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  1. Henry:
    Henry Theodore Marshall had just turned eighteen years old. He came from Bradford, England, where he'd practically grown up with his best friend Zayn Malik. Through thick and thin, Henry had been a faithful friend; even when feelings got in the way. Henry was openly bisexual, and it had hurt when Zayn dated girls. He never thought Zayn would be at all interested in him, he never dared to make a move. He was exceedingly kind, the type of boy who attempted to get along with everyone. He had finished his a-levels, and was now travelling with the band on their tour, which he found very fun.

    He'd given up on Zayn now romantically, as much as it hurt to let go. But he'd had a few close calls with another member of the band, Niall Horan. They'd been a little drunk, so the details were a bit iffy...
  2. Zayn bounded into the hotel room he shared with both Niall and Henry, and he jumped on top of his childhood friend. "Hey Hen - so, what are you doing tonight? It's our free night, so Louis and Harry are going out to a club nearby, and Liam's Skyping Sophia - d'ya maybe want to go down to the beach?" He loved touring in Australia because of the awesome weather, and the beaches everywhere they went.
  3. Henry yelped slightly, a smile soon appearing on his face. Tilting his head to one side, he pretended to debate it. "Okay! Sure, I could do with a break." He'd been studying a lot. He wanted to be a teacher when he grew up, but a scholar, perhaps teaching university students. "C'mon, should we ask Niall to come?" Although he'd been avoiding the Irish boy, he felt a little guilty just leaving him on his own.
  4. "I don't even know why you're studying so much - you've done your A Levels and you've probably aced them anyway." Zayn grinned and sat back on his friend's bed. "Anyway, Niall said earlier that he is just going to chill out here tonight."

    (I have an idea - how about Zayn secretly has a sketchbook of drawings of Henry that he had drawn without Henry knowing, and Henry then finds the book while looking for something else?)
  5. (Good idea :) )
    "I'm revising for when I go to uni. And I did okay, I'm not as clever as I'd like." Henry announced with a soft chuckle, rummaging around for his coat and shoes. "Well if Niall is here alone, we should put a padlock on the fridge..." He teased, soon coming across a little leather bound book. Frowning curiously, he flicked through.

    There were beautifully drawn scretches of none other than him.
  6. Zayn chuckled. "Or disable the phone so he can't call room service and run up a bill for us." He joked with a grin and got up off the bed.

    His smile dropped though when he saw that Henry had found his sketchbook. Crap. Now he's going to suspect something and I'll lose the best thing in my life. Zayn thought to himself with a wide eyed deer look. "Um, er..." The Bradford lad stammered.
  7. Due to the expression on his face, Henry assumed he'd drawn this. He was rather surprised, but the tone of his voice was one of amazement. "Wow...these are brilliant, you actually made someone ugly like me look good. I had no idea you could draw, Z. These are brilliant..." He whispered, feeling a blush form on his pale cheeks.
  8. Zayn's eyes widened even more. "What?! You're not ugly, Hen, you're the best looking guy I know. I just drew what I saw - nothing more." He took the sketchbook and flicked to one of the more recent drawings - one of Henry studying on the tour bus bunk, eyebrows creased with concentration. "You're beautiful. He only word for it."
  9. Henry laughed sadly and without humour, refusing to actually believe it. "I'm not beautiful...Z, your just being sweet. The guys I like don't have any clue- except one, and now everything is awkward between us." He whispered. "If I've learnt anything, it's to listen to my father." Zayn was aware that his Father was a disgusting man. He hated the fact his son was bisexual, and had even gone as far as to beat, burn, and cut him- even if they had company in the home.
  10. Zayn sighed and shook his head. He then acted on impulse for once, cupped Henry's cheeks in his hands and pressed his lips passionately to his slightly younger crush's lips. This was what he had wanted to do since before he even considered doing X Factor.

    It sent butterflies down his body and erupting in his stomach, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling at all.
  11. Henry's eyes widened when his crush's lips met his. Not exactly knowing where to put his hands, he waved them around Zayn's waist for a few moments, before they settled on his hips. This felt so perfect. Cautiously, he started to kiss back, not noticing the Irish boy enter the room.
  12. Niall's mouth dropped open when he saw Zayn and Henry in a deep lip-lock. He was frozen for a second, before he decided to just back out slowly from the room. He closed the door silently behind him, and headed down to the restaurant, his mind going over what he had just saw.

    Zayn pulled back after a while and blushed deep red. "W-was that ok? I've just fancied you like crazy for years - since I was about sixteen and you had that growth spurt, and I realised how bloody gorgeous you were and that I was totally into you. I'm probably not your type though..."
  13. Henry's heart was pounding deeply in his chest, eyes still wide like a deer caught in the headlights. "That...that was so perfect..." He admitted, lightly grazing his lips with the tips of his own fingers. Was this all true? Or had he died and gone to heaven?

    "Y-Yes, you are, of course. I've fancied you for so long. Y-Your amazing, sexy, handsome...but...aren't you straight? Your engaged to Perry?" He felt his heart drop.
  14. "I thought that you would never in a million years be into me, so I made myself try and let it go, and date girls. Pezza is the only one who knows about my true feelings, but she accepts my decisions." Zayn explained. "I dunno if I'm bisexual or gay but you're the only one whom I have ever had true feelings for." He blushed.
  15. Henry blushed. "I-I did the same thing," He admitted, leaning closer to mindlessly adjust Zayn's collar. He inhaled sharply, removing his beanie hat. "Okay...okay. I'm definitely dead. I must be, I've been wishing for this for so long. But...I'm still going to enjoy it." His lips curved into his usual boyish smile.
  16. "Could we have a thing in private? Just until I'm ready to come out and tell the world who I'm really in love with." Zayn shyly asked, playing with the hem of Henry's shirt. "And could we still go down to the beach? No swimming though."
  17. Henry knew he looked very eager, but he didn't care. He nodded instantly, his blush deepening. "Of course, I-I understand completely." He hastily pulled on his coat, meek. "O-Okay! You know I can't swim to save my life anyway."
  18. "One of the reasons why we're so close." Zayn grinned, and pulled on his own jacket. "C'mon - lets go. The beach should be empty now, since it's evening." He held open the door to the hotel room for his secret boyfriend, smiling like a goofy idiot.
  19. His expression was very similar, and he eagerly slipped out of the door. They walked to the beach, chattering happily.
  20. As they got out onto the actual sand, Zayn kicked off his shoes and socks, and held them in one hand as he tentatively slipped his other hand into Henry's. "Have you been dating anyone else since I was last home? Last I heard, you had been having a thing with Elvira." He smiled fondly at the mention of their mischievous best friend.