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    So! My father told me about the new Google Smart glasses thing. I thought this was pretty cool.. SO I looked it up. What do y'all think? This reminds me of a childhood show called Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide because Cookie had glasses that were like a computer. Would you be interested in this? Do you think it is too much?

    Would one of your roleplay characters use this? Have one of your characters use this? Would this device even be useful in one of you roleplays?

  2. OK, this is pretty cool. Extremely nerdy, but cool. I can definitely see some amazing uses for it, and it's pretty much one step closer to the futures we see in fiction all the time. But the problem is, I bet it's uber-expensive, and puts up yet another wall between the world of computers and real life. I'm not sure how I feel about it when it comes to actually owning one. :/

    However, I think it'd definitely have some use in roleplays. None of my characters have used it, but I bet some Voice With an Internet Connection sort of types could get some real use out of it.
  3. I swear with the waterless shower and the pour on clothing you're slowly trying to build a Sci-Fi campaign to trap me in.... Of course the glasses would be useful in a post modern earth!
  4. LOVE IT.
    I was stalking the articles to see if they would be released to ordinary consumers any time soon~

    My school's game design department is working on something similar that we call 'augmented reality glasses', but we haven't gotten very far~
    Messing with these when they are released is something I'm really looking forward to!
  5. Too bad I didn't find out about these things around Sci-fi month. Would have been pretty awesome, eh?
  6. I can't wait to goatse people's vision. ._. It'll be the greatest thing ever.
  7. If I had a pair of these for any character, it would most likely be a scientist type.
    He would use these glasses to cure sicknesses and create medicines.

  8. I really want to see what kind of glasses Google will develop, after all, intelligent glasses like that have a lot of potential. If everything goes well, people may be able to browse the internet without using their hands at all, and with further development of this technology, it may be possible to make a virtual reality that is accessible without really high-tech equipment.

    I would love to use one of these smart glasses in my roleplays, and I think I definitely will. Now I just have to think of what sort of character would be fitting for it.