Small Group Romance, Slice-Of-Life

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  1. The Cast:

    A Beautiful Kitsune, Female - Open
    One of the last of her kind, this Kitsune appears one day as a regular fox snuggled in nice and cozy under the blankets of an unsuspecting college student's bed. The student takes her in as his new pet fox after some discussion with his parents. However, it was only inevitable that someday in the middle of the night, he would find a beautiful stranger using his shower... and his pet fox nowhere to be found.

    A Commute-From-Home College Student, Male - Open
    Naturally introverted and sheltered, this academically hard-working student faces bullying daily. Despite his loser status, he is quite handsome and has great potential to an active social life should he start making drastic and permanent changes to his lifestyle. He is unemployed and spends his free time playing MMORPGs.

    The Childhood Friend, Female - @Alice Falling
    Having grew up with a secret crush on her neighbor, her feelings have only grown despite her neighbor's fall from social grace. She is a highly talented singer, and her great looks only enhance her marketability. Recently, she has convinced herself that her secret love was simply a deep, deep friendship and feeling of comfort around her childhood friend. She is the type to be approached almost always by desperate men to narcissistic good-looking self-proclaimed gentlemen. She lives on campus but visits home often.

    The Ex-Jock, Male - Open
    Strong, athletic, and also handsome... this Ex-Jock has been struggling with something deep within himself for quite some time. He takes it out daily on a fellow classmate who stays at home with his parents. Soon though, the Ex-Jock will find himself deciding whether to uphold his image, or to set his passion free.

    This gives 4 roles, two females and two males. I am thinking that the setting would be some anime college type setting in Japan. The role play I had in mind would be focused on the romantic and social lives of these four characters, with a slice-of-life type feel. The plot would be driven by the characters and would come in smaller "arcs" or chapters. There would be flexibility on whether the anime setting would be more realistic or to have some possibility for humorous "anime physics". The exception of course, is the existence of a Kitsune, whether we go realistic or not.

    This is just my initial thoughts and idea. I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback. I am seeking three role players comfortable with lengthier posts that provide insight on the character's feelings, thoughts, surroundings, and actions.

    If you are interested and would like to reserve a spot, please reply here and either post a sample of your writing or PM it to me if you wish to keep it off the radar. Also, please state which role you would like. I will fill the last role.
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  2. Can I have A Commute-From-Home College Student, Male's role?
  3. Ooh! I've been tagged on here! That's exciting! (:
  4. I'd like to be A Beautiful Kitsune, Female, please!
  5. @GreenSea Thank you for your interest! Please either post or send through PM a writing sample of a few paragraphs so I may have an idea of your writing style and then I can reserve the role for you.

    @Alice Falling Haha, yes xD

    Update: Only one spot left!
  6. Update: Two spots available
  7. Oh no... We are working backwards now. But I'm sure we can get two people!