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  1. Okay so I love small group roleplays. Mainly because they're more intimate and its easier to keep track of others.
    So I would like to do a couple of group roleplays.

    So here are my ideas;

    Summer Camp Role play (Character ages 13 - 17)

    A small town that does the same old things all the time, and always has the same people. No one every visits because the town has nothing interesting going for it. They used to have the world's biggest glass fingernail, but the state moved it to a more interesting location.

    During the summer, the parents of this small town always send their children to the same dusty old summer camp to do the same old things, every year. But this year a group of kids have decided to shake things up. This group has decided to steal away during the first night of camp and go on a roadtrip to the popular and exciting city next to the town. (Well not next to, like 200 miles away).

    But there they find themselves bewildered and like fish thrown out of water. They get swindeled out of most of their money, and some of their group begins to stray.

    The end of summer is nearing and they have to get back to Summer Camp before their parents come to pick them up.

    It's a work in progress. :)


    A new apartment complex has been built, and new tenants stream in from all sorts of places. Friendships are made, and broken. Passion runs rampant as well as revenge for broken hearts.


    It's the day after graduation and these college friends want to have a blast before they become true working adults and have to give up fun forever.

    So....Road trip anyone?

    [In this roleplays we will vote on events that will happen in a random order and we will deal with them as they come in whatever way)


    Mass Babysitting.

    For some reason the parents of a group of friends decide to go out on a group date night and leave their young children with the group of friends.

    The problem?

    This group of friends hasn't been a group for quite a bit and they no longer get along the way they used to. So how are they going to look after a group of hyperactive children if they can't even get along?


    Soooo interested?
  2. A little crazy, I like that!
    Totaly interested :D
  3. OOh that was fast! :D I'm glad you're interested! ^^
  4. D: I don't think anyone else is interested in these interest checks. *gross sobbing*
  5. *kicks the door in*

    I HAVE AN INTEREST. Mostly in that roadtrip plot, good ol' slice of life. I normally avoid modern settings like the plague, but I need to branch out.
  6. I am also interested. ^^
  7. ^-^ Reaally? Yaay! ROAD TRIIIP! *crazed screaming*

    You guys are interested in the road trip one right?

    If so, someone shout out a random made up college name. I just can't think of one for some odd reason.
  8. Yes, the road trip! Hmm, how about the University of Faire? Faire U. Or FU, bwahaha!
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  9. Oh my gosh, I love it.

  10. Haha. Road trip it is!
  11. I'll be making the sign up thread later on today. :3
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  12. I'll be looking forward to it. PM or tag me when it's up so I don't miss it, yeah?
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  13. I want to go on a road trip! Pleasse tag me so I don't miss it!
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  14. I'm sad to inform you guys, but I will not be joining this one, a lot of things came up and I just started a simillar RP to this so I wouldn't be writting well enough in this one.
    I'm really sorry! I wish you guys a lot of fun though.
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