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  1. Hello all, I am looking for either a small group (2-3 other people) or a OnexOne made up of other players who are wiling to work with me to plot and maybe world build a little bit to create an original RP story.

    What I am looking for
    It would be a joint effort, I like to plot with my RP partner(s), surprise and occasionally be surprised by the things they do, as well as work together to create scenes. I'm also looking for my RP partner(s) to be moderately active, one or two replies a week is fine and that's about what I expect to do myself.
    I expect my partner(s) to be able to post at an intermediate level or higher (see Diana's fancy new content tags for definition) with appropriate spelling and grammar.
    Communication is a good thing and I appreciate OOC chatter whether it's plotting, or just to tell me you'll be out of town for the weekend etc.

    Genres I enjoy
    I enjoy Fantasy of all types from tolkienesque high fantasy to Dresden-like modern fantasy where the magic is hidden. I also enjoy tales like Narnia or OZ where a modern character is pulled into a fantasy realm.
    SciFi is always good (I'm a Firefly fan), and I like Modern role plays with a criminal element similar to Leverage or White Collar.
    I like action, Hero's journey type stories, and tales where the characters have a definable goal (whether it turns out to be what they expect or not).

    Romance is fine, though I won't claim to be good at it.
    If intimacy is important for either plot or character development I may consider it, however, I do not write smut.
    (If you need to know the difference between intimacy and smut we're probably not a good rp match) And I don't enjoy writing romance centered RPs. Real people have lives, goals, and dreams, things they want to achieve, characters should too. Romance should only be part of the whole.
    I do NOT do FxF or MxM pairings (sorry, they hold no interest for me)

    I do have a few ideas, but I'd also like to hear what other people would like to do, so I'm going to sit on my ideas for now. :)
  2. Hmm I may be able to fill in that role :3 I'm ok with the minimal activity of one or two times per week XD and I'm also kinda interested in how role-plays will go with you and anyone else who may join in o.o
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  3. Thanks =D
    I'm going to wait a few days in case anyone else wants to join us (and because I've got a busy week) but in the meantime do you have any favorite genres or plot lines you'd like? Or maybe a certain type of character you'd like to play?
  4. Not really atm o.o but I can list a few later on (I gotta go for a bit, sorry!)
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  5. Ok now that I'm at the liberty to here's my proper answer:
    I do happen to like romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and well most genres in general if the setting feels right... As for certain types of characters I like to play I kinda like playing as a withdrawn and/or shy male/female, but at times I like to drift from one "theme" of a character to another in an attempt to tread "new grounds" :S
  6. Hmm . . .

    Well, we could do a normal person pulled into a fantasy realm type role play, I have some ideas there.

    Or a sorcerer’s apprentice type scenario . . .

    Or if you want to do something Scifi related we could have a mechanic or pilot or station manager etc. and things go haywire or something?

    Space western or treasure hunt?

    I also have a plot idea about saving a dragon . . .
  7. *Runs in flailing arms.* I WANNA BE ALL UP IN THIS SMALL GROUP PLOTTING! *Trips and falls on face* ... D: ... 8D

    Anyways seriously. York, I think that last group we tried floundered out but I really wanna make this work. I have a few ideas too that we could build on.

    SCI-FI <33333 Not many people dig Sci-fi stuff and I'd love to get something going. I have a few ideas with space pirates, cyborgs, earth rebels fighting against the government. Although a space saga:

    Space western or treasure hunt?

    Sounds like an awesome idea. BUT I LOVE FANTASY TOOOOO~

    I do have an idea where young mages run away from an academy to adventure on their own. Close to a sorcerer’s apprentice type of deal.

    Buuuut... dragons. <3 And saving one is a different twist. Usually it's killing one. Color me interested here.
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  8. 8D I like those ideas too!

    @york, wanna help us narrow down the choices a little bit?
  9. The ideas all sound so interesting for me >.< Should we spin a spinner or something? o.o
  10. I'm absolutely interested! Send me a PM if you're still looking for partners.
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  11. @Sansa Stark You’re more than welcome to join us in our small group RP if you like.
    If so do you have a preferred genre or plot idea?
    Otherwise I’ll send you a PM when I get home.

    And with that I’m going to call my search complete and switch this thread a Group Planning tag (and change the title). I’m really looking forward to working with you all =D

    I think we should decide whether we want to do Fantasy or Scifi first and then decide which plot we like after that.
    If no one has a preference we can always roll a dice :)
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  12. Ah I think that is a good idea. Since we both have so many plots we're wanting to do. I'm happy with either but I am leaning more towards sci-fi. Although a dice roll sounds perfect to me. Whacha think York?
  13. I'm happy with SciFi :)
    @york what do you think?
  14. Yeah, scifi would work for me... What are we going for here? o.o
  15. I kinda like the idea of kinda group of treasure hunters. Maybe I've watched Treasure Planet one too many times... XD This opens up lots of possibilities. Or maybe there honest merchants and they end up picking up rare and precious cargo? From which space pirates chase them for? Or they are a group that lives on a space station and they meet someone or end up with something that forces them to run or they decide to head off on an adventure?

    All random ideas. :3
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  16. Ooooh, I love Treasure Planet!
    What about smugglers that pick up something the Pirates are after? or maybe they pick up something the governing body of the area (whatever we decide it is) is after. Or they can start off merchants and have to declare themselves pirates or . . . lots of ideas
  17. Hmmm, thinking about something along the lines of having a group of people discover a rather large planet composed almost entirely of pure diamond as far as it seems from orbit. However soon enough they find out they weren't the only ones who have located this place as a pirate ship begins to enter the picture fully armed and ready to take what they thought was theirs...
  18. @york Do you mean a planet they can mine for diamonds? Or just a giant diamond?
  19. Well, a planet that seems to be composed mostly out of diamond, the entire surface seems to be covered with it (legitimate phenomenon actually, discovered by a space probe at some point in time I can't remember...)
  20. What if the Diamond planet is the treasure they’re after? I imagine it could be extremely valuable.
    They could find a map or something and it could be a sort of adventure to see who is the first to get there?

    Also, @Zizikitty, I think you said something about an idea with Cyborgs?
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