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  1. So I'm looking to do a small family RP consisting of a father (played by myself), mother, son and daughter. I would prefer if each of us only played on character and I would prefer if everyone could post at least once a day. If we get enough interest I would be okay adding more children or family members like aunts and uncle or grandparents
  2. I would like to take mother.
  3. Hey, I can take the daughter, or the son, but I'll take the daughter.
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  4. Okay just someone to play the son and we are good to go!!!
  5. I might be interested I just wanted to know what the plot would be?
  6. @Kurogane86 my original plan would be just a regular family thing, but if we wanted to do something sci-if or fantasy or something I would be up for that, my main goal would be to just get people to join and then talk details as a group
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.