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  1. The perfume industry must know a thing or two about smells, after all they make boat loads of money. I myself am highly sensitive to a lot of artifical fragrances and avoid perfume counters like a leper colony. Yet, for reasons I do not understand there are certain colognes and/or fragrances in men's products that will cause me to turn my head. They smell amazing! How is this even possible that a smell can be sexy?

    Do any of you find this with some of the product aimed at your perfered gender? Have you found it happen for the "wrong" gender of your interst?
  2. Hmmm I would totally agree with you. I've found that some perfumes or collenges are very.... offensive more thana ttracting. But i prefer more natural occuring smells.
  3. I don't like most 'perfumes' or colognes but I like some of the scent oils I find on etsy made in small batches. I also go by the rule that unless I'm sticking my nose in your personal space I should NOT be able to smell your scent.

    So my scent is for me and who ever so snuffles me. I also tend toward masculine scents but I also like 'girly' food scents.
  4. For yourself or what you like on others.... Or both?
  5. I tend to like to wear slightly more masculine scents, I think, in general. The smell of a lot of women's does not please me and I do not like the heady stickiness of a lot of them. I'll wear, from time to time, the "fresh" scents for some men's cologne. Scents meant to invoke water and such like that. I'll wear more delicate women's scents as well.

    When it comes to the perfume of girls around me, I don't tend to notice much, and I am around a lot of smokers, so that further dulls that. However, I cannot stand musky/spicy perfumes on me and they make me feel light-headed and ill but I will admit to sometimes enjoying smoky/spicy scents on men. I think it's that they have more depth in men's, perhaps?
  6. .... I don't know how this works.

    I hate Axe products... they're strong and kill my nose... but...

    For some reason, when my boyfriend wears it.... I have no idea why, but it works.

    For myself, the only perfume I can stand to wear and like a lot is Angel perfume. Comes in a star-shaped container.
  7. For both, Ocha. I wear geeky scents like Severus from Pixxxie Pie and Posie on etsy, also their Sirius Black and their Patronus Charm.

    It's interesting that I like PPP but I dislike nearly everything I've gotten from BPAL (very famous scent producers!).

    I would like 'For Lost Boys'- a coffee and chocolate smelling concoction and Lovecraft - a sorta musty green scent from what I gather, for my next two scents though if I wait until October I'll get a Halloweeny one and if winter, something cold. I love scents but I have a hard time spurlging on them.

    As stated previously though, unless you're snuffling me or I've only had it on for a few moments, you shouldn't be able to smell my scent. My scents empower me and make me feel like I am more. They give me another peice of armor, if that makes sense.
  8. I looooooooove scents. Love them. When something smells good, I am wallowing in wonderful scented heaven. When it's a person, male or female, I have to be careful not to be all creepy and sniffy on them. I think I have that animal instinct that makes me wanna wallow all in and over something that smells good. .___.; I definitely get head-turned when someone smells really good, and it's never made a difference to me whether they were male of female. Even when the scent struck me as fooooooxy sexy.

    That being said, I rarely wear perfumes myself even though I love them and I really want to. I have this weird voice in my head that says "perfumes are only for special occasions and you shouldn't be wasting them on yourself", which is DUMB. I am trying to spritz them on after I shower now. I kinda have the same opinion as Tribbles about a sent being more about me and being empowering. >> When I'm wearing something I love the smell too, it gives me this boost of confidence and foxy feels.

    I haven't found a signature scent for me yet. But I love scents and variety, so I might never find just one. o___o I love feminine soft scents, and I love woodsy masculine scents. I love musky ones and spicy ones, fruity ones, and flowery ones. I kind of want a huge collection of different perfumes so I can pick ones to suit my mood or occasion. .__.;
  9. I wear fragrance, lightly applied, it is great. I like quality stuff and have used many over the years.

    Right now I have some Polo black. It is like leather and new car combined. So much sex.

    I also really like some of the CK unisex blends. Crave and Red hot one, those two are pure deliciousness, I want to do myself when I wear them.
  10. I've never been able to walk past anywhere selling perfume, givin the free spray smells, without my throat and lungs burning.
    It was bad as a kid, but since taking up smoking it's got worse.
  11. My allergies and asthma don't allow me to enjoy perfumes and such very well. I can like the way one smells, but then I have to get away from it asap or else I suffer swollen sinuses and/or a bad cough. ><; I can handle subtle body mists, or if they're strong ones then just a squirt or two. I enjoy vanilla, cinnamon, and some fruity scents. Mostly ones that remind me of food, haha. It could be on a dude or a chick, doesn't matter to me. I do like the male scents that remind me of woodlands, that's about all I can think of. I don't care for cologne.

    I've always assumed that there are different kinds of scents for each sex because companies can make more money that way. The average shopper is going to buy what's meant for them, instead of what they want or are curious about, I believe. Though, in some cases it probably has to do with body chemistry? Girls need different things than guys for some products. For example, my lesbian aunt likes to buy man deodorant because, well, she's a lesbian. xD But it does nothing for her body odor. It just doesn't work. So we had to beg her to buy female deodorant...

    Speaking of deodorant, that tends to be my favorite type of aroma thing. That and soap. On men, especially. I like the smell of Irish Spring, as well as Old Spice. A man just smelling like he's clean does it for me, but of course I have my favorite products for them. n__n I can say the same for women. You could use just a bar of Dove soap and some dandruff shampoo and I'd be like "Awww yeah~"

    I don't buy special scenty stuff for myself. I have some that have been gifted to me, but they're seldom used. This bottle of Bath and Body Works mist will last me like several years. >__>; Lotions, though. That's another story. *hugs vanilla moisturizer, shea butter, and hemp lotions* Mine!
  12. Our perception of things as 'sexy' revolves entirely around our senses. Some of those senses are a little less commonly spoke of, and some of them are creations of man as subsenses. The most commonly perceived 'Sexy Sense' would be sight. Most people assume that finding someone sexy is completely shallow, when it is in fact the entire opposite in quite a few cases. Something about what they wear may catch our eye. A cool colors blended nicely with a warm color, giving you a calm but excited feeling throughout. This subsense is often referred to as a 'sense of style'.

    Other senses play large roles as well, but society doesn't put nearly as much emphasis on them. The sense of taste can amplify our opinion on how sexy someone is, but is often overlooked due to the obvious implications. Explicit acts or not, one cannot deny the power of the sense of taste. Our sense of hearing is another often overlooked sense that leads us to the perception of sexy. Someone's voice may be very deep, rumbly. Such a strong voice, filled with an even stronger bass, may set your body to flames. Alternatively, it can soothe you, which leads to comfort and an inadvertent attraction. Thus, our sense of hearing will also cause us to think someone is sexy.

    Our sense of touch works mostly the same. Some prefer smooth skin to rough, and vice versa. Smooth skin is often attractive and sexy to those with rough or calloused hands, as it's a feeling they aren't used to. It's new and different, and it amplifies the already effective sense of touch. With this logic, those with soft hands often prefer rough, calloused hands. This is where the idea that smooth women and rough men make great partners. There are other things that cause us to be attracted to rough hands, but that's a point for a much more explicit subforum.

    Going with all of the information above, it can only be assumed that the sense of smell also plays a large role in our perception of sexiness. Perfume companies that sell their products to women aren't creating things that women enjoy smelling. Men are attracted to the often time feminine and fruity scents that perfume carries. Colognes, as well, are created with the intention of attracting women. This is why people mainly use perfume and cologne when going on dates, or when they wish to impress their fellow employees at a work event. Don't worry about thinking that some colognes are sexy, because they are created with just that intention!

    Other scents can be perceived as sexy as well. Natural scents, such as what you'd smell like after a day in the woods, can also be sexy. The smell of sweat can be attractive to some. Note that there are different types of sweat, and each has a different scent. Stress sweat, heat sweat, work sweat. Least attractive to most, left to right.

    If you have any other questions about these sorts of things, just let me know. I love talking about this stuff!
  13. I tend to cling to the fresh and/or sweet scents. the spicy types turn me away,axe turns me away,who actually finds those attractive anyway..?(aside from my mom)