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Good Day/Night

I have a few ideas below that I believe can work out with a small group of people, sadly I don't have exact numbers, secure plots and set ideas, but hopefully I can do what I can right now, and at least hash out some basic information to draw a crowd in.

Also by small, I don't know how many that'll be.
[fieldbox=11 Reasons, #FFa5a0, Solid, 20, Trebuchet MS]

11 people. 11 friends. 11 stars that are going to shake the world till it tumbles right down. These 11 friends have been together ever since the beginning of their high school days, now that they've made it out of college, there's absolutely nothing stopping them from taking the entertainment world by a storm. They start their journey with one crappy laptop, a lot of hope, one giant bus, their combined knowledge and party tricks!
[spacer]People Required: 11 [At Least 5]
[spacer]Level: Casual-Detailed
[spacer]Genre: Humor, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fluff, Tears, Cake[/spacer]

This Roleplay features 11 people, all who have their own talents and neat tricks, but the one thing they all have in common is their love for music. Even those two or three that are acting as their manager, agent and publicist can't deny loving the music that just pours endlessly from the multi-talented group. Each person will have a different role, perhaps switching it up as the story goes along.

I do not have a set plot for this, I only have vague arcs names that will hopefully inspire me to properly think of a story line. So far, it's pretty good, but this will also depend on the participating role players ability to drive the plot forward, bring the most out of their characters to work together somehow, and react realistically to given situations from yours truly. This is what I mean by 'Casual-Detail', I'm not expecting 6-11 paragraphs, I can live with 3-6 provided it includes progressive details, plot moving content, and such.


[fieldbox=Blood Doesn't Make Family, #ffa07a, solid, 20, trebuchet ms]

[This can/might be in a slight relation to the idea posted above, but it can work separately.]

Blood doesn't always make family, and nobody knows this more than you. You, who have had friends that were brothers and sisters. You, who have your own family, a daughter, a son, that doesn't have a drop of your blood running through their young veins. Blood did not matter, it was love that made you all family. When you roll into town, you find others who are just like you, and from there, it seems that your family will only grow bigger, brighter, happier.

[spacer] People Required: Calculating ... [We Need Kids, Adults, NPC's]
[spacer] Level: Detailed - Advanced
[spacer] Genre: Family, Fluff, Drama, Romance[?][/spacer][/spacer][/spacer]

Ha. Award for crappiest summary goes to me! This is a Roleplay about families, with mostly adopted kids, or perhaps biological ones, I still haven't though that out thorough yet. The idea is that in this particular town, there are many children, many families, it's a really big community, a new one, and many already love how it feels like a fresh start, for their family, for themselves as well, and most importantly, it gives their children a safe place to grow up and learn.

You and your family [ and yeah, I was hoping that you'd all pair up or something ] come into town, and you meet other people who have adopted kids, or perhaps are also a same sex couple, and you all just have your own swag group like that. Of course, not everything will go well. There will be people who are homophobic, nasty bullying children, the overly judgmental rich mother to the side there, oh and don't even get me started about the Parent Council. [Knife. Cut.]

All that nasty business aside though, the group will have many opportunities to share with each other, creating possibly, the best memories for your children as they grow older and unfortunately into brooding, angsty teenagers.


You and the other people were all friends from ... college, let's say, but you've all lost contact for a few years. Another few years go by, and now you have a family, a child [ maybe more than one child ], and when you bring your kid for day care / kindergarten / Grade One, Lo and Behold! It's your besties, all with their own families, to boot! The roleplay would how the reconnecting, how their children react and reenact it, how it's like the children are living their lives, I guess. The plots are still similar in most ways.


[fieldbox= Burning Moon, #801515, Solid, 20, Trebuchet MS]

Werewolf pack. Does that explain enough?

The werewolves are protectors, of the forest, of those who walk in the light. Like the vampires who have established their covens and clans throughout the world, the wolves have made their own families and packs all over too. A hundred years ago, it would've been just that, but presently, in the distant future, the wolves have come together to make the strongest chain of command to date. Now, wolves are carefully picked when forming packs, to make the strongest, most effective group to carry out certain tasks. For this generation of wolves, the term 'pack' really doesn't have meaning to them anymore.

They have their parents, who they haven't seen in the last several years - while they were out on their own missions. Their team? Temporary. The desire to protect? To genuinely feel the loss of someone who was getting maimed and mauled in front of your own eyes? Gone. While they've become more efficient, arguable stronger, and definitely more laid back, their entire existence seems to have no meaning anymore.

Until the day the vampires decided to crash their party of course. In broad daylight, the children of the moon barged right through, tearing through the front lines with frightening ease, jeering and taunting all the while at how foolish, how ignorant the wolves were. The children of the moon, who have lived far longer than most wolves, knew of the history, of the immense power they came from the almighty packs, but now ... now that they've changed their traditions, their history, it seems that the night will soon take over day.

[spacer] People Required: 7 at least, 13 At Most.
[spacer] Level: Casual - Detailed
[spacer] Genre: Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance, FIGHTING, Supernatural, Fantasy[/spacer][/spacer][/spacer]

I'm getting brain dead at this point ... Long Story Short: A small couple of wolves escape from that attack, along with a vampire hostage maybe, and hope to rebuild a true werewolf clan. Not sure about powers, and werewolf shifting rules just yet.


I'll regularly update this! I don't have rules or anything yet, but those are the next things coming.

If you're interested in one of these, please dump it in the poll or leave a comment below. I'd love to hear suggestions, possible holes I've missed in the ideas, or just your own excitement! I'll probably only pick one out of the three ... so best of luck! [For both of us][/spacer][/spacer][/spacer]​


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Love all these ideas! :D


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love the first one~!


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I love family roleplays and ran a similar one myself~! Interested! c:
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