Slumber Party!

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  1. Now for the Girls only Skype Slumber party
    A list of suggestion and questions here would be greatly thanked.
    I'm putting this here in case girls don't see it in the girls group or haven't joined yet.

    The date is set for December 1st through the 2nd 8:30pm Iwaku (central) time and it'll go on ALLLLL Night Long baby ;D
    Or until the cops show up...
    Or everyone passes out...

    If people can not make it, it shall be understood and we will try to plan another one later that will hopefully fit more schedules.

    If you need info on this please contact me by pm or refer to the girls club in discussions.
    My Skype and other ways to reach me are in my profile.
    Thank You SM Dolls~

    Now for split business
    I want recommendations of Movies for the slumber party
    And see if they are available to watch.
    Or maybe videos and music that want to be shared.
    Some content must be viewed and seen fit for all audiences
    some people will not tolerate rough language or graphic context.

    I'm sure we can agree on something enjoyable to us.
  2. Even if I'm a dudebro, I get to show up if I'm online, right?
  3. No sexing up the woman folk and were fine
    and they must invite you into their sleeping bags of their own will.
  4. I can... try to hold up that first one...
    The second one is totally a yes though.
  5. I'll invite you, Jovi.. No worries. I'm sure I can get a huge sleeping back and get Dawn in on the love fest, yes?
  6. Well, if you insist, I'll definitely join you. ;)
  7. Instead of 6:30 pm central time i had to push it 2hours and it will officially start at 8:30pm central time