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  1. So, I was just curious if anyone else here loves this game.

    I was just training my Zelda amiibo, and it can now wreck me with a consistency that is scary. I think I win only 20% of my matches against it. This might have a lot to do with the fact that I taught it to retaliate after perfect shielding with three different variations, as well as being wary of grabs. The only real issue I have with it is a refusal to go out for ledge guards, and that it isn't quite as aggressive as I'd like when facing off against projectiles. I think once I introduce it to more of the cast, it is going to be near unstoppable. Just to benchmark how powerful the amiibo has become, I have yet to see it lose a stock to a level 9 computer in a 2 stock match.

    Also, I've recently started playing with custom moves (but not gear, cause that just makes things silly). I feel like Palutena can actually be viable. She is ten times better with Explosive Flame, Jump Glide, and Lightweight, and Super Speed, and honestly, I'm surprised these weren't her starting moveset with the exception of Explosive Flame. Being able to move as fast as Sonic while being a relatively heavy character that can easily recover from anywhere means Palutena lives longer than the average character, and has the tools for a good punish and read game. Even though she still isn't the best, I'm having a lot of fun learning all her tricks.

    And, last thing I can think to talk about. Would anyone be interested in sharing friend codes? I don't have a lot of competition over here, so if a match sounds fun, I'll be happy to share.

    Oh, last thing for real this time.

  2. I can't say that I'll be much of a challenge for you. seeing as it's still entirely possible for a level 9 CPU to 2-stock me, but I'll go a couple of rounds if you want. Just send a friend request to Thestalos.
  3. I do enjoy it, although I can't play it often since it's at a relatives (granted, a relative I visit often). Still, it's an extremely fun game, and I think it's a real improvement over the previous game. Robin might just be my favourite character of all time, and Thoron is positively lethal.
  4. I totally agree. Thoron is hilarious to use in group matches, and sniping people who recover too high is just the best. I kinda feel bad that I can't really get the Arcfire chain down with her, but if I feel confident I'll sometimes switch to her just on the basis that she is one of my favorite characters. Her grabs are beautiful, though I wish she was just a bit faster. So many potential combos lost to good directional influence
  5. Sure thing, next time I'm on my Wii U.
  6. My online is shit tier on the Wii U, so I stick to local matches with friends and main Ike.

    People always underestimate him because he's slow.
  7. I gave most of my amiibos that one ability that causes a perfect shield to make an explosion. I previously taught them how to perfect shield the best I can.

    My friends no longer like fighting against my amiibos.
  8. Everyone has Smash Bros for the Wii U and I'm sitting here playing it on my 3DS.
  9. This is why I don't feed them equipment.
  10. I have that too.
  11. That's the only edition I have.
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