he felt Rupert trying to get the scarf from his hand he quickly ducked around to his other side, grabbing the scarf there. Yes, very clingy. ] -07:56 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah bounced to a stop and cast a look over her shoulder. "I wasn't anywhere near you, Grumpypants Rupertface," she teased. -07:57 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice plucked Felix's hands off Rupert's scarf. The boy was already vexed enough without having extra teasing on top of it. ...and she wasn't quite sure WHO this kid was. "That's enough of that, leave the poor boy alone. We have much more important things to worry about right now." She nudged Felix forward to lead the way - er, well follow after Tallulah the flasher! -07:57 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Second year, huh? Wren remembered his second year, he probably still had the journal from that. ... Should burn it. Definitely burn it. "Come on now, let's not fight and keep moving. We need to find the teachers and keep a calm head." Wren felt like his head was in the clouds there, a dizzying whirlwind circling it. "Library, huh?" Wren wasn't in the library too often, the dust made him sneeze. "Oh. Clarice. Are you ready for the N.E.W.T.'s?" -08:07 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: "I really and truly cannot handle it anymore. The mess. I can appreciate the beauty of destruction, but when it gets in the way of progress? Where's the damn pie I ordered made hours ago? This kind of inefficiency is just....unacceptable. " Unfurling from the bench with a serpentine grace, she straightened her hems and rolled her shoulders to loosen the tension collected here. "Would you like to come with? I'm going to at least ask about the pie and see if I can't get the frustrated fellow to change a new shade of purple. Would you like to see?" -08:10 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: This wasn't really the time to be talking about tests, and so the assessing- faintly disbelieving- look that Rupert gave Wren was entirely justified. As was the slight reddening of his face from Tallulah's teasing, considering there was no way he could properly discuss something like that, was there? Meanwhile, he couldn't seem to detach Felix any more effectively than in feline form, and Clarice Drosselmeier was starting to- horror of horrors- pity him. -08:13 Jul 28
    Rakas: "Unfortunately, it seems that my short time has ran out," said Rakas as he stood up from his seat to stand beside Viola. "My city can not be left unguarded for too long, and I am at my limit for the day. I hope to see you again... Maybe I will ask the spirit of this city to be my guide. After all, there are not many humans who can withstand my being," said Rakas, then he wrapped the greatcoat around himself, then he exploded into countless particles of dust. -08:14 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Rakas melts away.] -((08:14 Jul 28))
    Tallulah Buttons: Falling into step beside Rupert, despite having just teased him, Tallulah reluctantly made herself walk like a normal seventeen-year-old. But after a few seconds she glanced at Felix clinging to Rupert and wondered why the boy was so insistent upon doing it. Was it fun? Let's see. Without asking, she looped her arms around Rupert's free one and hugged as they continued to walk. It was only a few seconds before a smile crept up on her face. "I was right. Clinging to you is fun." -08:16 Jul 28

    Hog's Head was not too much farther away, and in fact... now the students could see the building clearly. Only, instead of the usual wooden facade it was.... covered in dozens and dozens of writhing snake plushies! All over the building! Blocking the doors and the windows, and anything else they could wiggle in to! -Clarice Drosselmeier

    [Felix Warren hissed as his hands were tugged from Rupert's scarf yet again. He literally hissed at Clarice and ESPECIALLY tallulah. Rupert was his! With a growl he grabbed the arm she had, snuggling against the guy with a rather aggressive look on his face. ] -08:18 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Oh, oh I don't even want to begin to think abou-" Did the kid just HISS at her? Maybe it was the stress of a strange day, or maybe she just felt bad for Rupert who was -clearly- the victim of insane sabatage now that the Hog's Head was coming in to view and definitely covered in plushie snakes. ....but she snatched that boy Felix right off and away from Rupert and slapped him good and hard. "NO. No. He doesn't like this! Why are you hanging on that boy like a crazy person and hissing and people? This is not appropriate behavior and I am going to report you to a teacher if you don't start acting like a well behaved young gentleman! Do you understand?" A little tough from Clarice but... someone had to reign in this chaos and take charge! -08:21 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux blinked as Rakas disappeared, the tingle of his magic different from any other and she found herself rubbing the chill from her arms. To her further chagrin, EVERYBODY was gone from the bake sale, how had they slipped past her notice? One of the feathers was plucked from her 'do and Transfigured back into the ebony, spiraling length of her wand.] -08:25 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: At least there wasn't any crazy kids hanging onto him. He was perfectly fine with letting Rupert be the cuddlebuddy of the kid. Then Clarice slapped him. "Ouch." Still, the kid more or less deserved it. This was the first year Wren hadn't been a Prefect and it was nice to see someone else rattle the kids around. "... I think we have more trouble than Shafiq and his little 'admirer'. Though seriously, you do realize he's a Slytherin, right?" Wren shook his head and looked at the building covered in plushie snakes. "Setting it on fire is a bad idea but I'm not really sure what to do." -08:26 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Aw... Awww..." Tallulah pouted thoroughly. She'd been quite happy cuddling that arm, for your information. But now it was gone and she was feeling kind of sad about it. At least until she saw the pub covered in plush snakes. And all she could do was giggle..and giggle...and then double over with laughter. When she managed to settled down again, still grinning and wiping a tear from the corner of her eye, Tallulah waltzed on ahead. "I'll go grab a snake and bring it back, okay?" she called over her shoulder. -08:30 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Rupert had to admit to being a little impressed that a silly girl like Clarice had just come down so hard on Felix. Of course, she was way too easy on him, but Wren was right that they had other matters to deal with. "Obviously we can't just burn it down or go through, they're forming some kind of barrier... Hey, wait! Buttons!" Huh. Her name sounded even sillier out loud than in his head. Maybe "Tallulah" would be better; it was still weird, but wizard-weird. He could handle wizard-weird. Grimacing, he followed her. -08:36 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren was pretty damn surprise that he'd just been slapped, by a girl none the less! "Not my fault that I like him!!" Er...that was supposed to be a mental shout. Glancing around he quickly ducked to the other side of Rupert but kept his hands to himself, though it was rather hard. "I'm sowwy..." ] -08:39 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: It wouldn't be all that hard to track down a gaggle of misfits, especially considering the ruckus they were all making. Her wand was whirled between her fingers down along the right side of her body, her steps in line with a private rhythm playing itself out in her head. Violet eyes widened as she stumbled upon them only to find the Hog's Head quarantined as it was. She knew a few moments' hilarity as well but brought it under control before things could get out of hand. "I....take it this doesn't happen everyday?" -08:40 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Now that the boy was properly chastied, they really did have a bigger problem to solve! "Fire is surely a terrible idea... not that it would work! I ..accidentally... set one on fire earlier today and it just kept on wriggling away! And I KNOW I did my spell right. Maybe they are spell proof?" -08:41 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I have a better question!" Tallulah called back over her shoulder, still traipsing down the path toward the pub. "Have these snakes even harmed anyone? The one I held was perfectly behaved, you know." -08:43 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: 'Like' me? Don't make me laugh. "Don't bother me with whatever stupid idea's in your head, you little idiot," Rupert told Felix, slowing down just long enough to be heard. "You don't know anything about me." His volume raised again as he answered Tallulah. "I didn't really see them other than when the cat was playing with one. I think the snake took most of the damage." -08:48 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren bristled, eyes narrowing on Rupert as he stalked forward. "I've been watching you since my first year here! I know you a little better than you'd think!" Well, that didn't sound like stalking at all. ] -08:50 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Other than an affinity for baked goods, none of the snakes seemed aggressive. why are they all over the building!" Clarice went ahead and followed Tallulah, on the assumption that none of the snakes were going to attack. Even if they WERE weirdly collecting on the business. -08:51 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "To be honest I wasn't paying much attention to them." Wren said quietly and then watched Tallulah bounce off! "Hey!" He bounded after her, he wasn't going to let a girl traipse off by herself into potential trouble! "So... How about we try levitating it over instead of just grabbing it?" Wren grabbed his wand and concentrated on one snake before spouting the charm at it with a definite swish and flick of his wand. -08:54 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Well if you want to play it safe, alright..." Tallulah mumbled. She held out her hands toward the hovering snake though, ready to catch it should Wren's spell waiver. "D-don't drop him. Snakes have feelings too. Highly misunderstood creatures, these guys..." -08:57 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: At Felix's words, Rupert's expression twisted into something sharp and jagged. "Keep your mouth shut about it! Whatever you know, I swear, if you breathe a word-" he hissed, taking a step forward, the snakes momentarily forgotten. "You don't know anything, got it?" -08:59 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Viola Devereaux is off to rescue a damsel in distress!] -((09:01 Jul 28))
    [Felix Warren brows rose slightly as a smirk spread across his lips. This was his chance to at least gain some recognition... Stepping forward, he straightened his back and looked Rupert right in the eyes. "I think I do know things. I know A.L.O.T. of things about you." Oh yes, even the bad. Especially the bad! His eyes didn't waver, staying locked on the others. Challenge accepted! ] -09:02 Jul 28

    The floating plushie snake wriggled and writhed, but landed in Tallulah's hands without any hint of a problem! -Clarice Drosselmeier

    Rupert Shafiq: Wham! It took about five seconds for Rupert's fist to connect with Felix's face, and then he was shoving the Gryffindor hard enough to send him flying. "Who did you tell, you little- sneaking- How did you- I'll kill you." There was a roaring sound in his ears, and he couldn't breathe. If anyone knew- If anyone found out the truth, he was dead. -09:06 Jul 28
    Felix Warren: Oh. Well. Shit. Felix jumped up, cupping his bleeding nose as he quickly darted towards a side-alley. He needed to get away from the slythyrin but when he found himself in a dead-end? Yeah, not good! Turning, Felix kept his eyes wide on the entrance, heartbeat racing in his ears with anticipation. -09:08 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: After carefully levitating the snake over to Tallulah, Wren realized the boys were fighting. "By Merlin's beard! You two! Cut that out right now!" Powerful legs sped the larger Gryffindor towards them as Felix began to run away. "Clarice! A little help here!" -09:09 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Tallulah caught the snake lightly with a cheerful "tadaaa!" and a silly pose. But the goofy moment was cut short as she caught sight and sound of the scuffle and hurried over to intervene. "Hey! Knock it off!" She was a soft spoken girl, always sounded like her voice was being carried off by the wind. But that sentence was a shout straight from the belly. And it seemed like the others were quick to react as well. "Wren, grab Rupert before he hits Felix again!" -09:11 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I.. um!" It seemed to her that Rupert had it under control and Felix was fleeing, as he should! The little beast! And SHE wasn't about to chase a strange boy in to a dark alley, not when he was being all pawsy, even if he was several years her junior! "You handle the boys, I will handle all of these silly snakes!" And so she rest her hands on her hips, facing the Hog's Head. Maybe her freeze spell would work correctly this time! So swish, swish and a flick~! -09:13 Jul 28

    At the cast of the spell, all the plushie snakes stopped moving. No longer being held to the walls and doors and windows, they dropped to the ground. ...Then they promptly burst in to flames! Flaming wriggling plushie snakes everywhere! -Clarice Drosselmeier

    Wren Viridian: The scent of scorched plush reached his nostrils as he grabbed Rupert and held him fast. "Calm down! Calm down! He's just a kid!" Wren couldn't remember what year Rupert was in either though, honestly. "I have no idea what's going on anymore and we have a lot more to worry about than Warren getting his hands all over you, don't you think?" He gave Rupert a shake for good measure! Wren should be shining! This was his dream, to be an Auror! To take down the bad people. To solve crises! To do important things! But something was on fire and it was surely Clarice's fault. -09:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Even before Wren caught up to him, Rupert didn't chase after Felix, but his face was ashen and he was shaking as he stared blankly down the alleyway. How could he possibly know? How did I slip up? What do I do? -09:19 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: A yip escaped Tallulah as the snake in her hand suddenly burst into flames and against her will, she dropped the poor thing to the ground and watched it burn. "Ouch..." Her hand was singed and burnt in places, primarily where the snake had been laying. "Oh, what bad luck..." -09:21 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren appeared a minute later when he realized Rupert wasn't giving chase. As soon as he emerged he realized the other was staring at him and returned the glare just as harshly. He carefully walked back over, making sure to stay a few feet away and have Wren between them. "So then...later...I want a date. Unless your secret isn't so important to keep as such..." ] -09:21 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Oh no, oh no...! I SWEAR I did the spell correctly, I was sure it would work this time...!" This was just not her day, bungling up everything. Although it seemed like her day wasn't nearly bad as Ruperts. ....Or the people inside of the Hog's Head! "YOU! Stop stalking that poor kid like some sort of super villain! We've got to put out this fire!" -09:23 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: Wincing from the pain, Tallulah retrieved her wand and pointed it at the pub. "Aguamenti!" she shouted and a jet of water gushed out of the end of her wand and doused part of the pub. -09:25 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Oh Clarice..." Wren let Rupert go with a groan, turning to look at the flames. "Bloody hell that girl is a walking catastrophe..." he shook his head. "Shafiq, come on and help. Now." Wren was pretty sure he was older so bossing Rupert around was no big deal. "You too Warren! Stop harassing Shafiq and get your stupid arse over here! Now!" Wren had his wand out and shouting the appropriate charms to wet everything down... -09:28 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: I didn't expect that kind of bargaining from a Gryffindor kid. Maybe the Houses aren't so divided as we all like to think. He stared at Felix blankly for a moment more before he turned and pulled out his wand, following closely after Wren. If Felix really knew something... It would wait until after the fire was out. -09:32 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren grumbled but figured the fire was more important...for the moment. He quickly took out his own wand and pointed it towards the sky right above the building. After a few magic words he flicked his wrist, a loud boom of thunder sounding before rain started up. ] -09:36 Jul 28

    The GOOD news was that the water put out the fire. The BAD news was that all the snakes were still wiggling about, trying to return to their post blocking all the doors and windows. And now it was rainy and muddy on top of it. -Clarice Drosselmeier

    Clarice Drosselmeier: " least they aren't on fire anymore! Quick! While the doors and windows aren't blocked!" Clarice skittered over to the door, squeaking and kicking qiggling burned snake plushies out of the way as she tried to pry and shove the door open. It didn't seem to want to budge! -09:43 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Wow!" Tallulah grinned as the rain pelted her and everyone by the pub. Her hair was matting down to her face and neck, her red dress clinging and drooping. "That's pretty impressive for a second year, right?" she pointed out as they made their way through the mud and rain. She helped Clarice tug on the door with her uninjured hand until her grip slipped and she fell backwards into a muddy puddle. -09:44 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: .... A second year just did weather magic. He stared in an almost noncomprehending daze. If there were people out there like that how was he going to be an Auror? It was maddening and the stupid snakes were trying to block them again! "Hurry! Tallulah is right! We should try to get the doors open!" -09:46 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "...Get up. You're a witch, not some useless girl," Rupert muttered, grasping Tallulah by the elbow and hauling her back onto her feet. Somehow he managed to avoiding getting both of them covered in mud in the process. "Come on." -09:47 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren was a bit more than just a second year...he dabbled quite a bit in the dark arts, though they weren't nearly as bad as the stuff He who shall not be Named uses. With another flick of his wrist a giant gust blew the group to the side right before a stronger one slammed into the door. It took a few hits but after a moment they slammed open, hinges broken slightly from the force. With a slight chuckle Felix sauntered through, glancing back at Rupert with a raised brow and a smirk. "Coming, slythyrin?" ] -09:50 Jul 28

    After a lot of twisting and fighting and having to shove away wriggling burning plushie snakes, the door was finally able to be cracked open! And inside the Hog's Head.... there were all the teachers and chaperones! Sitting at tables, all sleeping, snoring, and generally unconcious. Right in the middle of drinking their beers, playing games, or- well that one guy was sleeping. But they were Safe and alive! -Clarice Drosselmeier

    Tallulah Buttons: Well those words stung just a little but like always when Tallulah was teased, she just smiled it away. Back on her feet, she scurried into the pub alongside Rupert and blinked at the scene before them. -09:52 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Eeeek~!" With the wind bashing the door and Clarice trying to shove it open at the same time, she landed in to the tavern with a CRASH. "Watch where you're throwing those unsually high powered spells! What ARE you, the son of evil?!" -09:52 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren was there at Clarice's side in an instant, he was already on his way in when Felix had started casting... He helped her up. "I think you're right, Clarice. Are you okay? You didn't hurt anything, did you?" His lips curled up in a soft smile at the girl. "As for you, Warren... " He just gave the boy a stare and shook his head. "True Gryffindors don't act like you're acting right now. At all. You've been nothing but a stain on our House all day. I suggest you rein it in. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the one who sabotaged Shafiq's stall in some prepubescent misguided attempt at romance." He shook his head and turned to the sleeping 'adults'. -09:56 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: It was a gamble, what Rupert was about to do, but he didn't have much to lose at this point. If he gave Felix what the kid demanded, it would only be a matter of time before he revealed Rupert's secrets anyway in the end. If he knew... If he really knew... "So. What's my secret, then, Warren? Say it right now and I'll do what you want." -09:58 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I'm okay, it was just a tumble." Oooh, Wren was really sweet when he smiled! If they weren't surrounded by unconcious teachers and suddenly everyone looking at Felix as if he was the culprit and villain of the day, she might... um... Something! "Is now the time for secrets? We should wake up the teachers and let them handle things!" -10:00 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "...Wait. Felix has a crush on Rupert? Oh that is grannnnd!" Giggling to herself, Tallulah moved deeper into the pub to find the Hufflepuff Head teacher. She paused, however, when she heard talk of secrets. "If you like someone, you shouldn't tell their secrets. Where is your honor and loyalty? I can see why you weren't sorted to Hufflepuff," she scolded Felix. -10:01 Jul 28
    [Felix Warren glanced over his shoulder after noticing all the sleeping teachers. He couldn't help but smirk as he faced Rupert. "Your secret?" He started walking towards the other, then slowly circled him so that he was closer to the open doors. "...your secret love professor Snape!" And then he quickly bolted out the door and vanished down an alley before the other could change him into a frog...or worse. ] -10:01 Jul 28
    [(Logout) Felix Warren is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((10:02 Jul 28))
    Rupert Shafiq: Of all the things Rupert had prepared for, that was an accusation that he hadn't been prepared to hear. "...Pfft. What? Seriously?" He clapped a hand over his face and leaned back against the wall with a thud, sliding to the floor. He didn't know anything after all. And here I thought for a moment that I'd been revealed for what I really am. "What... a joke." -10:05 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "Maybe I was a bit hard on him?" Wren watched the kid run off, leaving them to deal with the teachers... "And Professor Snape?" Wren gave Rupert a look. "I wasn't aware that bully teachers were your... thing, Shafiq." There was a little snort of a laugh before he sighed and looked around again. "I have no idea what's wrong with them... Are they just asleep?" Wren picked a teacher at random and gave them a shake. -10:05 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: Clarice didn't know if she were worried or relieved to see Felix run. If he was the culprit, well... their bad guy just got away! If not... that boy had some serious problems. Clarice took to leaning over one of the teachers. "They really do just appear to be under a simple sleeping spell... Should we wake them?" -10:09 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "There's a great possibility that Mister Felix Warren was, as a child, dropped on his head. This gave him unusually strong powers but with a side effect of being clinically insane?" Tallulah offered the trio still remaining. She reached out and shook the Hufflepuff Head teacher but there was no response, as had been the case with Wren's experiment. "Oh, I like that. I think I'll write a story about it." -10:09 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ...Revealed for what I really am? Wait. A sudden chill crept down Rupert's spine. He peered at the Gryffindors (and Hufflepuff) from between his fingers. "Hey. Viridian, are you a natural blond?" -10:10 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren couldn't keep his hands out of his hair as Rupert said the dreaded words. "Yes. I keep my hair dyed brown. I look better in brown. Blond is a horrible colour." Self-conscious Wren was a strange thing and he narrowed his eyes at Rupert. What was the boy going to say? That his Dad wasn't blond. His Mother wasn't blond. And yet. And yet he was? Wren's fist clinched. "What about it?" -10:12 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Why is he looking at me like that? Did I just give myself away? Rupert's chest tightened and he felt the blood draining from his face again. "...I think that the mislabeled ingredients were a distraction from what the food was actually supposed to be. It was all spelled with Revealing Charms, wasn't it?" He'd told them earlier, 'I taste everything I make first'. Someone else must know that, too. -10:15 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I taste everything I make first!" Tallulah repeated out loud, doing her best to mimick Rupert's grumpy tone. "So someone wanted to cast the charm on you. But what could you possibly be hiding? The secret? Is it so bad that you're afraid of how we'll react?" She sighed and took a seat across from the sleeping teacher she'd tried to wake. "That's silly. Aren't we friends?" -10:19 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "That is all well and explainable but... what about all of those crazy plushie snakes? And the sleeping teachers! I'm sure it's not just a coincidence. it?" Now Clarice wasn't so sure what to believe. Did Rupert really have such a big secret that it involved all of this production? -10:22 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "A revealing charm wouldn't make me fall over like that. I'm still dizzy." Wren sighed and looked away, at least the boy wasn't going to call attention to his parentage. "Anyway. You look the same as always." He shrugged slightly. Rupert looked like Rupert to him. "Clarice is right. The plushie snakes. The sleeping teachers... Just for you? No offense but... You're just a kid. This is a lot bigger than just a prank." -10:23 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Am I the only one that's curious about what his secret is? I mean, no one was actually hurt today, except for when Clarice set the snakes on fire and..well.." She held out her burned hand for everyone to see and winced. -10:25 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "It's not a prank!" snapped Rupert, beginning to shake. "They're ruining my life, or worse! And... I didn't eat anything yet, because I was too busy trying to keep Nott and Fawcett from poisoning anyone on accident[/]. But think about it, it's a [i]Slytherin bake sale. People expect things to go wrong because we're involved. If everyone is charmed, no one suspects that someone was targeted, and no one investigates too thoroughly into who exposed me. None of the teachers were harmed, and the fire didn't start until Clarice tried to mess with the snakes. They were just supposed to stay out of the way. ...Or maybe, that was part of the setup too. So that someone would be sure to notice that I..." The more Rupert talked, the surer he became. Felix wasn't the culprit, and this wasn't about something as simple as an unrequited crush. -10:31 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ((Whoa, major italics fail)) -10:31 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Well it kind of makes- Yes, that does sound like, but you know it's not-- OKAY! WE GET IT!" Clarice clapped her hands twice in front of Rupert's face to snap him out of his rambles, then she rest a hand on his head. "I think we can definitely agree someone is messing with you. But this IS all a little bit of a stretch JUST about you. How about we wake up these teachers, not let you have a bite of any pastries, and um... keep our secrets as secrets!" -10:34 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Sounds like a plan," Tallulah chimed in. She lifted her wand and muttered the incantation to reverse the sleeping charm. Then she pushed to her feet and wandered over to Rupert. "You know... We are friends. Please don't feel like you're alone and 'nobody gets you', okay?" She offered the boy a soft smile, doe-eyes settling on his face. She was genuinely concerned for the boy and if this secret of his was causing him this much grief then she wanted to help him keep it from being exposed. -10:38 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Slytherins were seriously the strangest things. Rupert was paranoid and self-important and Felix- oh wait, Felix was Gryffindor. Wren let his head roll back and he stared up at the ceiling of the pub. "Everyone is asleep. You know what? I'm going to have a Butterbeer." Wren shook himself out as he stood and went to raid behind the bar because dammit, he was tired and thirsty and felt weird. He poured himself a glass and set a pile of sickles on the counter before bringing back his foamy overly sweet beverage back, taking a sip of it. "Mm. So what we know is that Shafiq is having a bit of a nervous break down and something seriously bad is going on. But what and how can we fix it? Tallulah, you're good with counter curses right? Despite being a Viridian I'm bad at them." -10:38 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: He thinks I'm full of it. A nervous breakdown? "Yes, friends. I can see that," Rupert hissed bitterly. "When one friend supports the other, it's returned, isn't that right?" I could have said something back there. I was distracted, but I still knew enough not to say anything more. Doesn't he understand what it's like to live with something that you can't let anyone know? I guess that's that Gryffindor courage. He's never been scared at all. -10:46 Jul 28

    All at once, in the middle of Ruperts bitter glaring, the tavern errupted back to activity thanks to Tallulah's uncursing. All the teachers, guests and chaperones were right back to drinking their beers and chatting away as if nothing had ever happened at all. "What are you kids doing in here?" Someone shouted out! -Clarice Drosselmeier

    Tallulah Buttons: "...Well that was delayed!" Tallulah laughed, right before someone scolded them for being in the pub. "We were..uh..." She glanced to Rupert with a pleading look. She was never that good with lying. -10:49 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "We were just looking for our lost friend! And here he is!" Clarice dropped her hands on Rupert's shoulders, turned him and gently nudged him towards the door. No one knew what was going on, it was best to get out of there before they got blamed for everything. ...especially since SHE was the one that nearly caught the whole place on fire! "Lets gooo-oooh!" -10:51 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux had returned to the baked goods stall while the others were throwing themselves at the Hog's Head. Nobody had really come around and so it gave her the time to get a closer look at some of the questionable ingredients. "Finite Incantatem," she whispers to quickly nullify any lingering spell effects or jinxes lying in potential wait. Granted, it may seem a bit suspicious that she's back here when there's "foul play afoot", but she likes to be thorough.] -10:54 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: Wren felt like he was three steps behind since he had eaten that bite of batter... Now the teachers were awake. He gulped down the rest of the butterbeer and sat the glass down before running out with the rest of them! "...This has been a horrible day. I wasn't here for the Midwinter thing... I was sick but this, this was terrible." And it was still raining. Wren was already soaked so much he could feel his socks squish in his shoes. Worst day of school besides sorting day when he got shuffled into Gryffindor? Definitely. -10:54 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "I should go back and clean up the stall before things get any worse. Slytherin's going to lose enough points as it is." Rupert shrugged Clarice off as soon as they were clear of the Hog's Head. "Slytherin House appreciates the biscuits. Now that the teachers are awake, everything's fine, so forget it. I'm sure they'll catch whoever it is." -10:59 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "Ohhh don't be such a downer, Mister Wren," Tallulah tittered. Her hands were desperately trying to subdue her wild locks of hair into a ponytail. Eventually she managed to tie it back and breathed a relieved sigh. She paused then to wring out the skirt of her dress before bouncing back into step with the others. She did, however, lightly take Rupert by the hand and dig her heels into the ground to stop him. "You're not going to tell me your secret, are you?" she asked, deep green eyes searching his face for the answer. -10:59 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Well, on the bright side, you didn't have an old man awkwardly kiss you!" Clarice grinned up at Wren. She might have been pretty curious about Rupert's big secret too, but she wasn't gonna push the kid today. He had enough of that from the weirdo kid. "It hasn't been totally horrible, though. Has it?" -11:02 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "I cleaned it all up earlier. There's nothing there except a bowl of batter. The cake mess is clean and I washed all your cauldrons and put them away." Wren said, unsure if he really wanted to follow Rupert back to the Stall. He eyed Tallulah and then pointed to his hair. "Horrible. Do you see my hair?" Wren turned to stare at Clarice, slightly aghast. "An old man kissed you? That's... that's just gross. I hope someone kicked his ass for you." -11:02 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: A few of the bottles and shakers were left out on the counter, things that would require a second opinion. She was relying on her sensitive palate, a factor that had contributed to her excelling in N.E.W.T.-level Herbology. The simpler things were easier to weed out, but there were a few that simply did *not* smell right. Close, but most certainly off. -11:03 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I think blond is a lovely hair color. Besides, if we're talking hair mishaps, I think I've got you beat?" She pointed to her own hair before turning back to Rupert. -11:04 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: He cleaned it? Rupert blinked, nonplussed. And then narrowed his eyes at Tallulah. "...You really don't care what it is, do you? You just want me to tell you. Is that it?" -11:07 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: (Okay guys and gals, heading for an early wrapup cause chaperones are DYING! Get in the last finisher posties!) -11:10 Jul 28
    [Viola Devereaux slipped out from behind the stall when she heard the approach of the others, adopting a casual pose with her arms folded over her chest. She took a moment to cast Impervio against the rain that was falling.] -11:10 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: A frown formed on Tallulah's lips. "I don't want to push. It's more of... I want you to trust me because I'm genuinely interested in you. P-platonic of course!" She'd stumbled over the last bit, her cheeks turning a bit pink because of how weird that had sounded. -11:10 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ((NOT THE LAST LAAAST POSTS!)) -11:10 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: (Not LAST last, but... close!) -11:10 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: ((JUST WRAPPING UP)) -11:10 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: A very wet Clarice was wring water out of her not-blond hair, grinning at Wren. "I don't think he did. But see? Blond hair and a few plushie snakes and um... weird kids, is not as horrible as it could be!" -11:12 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "You're asking a Slytherin to trust someone. Just like a Hufflepuff." Rupert looked down at where she was still holding his hand, and quickly turned his head away. "...'m a s- s-" The words caught in his throat, barely a mumble. -11:14 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: As far as Wren was concerned, him being blond was the worst thing ever. Not looking like his parents... He turned to Clarice and gave her a smile. "Alright, alright. You win. It could have been worse. I could have gotten kissed by some strange old man." He grinned, teasing her a little. "I'm sure he'll get his someday, Clarice. Maybe when I'm an Auror." He gave her a wink. "So. I'm going to go grab half my cookies, do you want to come with me? I mean, I made the bloody things. They are coming back to Gryffindor Tower with me." -11:16 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: "I don't believe all Slytherins are as bad as everyone else makes them out to be," she muttered, staring down at her muddy shoes. Yes, her hand was still holding Rupert's and she could kinda feel his hand getting a bit sweaty. Was he nervous? "Hmm? You're a....shellfish? Songwriter? Superhero?" With each suggestion, she leaned further to the side to try and see his face. -11:17 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: What a rather motley, downtrodden crew this was returning. Her gaze travels over each face one-by-one, not finding a comfortable opening, and so she drew out the tiny silver case from before. Her stylus flashed over a blank page and a note was left, tucked under one of the shakers left on the counter. ~Cookies were superb. Still waiting for that pie, but no hard feelings.~ An elaborate eye was charmed to wink. ~These are the ones that should've been pulled. Happy researching.~ It was signed with an ornate V, the case found its home, and the transfer broke away from the stall, savoring that second cookie from the bag she'd bought earlier. Oooo, yes, they were truly wonderful. -11:19 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "Yay!" Clarice immediately started bouncing on her feet and clapping. Free cookies? No one could turn down free cookies! "Gryffindor wins again! Are you really going to be an Auror? I bet that's going to be amazing. Hunting down bad guys and rescuing witches." -11:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Deftly, Rupert picked up his wand... and pointed it straight at Wren. "Incendio," he pronounced, clearly and with perfect pronunciation. -11:19 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Absolutely nothing happened. -11:19 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: The word that Rupert spoke had Tallulah's half-lidded gaze widen up wide with surprise. She lifted a hand to try to stop him but froze when she realized that nothing had happened. Nothing at all. And it dawned on her. Squib. "Oh..." Her expression receded back to her normal mellow self. "I'm certain you've heard this before but...this doesn't make you any less of a person." Still, she lifted her face up to smile at him and gestured with her hand that she was zipping her lips, locking it up, and throwing away the key. -11:24 Jul 28
    Viola Devereaux: One is trained to notice raised wands about their environs, the case was no different from the foreign Viola when Rupert lifted his. It was a movement caught out of her peripheral and her own wand was up in a flash when she whirled in that direction, pausing nanoseconds from casting when she saw the results of his casting. Her jaw.......dropped. A Slytherin Squib. The poor boy to be thrust into this life. She knew another letter she would be composing later, whether it was ever read or not. Her hasty words of before still haunted her and now only seemed more cruel. -11:26 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: "...I don't work right. Just magic enough to fool everyone. I don't know how I'm going to get through my O.W.L.s." Rupert laughed, and then let his head drop onto Tallulah's shoulder, hiding his face. "If it becomes public, my parents will disown me. I could be expelled. Why did I think I could tell anyone?" -11:26 Jul 28
    Tallulah Buttons: This was certainly a complicated situation this boy was in, but Tallulah had insisted and now she would need to stay with it. "I'm not sure, about a lot of things. But I'll help in any way I can," she muttered. She didn't think much about lifting a hand to pat Rupert's head a moment before suddenly giving him a great big Tallulah-grade hug. "You're not alone! No matter what!" -11:33 Jul 28
    Wren Viridian: "If I can get at least 'Exceeds Expectations'..." Wren smiled again and grabbed the box of cookies, totally not paying attention to anything that Rupert and Tallulah was doing because he was rescuing cookies that he was totally going to eat with his roommates. And maybe Clarice too. He handed her a package. "I really want to be one... I'm sure I can. My grades are excellent. I'm a decent Keeper in Quidditch and I can follow directions." -11:36 Jul 28
    Clarice Drosselmeier: "I'm sure you'll be amazing. I'll even help you study If I can... maybe I can look in to this Auror business..." A big cheeky grin was his reward for the cookies. Better yet, Clarice hopped up on her toes to give Wren a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the cookies and being kinda awesome." -11:39 Jul 28
    Rupert Shafiq: Not alone? Rupert blinked, slowly turning red as he was squeezed tight. Somehow, that sounds sort of... dangerous. -11:39 Jul 28

    Astrella Rosier, Slytherin Head Girl, sucked on a blood-flavored lollipop as she leaned against the exterior wall of Honeyduke's and watched her cousin. It looked like things hadn't quite worked out as planned. If only her stupid cousin would die or be disinherited, then [i]she[/i] would inherit the Shafiq fortune. Dirty little freak that he was, he didn't deserve it. But he was going to slip up, one of these days. And if she could just convince her "mysterious benefactor" that her little tricks weren't the sum of her abilities... Well, she'd get all she wanted and more! She just had to be patient... -Rupert Shafiq

    DUN DUN DUN. THE END?! -Clarice Drosselmeier