Smoke, Dust and Stone

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  1. Smoke, Dust and Stone
    A girl from the Fire Nation who facade is perfect is going to visit an Earth Kingdom town captured by the Fire Nation. There she meets an Earthbending boy, and catches him doing the most illegal act, practicing Earthbending. Will she turn him in? Or will something spark?

    Ren Satou (open)

    Name: Ren Satou
    Sex: Male
    Age: 15 years
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Bending: Earthbender

    Ren has short black hair and dark green eyes. His skin is light, and slightly tanned from living under the sun. He has a scar across hsi chest and some down his arms.

    Ren is a quiet boy, who keeps to himself and his own adventures. He doesn't like other people, because he knows that he likes something considered wrong, and doesn't want to disapoint anyone. He loves his mother more than anything. He is a hard worker, and does most of the housework for his mother.


    Ren was the only child of his family, and it will stay that way. His father went off to fight against the fire nation, when Ren was about 7, and died there with honor somewhere on a beach there. Or at least, that is what his mother told him.

    He never got any proof on that, except a necklace from his father. He lived the rest of his life like a normal kid, and was taught earthbending by his mother. His mother was protected from the war, because his father went instead. Though he was never told if his father was a bender or not.

    Xyla (open)

    [​IMG] :

    Name: Xyla Abernoth
    Sex: Female
    Age: 14
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Bending: Fire
    Appearance: Xyla is small for her age, standing at a short 5'2. She has red colored eyes that seem to glow when she grows angered. Her long black hair is almost always tied up. Also, her skin is paler than most fire benders.
    Personality: Xyla is a kind girl, and tries to help people as much as possible. Unfortunately because of her father, it was drilled into her head early on that everyone not under the Fire Lord is bad.
    History: Xyla belongs to a very wealthy family, and is daughter to a general. At a young age, Xyla was taught that fire bending is dominate. The Fire Lord is all, and anyone who thought against him must die.
    Her father is a cruel man, constantly pushing his daughter to train. In his eyes, his daughter is a disgrace to the family name. She is a frail girl who is bearing a sickness that makes her very weak at times.
    Xyla is a skilled bender, thanks to all the training she has been put through, for she was forced to train the moment she could bend fire.
    At age 5, Xyla's legs were burnt very badly for disobeying her father. Today, her legs are scarred up and down, a symbol to others of the Fire Nation that she had disgraced her family name.
    Deep in her heart, Xyla doesn't want to fight. She cares for the lives of others in the world. But for fear of punishment, she follows in her father's footsteps.
  2. If she's open, I'd like to play Xyla
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  6. Just plot things or whatever.
  7. Well we already know how it starts. Do you have any ideas for the future?
  8. Hm, Maybe her father finds out she is friends, or more, with the enemy.
  9. Alright, sounds good. I'll play him if that's okay.
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