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    • Me, my friends, and our conversations xD So this came about during a conversation that started with Pokemon then went on to talk about similar shows that involved enslaving small creatures against their will to do battle. SlugTerra came up and honestly, I never heard about this show until now. Apparently it's a Canadian show that centers around an underground world made up of interconnected, oversized caverns with an echo system seemingly dependent on small squishy creatures called Slugs. Coincidentally, these same creatures are the very things that act as your ammo. Yes, this roleplay is going to be about you shooting Slugs at people :D

      While this is a fan roleplay, my goal is explain it enough so you get an idea of the world you're playing in without actually seeing the show.
    • Slugterra, as mentioned before, is a completely underground world. Where there should be sky is a giant cavern ceiling stretching high enough to fade out into a greenish-blueish haze with enormous stalactite stretching towards the ground. Lumino Ore provide the "natural, lighting" for Slugterra and keep the days just as well lit as any other day on Earth. Because of this, Lumino Ore is important in supporting the subterranean ecosystem.

      Slugterra is highly technologically advanced and includes anywhere from small, quiet towns living under Grenuke Slugs to sprawling cities, some more rough and grimey than others; however, cities and towns (both actually called caverns) don't seem to be grouped closely together and are separated by forests, open rock-lands, giant mushroom caverns, entire mountain ranges, and volcanoes surrounded by pools of lava (magma?). To traverse these terrains, mecha beasts were created by the Great Western Forge. So far, these are the only form of transportation and come in a variety of forms from the most commonly created being bulls, wolves, horses, moles, donkeys and elephants to mammoths and saber tooth tigers, though I would like to keep animal builds based on extinct animals out of my roleplay. Mechanic beasts are powered by special "hearts" infused with Slug-energy via molecular transfusion. This is to say they are a self-ran and don't require any further assistance in this area. The abilities and qualities of a mecha beast vary from mecha to mecha.

      Mecha beasts can be modified in many ways. Rocket boosters to increase speed and assist in leaping great distances, skies to jet over water, a glider mode to glide through the air, and a vehicle mode to increase the speed even more, but for the purpose of this roleplay I want to get pass at least the first scene before I introduce the vehicle mode and the main purpose for the modification. On top of performance mods, certain types of blasters can also be added onto the mecha beasts. The thing is, the show kind of has a "out of sight out of mind" rule so anything can pop out of anywhere at any given time. For the purose of this roleplay, smaller, trimmer builds may actually be slowed down by the modifications and agility could also be impaired, especially if the mod adds bulk, and I imagine some would.

      Outside of mechas, holographic technology is also common and extends to maps and screens. Traditional flat screen T.V.s and computers can be found too. One of the main examples of Slugterra's technological advancement, however, are the blasters; coming in various builds from the classic gun to shotguns to sniper rifles and crossbows, to even staffs. Various scopes allow for many advantages and aid in locking on to targets. Examples of scopes used in the show include a sonar to help navigate caves and a high tech sniper scope to calculate trick shots.

      While the main currency in Slugterra is gold coins, to obtain blaster and general gear upgrades the patron must first trade their Slugs. Depending on how well trained they are and their rarity, a single Slug can pay for a generous amount of gear. Because the show doesn't seem to have a concrete exchange rate, use your best judgement if you want more gear like more slug tubes or better scopes.

      Some examples of gear used in the show: Slug Arsenal. Of course players are allowed to introduce their own mecha beast builds and blasters within reason.
      Note: I'm not entirely sure I want to incorporate even Canon side characters but in case they do pop up I guess I might as well list them here until we maybe replace them with or own characters and plot.

      Dr. Blakk: His business dealings have made him a rich and powerful man. Ultimately, his business is hiding his true purpose: to control all of SlugTerra and destroy the magical Slug Energy that protects this underground world. A powerful slugslinger with a terrifying multi-shot Harbinger Firestorm blaster, Blakk has corrupted his Slugs through the dark science of Ghouling, turning them into ruthless shadows of their former selves. His father is Dr. Harlan E. Blakk. -Slugterra Wiki

      Brimstone: The ruthless ruler of the Darkbane. He is determined to lead his army to victory in conquering all of Slugterra and returning the Darkbane to their former glory! -Slugterra Wiki

      Clothes: Surface clothes and Slugterranian clothes are different. While both contain casual clothing, many slugslingers wear thin armor. The clothing tends to be more skintight. -Slugterra Wiki

      It's worthy to note gloves are quite the popular accessory in handling slugs and the 'thin armor' mentioned above is better described as "light armor". It's not heavy duty stuff, allows for mobility and stealth, but still provides adequate protection incase a Slug with ram horns (the Rammstone Slug) hits you in the chest.

      Weapons: Not all Slugterrians are slingers. In fact, other, blunt weapons like hammers and axes make appearances and are even used against slugs in Velocimorph while trying to get at the slinger; however, they're not very popular and are even consider ancient relics. I do not want to see swords in this roleplay!

      Traps: Most commonly seen in the form of altered bear traps and metallic nets that lay hidden before snapping shut and magnetize to another part that often hidden in tree tops, they are considered harmful, even lethal, to Slugs and unaware people passing through.

      Slug Fu: A mysterious slugslinging technique used to guide and control slugs in battle—a skill only the greatest slugslingers can master. -Slugterra Wiki

      Dark Water: Or Karum-Zanul as the Cave Trolls call it, is what Dr. Blakk uses to turn regular Slugs into Ghoul Slugs. Dark water can be mined from deep within Deadweed Cavern or drilled for in deep places like the Undertow. Bullseye Cavern was also mined for dark water, nearly resulting in the death of the entire cavern system.

      Mecha Beasts can also be ghouled using dark water, though the process is more difficult since the dark water needs to be injected into their core, rather than just immersing them the way Slugs are ghouled. -Slugterra Wiki

    • The 99 Caverns: (Also often called "SlugTerra") is a massive place, with a total of 99 caverns, each with a unique species of Slugs and history. Different caverns also serve different purposes and can be seen as somewhat like to different sectors of a city, such as residential, recreational and industrial. Some caverns serve multiple purposes, while others serve as the location of a single business operation.

      1.Arachna Cavern
      ???2.Awful Outlands
      3.Beast Forge Cavern
      ???4.Blade City
      5.Bonnie Springs Cavern
      ???6.Breakline Cavern
      ???7.Brightworm Cavern
      8.Bullseye Cavern
      ???9.Cavern of Ancients
      10.Cavern of Time
      11.Caverna Mall Cavern
      12.Chasm Cavern
      13.Chillbore Cavern
      14.Circuitstone Crypt
      15.The Crystal Cavern
      16.The Crystal Mines
      ???17.Crystal Points Cavern
      18.Dark Periphery
      19.Dark Spores Cavern

      ???1.Dark Cavern
      2.Deaddrop Cavern
      3.Deadweed Cavern
      4.Dojang Grotto
      5.East Rift
      ???6.Eastern Cavern
      7.Forgesmelter Chamber
      8.Futuria Cavern
      9.Gateway Cavern
      ???10.Grand Cavern
      ???11.Haunted Marshlands
      ???12.Heartbreak Cavern
      13.Herringbone Cavern
      ???14.High Cliff Cavern
      15.High Plains Cavern
      ???16.The Island Cavern
      17.The Jungle Cavern

      1.Land's End Cavern
      ???2.Logan Cavern
      ???3.Lost Lakes Cavern
      ???4.Low Rise Cavern
      5.Low Rock Caves
      6.Lumino Cavern
      7.Molemound Cavern
      8.Nightmare Ridge
      9.Northern Cavern
      ???10.Podunk Cavern
      11.Quartermain Cavern
      12.Quiet Lawn Cavern
      13.Quisingly Cavern
      ???14.Road Rock Cavern
      15.Rocklock Cavern
      ???16.Rolling Hills Cavern
      ???17.Sandstone Cavern
      18.Scorched Sparks Cavern

      1.The Scrap Heap
      2.Shadow Fall
      ???3.Slackawanna Cavern
      4.Slag Rock Cavern
      5.Snowdance Cavern
      6.South Cavern
      ???7.Swicks Cavern
      ???8.Tall Cavern
      9.Trailer Park Cavern (Unofficial Name)
      ???10.Train Chase Cavern
      11.Tusker Forks Cavern
      12.Undertow Cavern
      13.Upright Cavern
      14.Wild Spores Cavern
      15.Wind-Farm Cavern
      ???16.Wuxi Cavern
      17.Xanadu Basin -Slugterra Wiki

      *???: Caverns that are either just mentioned in the show without further information on them, caverns that just appear in the show without a name, and/or don't have a Wiki article. Until information can be found on these places, we might as well bring some artistic creativity into this and use them for our own purposes.
    • Because the show doesn't seem to go into the races they introduce, some information below is mostly unofficial and based on observation.

      Crystal Worms: Giant creatures that appear as arches of crystal when in their dormant state. While dormant, they are harmless and generally unobtrusive. However, any contact with them will awaken the Worm. Dormant Worms are a solid blue colour, while awakened Worms gain bands of red colour along their bodies. In general, they are highly aggressive and will chase down anyone in their territory. In "The Slug Run" Pronto briefly tames one and used it as a mount.

      Crystal Worms possess three pairs of mandibles, which serve a different purposes. They can be flared out, catching the red light of their eyes, to make the Worm appear bigger and more threatening in a show of aggression. The mandibles can also be folded closed to form a guard over their mouth; an effective method of warding off Slugs seeking to use their mouth as a weak point. When tunneling, the mandible folds closed to create a wedge shape, making it easier for the Worm to move through rock and ice. - Slugterra Wiki

      Abilities: Can dig through rock and ice as if like water, enhanced speed and agility​

      The Darkbane: A race of demonic beings found in the Deep Caverns under Slugterra. Their main goal is to conquer SlugTerra in order to reach the surface.

      The Darkbane are ghoulish creatures living below Slugterra in the Deep Caverns, with plans to conquer Slugterra and then the surface world! Luckily the gateway between the Deep Caverns and Slugterra is protected by the Guardian Slugs.

      Given their skull-like faces, burning red eyes, horns, finlike ears, and fire-based powers, it's possible that these beings are the basis of surface-dwelling humans' legends about demons. - Slugterra Wiki

      Abilities: Some Banes have been show to throw lava with their hands, while others use staffs, Immunity to Dark Water, Limited Shapeshifting​

      Ghoul Slugs (aka Ghouls & Goons): Slugs that have been corrupted by one of the various forms of "ghouling" using Dark Energy. Ghoul Slugs can be turned back into regular Slugs by healer Slugs or The Lightwell. Dr. Blakk uses a small machine that gases a Slug and then transforms it. Some SlugSlingers prefer Ghouls over Slugs because they are more powerful than standard Slugs, even though Ghouls are hard to control and prone to running away once fired from a blaster. -Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: Anything a Slug can do, a Ghoul can do better (a highly trained Slug can prove to be a match for them though).​

      Ice Ogres: Carnivorous creatures from Snowdance Cavern. They sleep behind the wall that is used to project movies. Most Slugs are useless against them, with each impact making the Ogres bigger (anything that angers them makes them bigger).

      The exception is the Slyren Slug, whose song-based attacks make the Ogres fall asleep. Ice Ogres will shrink down to their normal size once they fall asleep. - Slugterra Wiki

      Abilities: Increase their size when angry, some level of intelligence, enhanced strength​

      Magma Monsters: Large reptilian beasts that inhabit areas with magma. They are shown to be unable to emit heat themselves despite having the ability to swim in magma. -Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: Can live in magma.​

      Mimkey: Gecko-like Slug (I don't think it's a slug at all, because A) it would have been classified as one, and b) the owner talked about it like it was another species entirely) that is first seen in the episode Undertow; its ability is to copy the other Slugs's powers. When transformed, it appears as a red-tinted version of the opposing slug's transformation. -Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: uses MirrorMimic to copy Slug moves (if two Slugs are used against it, it'll take on the appearance and attacks of the Slug it copied most often even if that Slug isn't currently being used against it, for example taking on the appearance and attacks of a Vinedrill Slug against an AquaBeek and a Flaringo).​

      Shadow Clan: They are territorial and aggressively defend their Territory by grabbing Slugs on their back and throwing with their tails. Members of the Clan are rarely seen alone, tending to travel in groups and attack en masse. No one knows where the Shadow Clan came from, just that they were the first creatures in SlugTerra. Although members of the Shadow Clan do not use blasters or Mecha Beasts, and appear to have minimal infrastructure, they have been shown to have advanced technology, such as the Shadow Talker and the Shadow Walker. The Shadow Clan is a sort of universal persona non grata, though this suits them just fine. In general, they avoid the affairs of other species—with the exception of Slugs—and keep to themselves unless disturbed. While they can understand the common language of SlugTerra (I.E.: the language the show is dubbed in), they tend to ignore what outsiders say to them. - Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: Teleportation or the appearance of teleportation, the only race that can understand Slugs​

      Slugs: Slugs are the magical creatures that are the main focus of SlugTerra. They are magical creatures that transform into more powerful versions of themselves "when they hit the speed of 100 miles per hour". There are currently 48 known breeds of Slugs that fall into 14 different elements. Each breed of Slug has its own unique powers. While many of those breeds are used for battling, some, like the Bubbaleone, can also be used for household chores. Younger children tend to keep Slugs as pets, often bonding more closely with their Slugs than Slugslingers do. -Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: The only magical creatures in Slugterra. More information if needed.​

      Slug Hounds: Creatures that can be domesticated to hunt Slugs. [...]. They are similar to dogs (they actually appear to be a cross between a cat and a dog with long, fleshy ears and a muscular, hairless body, leaving them with sleek black skin), except they can climb trees And they have razor sharp teeth

      Slug Hounds are very loyal animals, although vicious. They can be very useful in hunting slugs.

      They seem to be native to the lower caverns of SlugTerra, based on the events of "The Journey Home". They can also be found roaming in residential caverns, much like stray dogs. - Slugterra Wiki

      Abilities: Hunt and Track Slugs, Climb Trees​
      - Your characters can be dicks, you cannot be. If you have a problem with someone please PM them and avoid turning the OOC into a battleground.
      - If I have tell you to change your sheet three times I won't accept you.
      - Please do not pm me your sheet and ask me to review it every step of the way; I will automatically reject you.
      - You're allowed up to two characters.
      - I love a cast of diverse characters! Please read and look over skeletons that were posted before you so we don't end up with a lot of characters with the same traits.
      - I would also like to avoid being overwhelmed with one gender or another. You don't have to keep genders even, but this isn't intended to be an all girl/boy roleplay.
      - I'll allow WIPs, but only if you give an outline of your character first (meaning giving a name, gender, age, and at least listing a couple personality traits even without descriptions).
      - Don't reserve posts for WIPs. Just don't.
      - Please don't include more than one image or gif in your sheet. Linking works just as well.
      - No face claims. That just weirds me out.
      - No Canon characters.

      - No Godmodding or Powerplaying.
      - No Mary Sues or Gary Stus
      - Please use proper spelling and grammar (this includes properly paragraph-ing dialogue, please and thank you).
      - Minimum of one complete paragraph made with a minimum of five complete sentences. Preferably one that furthers a scene. Purely reaction posts tend to kill things.
      - I don't expect this to be "family friendly". By all means, bloody each other up and curse up a storm, but don't do so unnecessarily and don't go killing off Slugs!

      - You can start with three slugs, and one of those three slugs can be an uncommon.
      - Try not to use the same uncommon as another player.
      - No rares, extremely rares, ultra-rares or one of a kinds!
      - If someone leaves the roleplay, their personal arsenal goes up for grabs on a first come first serve basis - unless the player wants they're Slugs to go to someone specific. This doesn't come into play until after the character is active IC though!
      - If a certain type of gear is listed as unique in the cast list, it means the player created it themself and shouldn't be used by another player without their permission.

      Yes, I do realize this is dorky but with the ways things are going, I can use something dorky. This is supposed to be just some good old fashion fun with a bit if a Western twist.

      Slugs aren't well respected. In fact, most slingers view them the same way they would view a blaster or a mecha; another tool to utilize. Some of you will want to try and go against this, but I would like it if you guys develop relationships with your Slugs over the course of the Roleplay.

      Cave Trolls, due to their large size and intimidating stature, are kind of feared and make others nervous, and yes, even females have a thick build. They're kind of the equivalent of a RPG Barbarian. I won't suggest this race to players who prefer smaller, more lean characters.

      If you don't want to be a slinger (i.e. engineer, medic, or racer) I'll allow you a Mimkey instead of Slugs. Otherwise, I would prefer it if Mimkeys weren't used.

      Usually only organized tournaments have the whole "if you win, you get one pick from the loser's arsenal" rule but for the purpose of the roleplay it'll be easier if that's a general rule for dueling.

      If a combat system is needed it can be decided one of if two ways: For combat with a NPC it'll depend on the amount training your Slug received. For combat with a player character, it'll probably be decided by dice roll (to use Iwaku's die system post first, go into "more options", roll die, and input settings). The die should have ten faces. Simply put, the higher roll wins (honestly the combat in Slugterra isn't all that complicated either, you shoot, the Slug attacks once, and it either over powers the other or it gets over powered. Dodge and repeat accordingly, keeping in mind that, unlike Pokemon, your enemy is targeting you).

      As always I reserve the right to add rules as we go along.

    • The S&L Company was started up by a brother/sister duo one year ago but is now lead by just the sister for the time being. The company isn't the strongest group out there, nor the best, getting by on mediocre equipment and a headquarters that's not quite falling apart but not sparkling with newness either. Least to say, when a job presents itself they don't sweat the details. This time it's delivering a whole shipment of assorted Slugs to the other side of the 99 Caverns. With a hefty sum promised, what could possibly go wrong?
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  1. Note: Please remove parentheses or I won't accept you. I don't want to hear something about being on mobile either considering this whole RP was done from mobile (and not a fancy, latest model kind of deal either). Sorry, but that excuse really peeves me.

      Rebecca "Rebby" Gattis
      The very much human leader of the ragtag group. Her gear consists of a unique Cheetah Mecha, a Growler Kiloton blaster, and a Thugglet uncommon. Played by Noctis the Devious.

      All roles can double as Slugslingers of course, but we still need:
      • Adventurer to guide and navigate.
      • Engineer for mechanical purposes.
      • Medic for medical purposes.

      • Rogue Sllinger: Not as important to the team as they are to the roleplay. A Rogue can have many reasons for joining the company, but whether or not they can be trusted is bound to add an interesting dynamic.
      • Slug Hunter: Whether or not they use humane means is no concern to Rebby, but someone needs to capture Slugs for Bell to train up trade off for gear.
      • Trick Shooter: For all our trick shooting needs.
      • Racer and Duelist: Both can rack in extra coin on the side and provide a unique service with their individual talents.

      Daniel Gattis
      Co-Owner of S & L Company. After a family emergency, the company had been left to Rebby to look after and maintain.

      Isabelle "Bell" Jones
      A sixteen-year-old girl who was looking for work. Rebby was hesitant to hire her but her natural affinity with Slugs finally won her over. Bell now works for the S & L Company as a Slug Trainer, training Slugs for trading purposes. She currently has five in her regiment, but refuses her services to the S & L employees. She's not allowed to go on missions and stays behind at headquarters.

    • Slugslinger: Or slinger for short. They pretty much go around shooting things for sport.
      Adventurer: As far as the show goes, this seems more like the friendlier term for mercenaries who explore places people don't tend to explore. As far as I can tell they can be hired as guides and protection for a pretty coin like anyother sell-sword (sell-blaster?).

      Duelist: They live off of earnings they receive from organized - or otherwise - dueling tournaments and events. This is more like a fanmade career but seeing as these people like this exist in real life, it's not a farfetched thought.

      Rogue Slinger: Slingers who have taken to ambushing and robbing other slingers or transports for Slugs.

      Slug Hunter: Hunters to hunt down rare Slugs for profit. Some have been known to utilize Slug Hounds and Traps to accomplish this.

      Trick Shooter: A trick shooters favorite Slug is the Speedstinger for it's ricochet capabilities. Otherwise, they specialize in making trick shots and can even make a living from entertaining a crowd.​

      Racers: Slugtarrians who race mecha beasts, often professionally, across dangerous landscapes against high stakes. They often personalize their mechas to accomplish this, but aren't too worried about slinging Slugs, though they have been known to carry at least one for self defense.

      Engineers: Of course, without the Forge there's no way to build a mecha, but fixing them up and adding upgrades is more than possible, and should probably only be handled by skilled hands anyway. Engineers can also fix blasters, though in case of sever damage someone who professionalizes in blasters maybe best.

      Medic: It doesn't matter the ammo, if people are slinging Slugs at one another someone is bound to get hurt. It'd be nifty to have someone who can patch up the company using whatever technology is at your disposal.
      Amphibanoid (unofficial name): It appears they are a semi-aquatic humanoid amphibious race that can possibly live both above and underwater. The sclera of the eyes, iris and scaly skin seem vividly colored. The only example of an Amphibanoid in the show so far are a crew of pirates who prowl the Undertow Cavern, a cavern filled with water. But the pirates had to come from somewhere and they all can't be scoundrels, right?
      Abilities: Gills to breath underwater​

      Cave Trolls: A species native to SlugTerra. According to Will Shane, you can't find anyone more loyal or trustworthy than a Cave Troll. Cave Trolls are noted for being great engineers and are credited for creating most of the passage ways used in SlugTerra. In addition, Cave Trolls also controlled the Great Western Mecha Forge that produces Mecha-Beasts.

      It is implied [...] that Cave Trolls are not popular with other species. - Slugterra Wiki

      Abilities: Enhanced Strength, Engineering​

      Molenoids: Digging inhabitants of SlugTerra. Their population appears to be largely concentrated in their home cavern. They have mapped the entirety of SlugTerra and are in possession of a vast repository of maps, though they have no interest in defending this collection of information beyond the traps already built into the vault.

      Molenoids are several shades of purple, and are usually stupid. Molenoids have dirty teeth, dirtier noses, and eyebrows that mysteriously hover above their eyes. They have two brains
      (and their heart is located in their bottom). - Slugterra Wiki
      Abilities: Can hear with their nose, heightened sense of smell, dig tunnels, navigate, track, and has knowledge of most escape routes and hidden passages in Slugterra.​

      Slugs are the magical creatures that are the main focus of SlugTerra. They are magical creatures that transform into more powerful versions of themselves "when they hit the speed of 100 miles per hour". There are currently 48 known breeds of Slugs that fall into 14 different elements. Each breed of Slug has its own unique powers. While many of those breeds are used for battling, some, like the Bubbaleone, can also be used for household chores. Younger children tend to keep Slugs as pets, often bonding more closely with their Slugs than Slugslingers do.
      -Slugterra Wiki​

      Other: Most inhuman races are introduced as bad guys for some reason, but creating one of your own isn't out of the question. Just keep races on the side of sci-fi and avoid fantasy-esque races. No race should be magical nor indestructible.
    • [B]Name[/B]:
      [B]Age[/b]: (17+).
      [B]Race[/b]: (See PLAYABLE CHARACTERS under FAUNA II. You can be human too, we all know what that entails. If you create your own, provide a describtion).
      [B]Class[/b]: (See CLASSES).

      [B]Mecha Beast[/b]: (You can list your own with a short describtion.)
      [B]Blaster[/B]: (You can list your own with a short describtion.)
      [b]Slugs[/b]: ([url=]List of Slugs to choose from[/url]. Please link to your three chosen Slugs. Optional: list nicknames.)

      [b]Personality[/b]: (List and describe three positive traits and three negative traits).

      [B]Skills & Strengths[/b]:


      [B]Appearance[/b]: (Cartoon/Anime/Realistic Anime but no Realistic Face Claims, and/or please provide a describtion.)

      [B]Biography[/b]: (Break this up into bullet points - kind of like a time line.)

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  2. [​IMG]

    Rebecca "Rebby" Gattis
    [21 yrs old || Female || Human || Leader/Slugslinger]

    Mecha Beast
    CHS-R: Nicknamed "Chaser", The unique CHS-R is designed after the cheetah and is known as the only mecha beast on par with one equipped with speed boosters, making it the fastest mecha beast without modifications. Its lithe, white, orange, and black frame allows for agility that is near unmatched, but is highly susceptible to heavy damage. Its light weight is both a gift and a curse. The CHS-R prototype.​
    Growler Kiloton: Longer and leaner than most blaster builds, the Growler is reminiscent of a flint flock. This blaster in particular has a rich dark red encasing, glowing with the typical blue energy not found in Ghoul'ed blasters.​
    Thugglet: An uncommon Slug with a knack for trickery and deceit. It seems to share its slinger's cheeky sense of humor.​

    Dirt Urchin and Lariat: Two common Slugs Rebby recently picked up, Dirt Urchin from passing by, making it a wild Slug, and Lariat was acquired in a duel.​

    + Lighthearted: Rebby has a strange sense of humor. For example, allowing people to pronounce the abbreviated form of her company's name as "sandal" (SandL). She has yet to tell people what exactly the S and L stand for and won't correct them when they're wrong, finding the thought she named her little gang after footwear too humorous. In a way she's lighthearted and doesn't lose her cool too easily. Some things just seem to roll off her shoulders and sometimes to the ire of others.​
    + Determined: When given a task or creates a goal for herself, she makes it her personal duty to see it through. She never stops short and doesn't take failure, or losing for that matter, lightly. It's because of this quality her company has a growing reputation of being dependable.​
    + Straightforward: While she has command of her own kind of charisma, Rebby probably isn't the person one would want to handle diplomatic situations, or situations in general where a bit of tact is encouraged. She isn't fond of beating around the bush, can be painfully honest to the point of being blunt, and calls things how she sees it. For her, it makes things a whole easier when people say what's on their mind and cut straight to the point. For other people, the truth is both hurtful and offensive. Who knew?​

    - Holds Grudges: As easy going as Rebby can be, her personality only forgives so much before passing the point of no return. Really, really rub her the wrong way and "she will never forgive you" should be taken in the most literal way possible. It takes a lot to earn her forgiveness, and even more so to earn back her trust. Until then she will either treat you like an enemy, or worse still, like a complete stranger. Though, she has been known to hold even the little things against others, but in a more playful manner. Just know if one of her company makes a goofy mistake, they will never live it down.​
    - One Track Mind: As determined as she is, the more focused she is on a task, the more that task tends to dominate her thought process. This begins with her becoming more reckless with her Slugs. She becomes prone to caring less for her own well being and, if not checked, ignores the well being of her company. Sometimes she just needs to be reminded of what really matters.​
    - Proud: Rebby has a hard time admitting to her own mistakes and would much rather find ways of fixing them herself than admitting to them and/or asking for help in fixing them. Sometimes she goes to ridiculous lengths to make sure no one knows of her mistake. This applies to both little and major situations that could possibly jeopardize the mission. If it comes to that point though, she'll begrudgingly admit she did something wrong and ask for assistance before the situation gets too far out of hand. Luckily for the company, she doesn't make mistakes often, but her perfection streak may be what makes it that much more difficult on her when she does slip up.​

    Skills & Strengths
    • Sharpshooter: Rebby doesn't need a fancy scope to tell her where to aim and how much pressure should be applied to the trigger. Slinging shouldn't be any more difficult than aiming and firing, and she is hard pressed to screw that up and miss.​
    •Speedster: While Rebby isn't a racer, and is well aware of the fact entering a race with such a light build would be nothing short of suicide, she is a speed junky and knows how to control a mecha beast even going as fast as hers does. She can still shoot from this speed too, though at the cost of accuracy as she still needs to steer.​
    •Strategizing: She knows how to get her company into trouble, and she can get them out just as skillfully. She's aware enough of her surroundings to plot the best course of action, but flexible enough to think on her feet when new developments pop up. She knows how to play to the strengths of her company, and tries her best to think up ways to cover their weaknesses.​

    •Mind Games: As quick as her blaster is and has sharp as her mind, she can't follow, or maybe chooses not to follow, a roundabout or cryptic conversation and banter. If someone has something to say, it's just easier for them to come out and say it.​
    Technology: If it isn't driving a mecha beast or shooting a blaster, Rebby won't know what to do with it beyond pressing the "on" button. She doesn't understand technology beyond a television or a computer and definitely won't have a clue when something breaks, glitches, or crashes. She'll leave that up to the experts.​
    •Eloquence: Rebby wasn't raised in the high life, would rather play rough and have dirt under her nails than learn how to walk in heels and wear polish, and definitely won't know a salad fork from a pasta fork. People assume her southern drawl is because of low intelligence, but their lowered expectations often works in her favor.​

    Rebby has short dark hair often pulled into a tuff of a ponytail that pokes out from beneath her favorite cowgirl hat, with what hair that isn't long enough to pull back left to frame her face. Peachy skin bordering tan (as tanned as someone could be living underground) is stretched over lean muscles, and her dark, wide almond eyes paired with a stubby nose and full lips give her a certain rough yet feminine charm. She prefers earthly colors and dresses accordingly, wearing a lightly armored brown top with dark green accents, matching brown slacks patched with a lighter material, and boots sturdy enough to travel in, but light enough to sneak around in. An animal skin poncho is often seen draped over shoulders. Standing 5'7" with a lithe build, she is neither imposing or looked over.​

    • She was born to into an under privileged family - three years after the youngest son, Daniel, and four and a half years after the oldest son, Brian - in the Trailer Park Cavern.​
    • Neither of her parents thought highly of Slugslingers and instead wanted to raise their children as good, honest folk leading good, honest lives. This includes good old fashion labor.​
    • The oldest son, Brian, didn't mind the lifestyle and even went on to work with their father in the mines. The second son, Daniel, however, couldn't be happy confined in such a way and took of Slugslinging.​
    • From him Rebby learned how to shoot and properly maintain a blaster, but didn't own her own until she was fifteen, much to the displeasure of her parents. It was a birthday present from Daniel; the first blaster he had bought for himself when he turned fifteen.​
    • Rebby's fifteenth birthday also signaled the day her Slugslinging brother left to travel and make a name for himself. He wrote back often and sent back half of his earnings.​
    • For the longest time Daniel was unaware his leaving just put more stress on his other siblings to live the life their parents wanted for them, especially Rebby who made it no secret she wanted to follow in her older brother's footsteps.​
    • Her father made it his goal to try and tie down Rebby, even to the point of making her work in the mines alongside him and Daniel.​
    • In the end, it was to no avail as her older brother visited for her eighteenth birthday and whisked her away under the threats of being disowned. They both knew their father didn't have the heart to follow through though.​
    • By the time she was twenty, the siblings set up a little business for themselves in the Quisingly Cavern, but trouble on the home front required their attention.​
    • It was decided Rebby would stay and run the business while Daniel went back home. Now twenty-one, she has been running the S and L company as a service to be hired for odd jobs, mainly transporting.​

    Never introduces herself as Rebecca, only as Rebby.​

    She doesn't often talk about her home cavern, knowing most don't have a positive outlook when it comes to folk who live in the Trailer Park Cavern, and avoids jobs going that way.​
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