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  1. Finally released within the past week, I'm just curious the amount of people who have already put some time into it.

    For those who have, answer a few things for me.
    Whose your main?
    Favorite Stage?
    Favorite Costume?
    Favorite Sound Track?
    and finally best improvement? (Character that is much better now than in Brawl)
  2. Whose your main? Mega Man and Link
    Favorite Stage? None. I pretty much share a meh for them all
    Favorite Costume? Fierce Diety Link. (unless you mean the Mii fighters..... :/)
    Favorite Sound Track? Mega Man 2 medley
    and finally best improvement? Ness.
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    I can tell you that Jigglypuff has improved and looks similar to its Melee incarnation now, thank goodness.
  4. Don't have it, yet

    G-give me....+.+

    Anywho, Mii fighter...
    While I'll likely be maining Link, or Shiek, or Ganon (yes I'm actually good with Ganondorf... in Brawl.) or Marth or his FE Awakening crossdressing clone or Heck, Robin.... or Snake..... or Fox....... or pikachu................
    Or sannic....
    *clears throat* I think the three variations of Mii fighter is gonna be the most fun to work with. Customization and all.
  5. Technically I don't have it yet. Its being shipped as we speak.
  6. PFFFTTTT pitiful noobs! (just kidding I love you all...don't hate me....) I got it at the MIDNIGHT RELEASE awwww yeah! Actually I didn't play it that night but I played it the next day.
  7. Do you live anywhere where the national tournament is taking place.
  8. I don't think so?
  9. I order my copy of the game yesterday, it should be here tomorrow. Oh god, I can't wait, I feel like I'm missing out! Maaaan, I wish I could just play it already.
  10. Agreed. My friends got one but I had to work from 5:30 am until 2 on the 3rd...really sucks. That's why they invented grandparents! they managed to snag one for me. Lucky me, hu...
  11. So...anyone else have their reality and expectations shattered by this Nintendo Direct? Also, with all the features added to the Wii U, I'll never look at the 3DS version the same.