Slow Love

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  1. Carrie sighed, her father once again lecturing her into boredom.

    "Carrie, you are going to reach your first heat soon. You really need to consider that." He swept a bushy tail along the ground, looking at her with a mixture of pride and loss. "I have already chosen a male for you. He is on his way here to the tribe. We already built you a hut and you shall be joining with him in our ceremony before leaving for that place."

    Carrie looked at her father in shock, her wolf ears standing on end. "Father! You already chose?!" Her brown ears folded back on her head to mix with her brunette locks. Her matching tail swished along the ground angrily. She sighed, bowing her head in submission when he snarled. "I will do my best to produce pups for the tribe. I'm sorry father."

    He nodded to her. "I just wish your mother was here. Without our alpha female this will be difficult. You are going to take over the tribe you know." He looked at her and his chest swelled with pride. "You will be the perfect alpha, darling."
  2. As his paws walked into the tribe, his coat hanging off his arms, the heat of the forest flooding his body as his tunic clung to his chest, wiping sweat form his brow, looking around the village, the huts seemed inviting for how low maintenance they were. He enjoyed the idyllic feel of the tribe as he walked along. The people were quiet, but seemed friendly as he walked along the roads. Their eyes filled with hope as they see this Alpha walking down their roads. Some gossip between themselves as they see him, his dark black hair flowing along with his orange and blue eyes wandered along everyone's faces, his inviting smile made the children smile back as he wandered to the hut, pushing back the door to look into the main hut of Carrie and her father

    "...Excuse me..I was called in to see about a father didn't say much about it but..."

    His eyes looked at Carrie and he blushed at her attire and her beauty
    "...Oh....I'm sorry I didn't know I was interrupting...Excuse me.."
    Witht hat he ducked back out to wait.


    (Don't mind the angry look it was a different artist's rendition)
  3. Carrie looked at her father with a raised eyebrow.

    Jon called the boy back in. "Come on in, son, you weren't interrupting." Carrie blushed, looking down at herself and quickly straightened out her simple green dress. She must look so uncivilized to such a man! She looked back to the door, supposing that if that was what the male she was to be mated to looked like, then she was an awfully lucky girl. She had had friends that had been less fortunate than she. She cleared her throat, awaiting his return so she could get a better look at him.
  4. He heard his welcome and walked back in, greeting the older gent with a bow and then looked at Carrie, taking his place and kneeling before her, on his knees and looking at her, level with her face. He would admit she was a lovely maiden and a stunning vixen, though her scent was emitting, his ears folded back as he tried to contain himself, which he did very well, just looking at her intently, waiting for what this was for.
  5. Jon smiled. "I have waited for this moment for twenty years..." He sighed. "Okay, as you know, I'm sorry what was your name?" Jon suddenly asked.

    "As I was saying, as you know, you have been sent her to be mated with my daughter, the next alpha female of the tribe." He continued on. "Carrie, you and this young man shall partake in the ceremony tonight so we can send you on towards the hut we have built for you deeper into the forest. I will give both of you a few minutes to get to know each other as I go gather everyone in the tribe's center for the ceremony."

    Carrie was shocked at the speed of which this was happening, almost falling off her chair. "Father-" She began only to be cut off by a snarl.

    "Carrie, you will do as I say. You will be in heat by tonight, I can smell it on you, as can every male in this village." He frowned, turning his muzzle towards the boy kneeling before her. "That is why it is imperative the ceremony take place tonight."

    Carrie nodded her head in submissiveness before looking shyly at the man in front of her. "I'll leave you now to make the preparations." Jon said as he left the hut, leaving the two alone to talk.
  6. He watched Jon leave then looked at Carrie
    They were alone
    She was vulnerable
    She was in heat

    He gently stood up and walked to her, offering his paw to help her up and rubbed the back of his head obviously nervous
    "I didn't know this was what I was brought for and, well it is startling me that I'm to lay with look stunning and...well your tribe is very much more well adjusted than mine."
    He looked at her and smiled, he was kind of glad that this was happening, but at the same time it was slightly awkward
    "..Oh...Name's Rush...and..>Nice to meet you Carrie."
    As her paw was still in his, he took the opportunity to gently kiss the top of her hand, his lips grazing her coat.
  7. Carrie took the proffered hand and stood to her hindpaws. She listened intently to him, "How could you not know? My father said he explained everything to yours..." She looked confused for a moment, caught off guard by the fact that he mentioned her looking stunning. Her muzzle threatened to fall open at the gentle kiss, never having been treated with such respect. "Likewise, Rush." Her ears perked up at the sounds of the drums of the mate ceremony began to beat.

    Suddenly it hit her.
    She would have to leave her tribe,
    with a male she didn't know,
    to mate with him and produce pups...
    him being the only one to be there when she went into heat
    the only one to see her so vulnerable.

    She frowned, knowing what the drums meant. "I'm afraid the ceremony is beginning...I don't know how they do it in your village, but we partake a cup of...fertility," She blushed at the thought, "Fertility liquid. My tribe than dances and we are given one torch to light the way to our hut. Don't worry, the tribe has already scent marked the path by now."
  8. He looked down at her as she tried to explain everything and he noticed the hurt in her voice and eyes. She didn't want to leave, she was still young, still a pup. A woman but still a child in a sense. This was her home and she thought he was here to take him away, but he calmed her with a soft brush of her cheek with his palm, smiling as he lifted her head to meet his gaze
    "....Tell me Carrie...Do you enjoy it here...."
    He took her other hand in his and looked at her face still, trying to look into her soul, to let her know he meant no harm
    "....What do you wish to do..."
  9. Carrie felt her body warm at his touch. She quickly jerked away, knowing even the slightest touches could send her tumbling into her heat. "I love my home, but it's my duty to serve the tribe." Her muzzle raised and she motioned to him to follow her.

    Leaving the hut, her wolven eyes took in the glint of the fire and the sound of the drums led her to the town center. Once there, the drums stopped. "My tribe!" Her father called with a roaring voice. "This day I pronounce my daughter Carrie, the next alpha of this tribe, to be known mate to Rush. Let them partake in the golden goblet of Nature's Blessing!" He stepped up towards the two, holding out a goblet of the promised fertility drink. "Drink, and may your pups be bountiful and healthy!" Jon watched as Carrie took the goblet first, drinking half the contents before handing it to Rush.
  10. He looked at her, a little worried and saddened for her dilemma, but partook himself, drinking his half, which made his head a little dizzy with a sensory overload, holding his head and looking at her, holding his breath as he whiffed her, he was going crazy too, but led into the hut, he walked in and looked around, the hut was well adorned and spacey, but he looked at his potential mate

    "..I know this is a commitment we need to do for our tribes...but....I will not force this upon you if you do not wish, but know if we go through, I have no intention of taking you from your homeland.."
  11. Carrie followed her mate towards the hut which was quite a distance from the village so the two could have some privacy. The added aphrodisiac in the drink, as well as her being in heat, made her strip quickly. "You will be alpha of my tribe instead if you wish?" Her eyes narrowed to slits and she walked towards him, naked and panting as her heat overcame her. It clouded her mind quickly. She reached him, putting her hands on his chest and licking him. "We are required to mate traditionally first, claiming each other..." Her voice came out huskily and she bit him on his chest, marking him as her own.

    The scent of him was too strong for her body to take, and her heat filled eyes looked at his clothes in displeasure.
  12. He was about to asnwer before he was hit as well, her touch, marking and smell made him strip as well, tossing his clothes to the side and dragging her along to the mattress in the middle of the room, panting all the while and laying her down, ready to start and antsy, the potion was working as his member erected fully, his bulb of a knot swelling with potent seed as he looked down at his mate. He fell silent , her question unanswered as he reviewed her nude body, blushing a bit form the sight and partaking in her cleavage, licking between her curvy breasts and suckling on them.
  13. Carrie moaned at the suddenness. She flipped over onto her stomach, crouching into a position where she was kneeling on her forepaws and knees. "My dad must have spiked that potion a little extra." Her tongue flopped out of her muzzle, her tail lifting slightly to the side to show her wet fold. "We have a long night of pup-making ahead of us." She laughed, her body giving off a strong heat scent.
  14. He sniffed it in, nibbling on her ear as he scooted closer to her slit, wanting to plunge right in, but also...
    He enjoyed her taste, to lube her entrance easier for him as he tasted her. She was sweet and smooth, almost silky as he licked into her, slowly receding and propping himself up against her, paws on her flank as he prods against her
    ">.Indeed love...and I'm ready to go~"
  15. She shuddered at his licking, it making her respond in such a powerful way. She felt his hands on her hips and she sighed, her tail staying draped to one side. "Do it..." She moaned, her heat scent now coming off her in waves. Now she knew why they were settled far outside the village, normally every male for a few miles would be having a hard time not pounding down her door.
  16. His hips pushed forward, slowly penetrating her as he maoned out at the feel, her tight slit cramped his member as he pushed into her, his knot firmly on her entrance,not to be entered but to entice her as he pulled back, then pushed into her again, their hips grinding on each other as his hands wander down, to grasp her breasts from underneath, rotating his hips into hers
  17. She grunted at he penetrated her, tearing her open for the first time. She felt his knot on her and she moaned. He pushed into her and she backed into him, hearing her name called out.
    "Rush~" She said lovingly, lost in the throws of passion and heat.
  18. Her tits were firm in his grasp as he played with them,, making love with his partner as their loins swallowed each other, their hips bouncing to each other as their tails found their partner's intertwining gently as he panted, lifting her up slightly to kiss her neck, marking her flesh with small love nibbles to say she was his. His member throbbed inside her as he went
  19. Carrie's tail wrapped itself in his, moaning as he played with her tits. He lifted her slightly, marked her flesh. She could feel his member throbbing, her muscles tightening against him. She bucked into him harder, her tongue falling out of her mouth as she panted. She was overwhelmed by the feeling and relishing every moment. Her heat made her more sensitive and she yipped with excitement as those hands continued to fondle her.
  20. He slowly brought her up, kneeling on her knees as he still thrusted, trying to shift the position as he kept playing with her body, enjoying the feel on his member and in his hands, kissing her neck more before turning her to face him, making her straddle his lap as he kissed her deeply, his tongue finding a way into her lips as he made her bounce on him, before laying her down, changing her to face him as he bucked his hips down into her, her feet raised around his hips