Small Tokyo Ghoul RP anyone?

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Which Tokyo Ghoul plot should we go with?

  1. A plotline similar to the timeskip in Tokyo Ghoul Re: ; The CGG creating or forcing ghouls to help

  2. Another group like Aogiri pops up, or maybe an entirely different group

  3. People being kidnapped and changed into One-Eyed Ghouls

  4. The standard Tokyo Ghoul plot

  5. A sudden increase in Kakujas

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Heya all, I was thinking of maybe making a small tokyo ghoul rp along with my other rp.
    I was thinking of maybe accepting 5-6 more people, so, uh, yeah.

    I put some plot points above so vote away!
  2. I've recently started watching Tokyo Ghoul, so I would love to be a par of this. I fell in love with the show. It's so gory.
  3. OH YES
  4. I liked the kidnapped one, or the Re plottttt
  5. I like this idea too!
  6. I've been looking for a TG roleplay for a while, but most of them are so big- too many players, too many characters. If this stays small, I would love to join. My votes are either our own group of ghouls (either aggressive or docile) or a TG Re: type plot.
  7. Okay looks like we have enough interested people for my liking.
    People can still drop by and express interest, in case one of the people here don't end up coming to the thread.

    I'll put up the OOC and have it for invitation only.

    @Jason Diabolus
  8. Will we get a link to it or something?
  9. Yes, just give me til tomorrow since i got my computer taken away today and have no time or energy to make another OOC thread ;u;
  10. Any idea when the OOC might be up, Asriel?
  11. Still got room?
  12. I'm very interested~ I wouldn't mind playing as the antagonist by the way~
  13. I tried starting a TG rp a while back, nice to see the anime hasn't just vanished. Im certainly interested ^_^

  14. Is this still open?​