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  1. Anybody else here on iwaku still interested in smash 4? How about now? This completely blew me out of the water when my friend texted me about it, and I told him he was bullshitting me. Well, now I'm happily eating crow. I didn't expect or want him in in the first place, but I'm now pretty hyped for cloud.
  2. Apparently Shovel Knight is getting an amibo... does this mean he might be in SSB?
  3. Maybe, but a lot of other characters have amiibos and likely have no chance to, or are already in smash and the amiibo has no function for it. (Wolf link, yarn yoshi, and splatoon amiibos)
  4. Looks neat. Haven't bought the other dlc because it seems kinda pointless. Played all the characters. Did the challenges..

    Just got bored. :C
  5. Should have been a Chocobo.
  6. We're getting Cloud, so I demand a Chocobo assist trophy.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I don't care for Cloud, never did.

    I want some goddamn Shovel Knight.
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  9. At least the stage is pretty damn cool.
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  10. I always liked Cloud, for nostaliga reasons if nothing else. I am really happy with him having limit breaks :D

    That said. We need shovel knight, it was MAD successful on Wii.
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