slowly slipping into sin (fxf)

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    Being an 18 year old girl in Texas is hard enough on it's own. Making sure you graduate with your friends, being on the cheer leading squad for your mother, football star boyfriend, and being the top church going family since your father is the preacher. Avril is an average everyday girl living an average everyday boring life, but when a new girl comes into their small town her mother urges her to befriend the newcomer. Quickly learning that this newbie has other plans in mind besides just friends Avril is introduced to a whole new world she never imagined herself to be in. A classic good girl/bad girl story, will Avril decide to pick her family and faith or follow her love into this new life of sin and adventure?
  2. ***WARNING***

    I do not have much experience with lesbian role plays, but I have been wanting to try one for some time now. I am a lit writer and return what you give me. (i.e. if you write 4 paragraphs I will match it) I reply at least one time a day sometimes more. Would prefer someone who has done LBGT role plays before just to have some help with my first one but i am okay with trying something new together. Hope to have fun with someone soon!
  3. Hmmm... I haven't written much for LGBT roleplays either, but I'm also willing to give it a go. Would the roleplay be entirely centered around the romance, or are there other things going on, too?

    PS: Welcome to Iwaku, newbie! If you fill out your Roleplay Resume (click your avatar at the top of the screen and then Preferences) it helps people check quickly whether or not their writing style would mesh with yours, and therefore helps you find partners faster!
  4. Okay I will check that out thanks!!

    There can be other stuff too, i just like to have a little bit of a plot to go off of, but we can brain storm up something bigger and better too.
  5. I usually like to have Romance as the "B" story, so if we can consistently have other stuff for the characters to focus on (projects, goals, family crises, etc etc) I'm definitely down!
  6. Yay! Okay sounds good to me. :) Do you want to continue on here or start another thread?
  7. We can start an OOC thread or hash it out through PM, up to you :3
  8. I will PM you and we can figure it out and go from there.
Thread Status:
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