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  1. So today at work I had to call Slovenia. (I'm American people). And because I've never made an international phone call despite living overseas, it was an adventure to try and find the international code (It's 011 by the way to call Slovenia) because the website only gave me the country code. Now I'm working with a Slovenian company to try and get a compressor for a customer.

    Now I'm just curious to see what the phone bill is going to be. Who would have thought a compressor made in Korea was only sold in Slovenia. Oh the joys of working for a HVAC company.

    Do you have any odd work experiences?
  2. I also work for an HVAC company. I've had to make some weird calls but none overseas >. <
  3. Work experience, no. But I did have someone from India call and ask me what my bra size was to sell me a bra. o___o And wouldn't take no for an answer.
  4. Can you tell me what your bra size is?

    I'm Asian and using Skype.

    Does that count?

    Its totally exported sales associates for bigger companies. I think I fit both criteria.

  5. A customer in Michigan called my workplace (a chocolate Cafe in BC) to order Christmas chocolate for their daughter who lives here :)
  6. I thought this thread would be discussing how awesome Slovenia is. I am disappoint.
  7. #sloveniaisawesome

    Happy, @Halo ?

    I have done my due dilligence!
  8. Here in Sweden we get people calling with Indian and sometimes even Russian like accents and such. (Don't know where in the world they are though, it's not Sweden though, their connection suck too much.) Though instead of bras they're telling us our computers have sent them warning messages and they are form Microsoft or Windows or whatever. On top of that they're speaking in English, which they wouldn't if they were for real. Cause 1. our computers don't send out messages with our number without our permission to the company, and 2. We're in Sweden. Even if it did, it would be someone speaking Swedish that would call us about it. So they're pretty much trying to scam people off their money o.O I think it costs more for them to call than what they get though xD

    Either way, my first experience with them was around two years ago when they rang for the first time. My dad said no and refused to speak to them again, but they kept calling TEN TIMES, so in the end I just unplugged the phone. It's not like my parents had to suffer the constant ringing. They were outside working in the garden while I was inside working on my computer xb

    After that I have dealt with them in different ways. A few times I told them how full of bullshit they were and we knew they were just trying to scam us off our money. They hang up after realizing we wouldn't listen. But sometimes they still kept on ringing. So now a days (The last two weeks. They've been ringing every other day. Always different people) I just tell them that we don't have a computer. Most of them just hang up immediately, but there was this one guy who kept on asking "do you have a laptop or something like that?" And I was like "... ... Who doesn't call their laptop a computer?" I don't know if that's true in English speaking countries, but in Sweden we generally say computer about our laptops too. After maybe a minute he got it and said good bye. That was pretty nice actually. most of them just hang up without a word as fast as I told them that there wasn't a computer in my home. (Which is a total lie. We have four working laptops, two that's in use, one that's about to retire, and one that's a reserve in case something happens to the others. One installed stationary computer, and one that my dad should have installed but still hasn't fixed. Then I think we have one or two really old ones put away in a closet somewhere.)

    So that's the weirdest experience I've had with international callers. (And the only experience) I haven't had any job where international calls would be needed, and it would cost me way too much to call friends internationally. (That's what skype's for.) So on that I lack experience xD
  9. I appreciate that you're so nice that you didn't just hang up on them when they asked your bra size. XD

    I have pretty bad phone anxiety... I try to avoid the phone whenever possible.
  10. I had someone call me at work asking if they could ask me a few questions for a marketing survey. They said they worked for Victoria Secret and you'd get a free gift for answering a few questions. At first I thought.. okay this can be legit maybe. Then the questions started...

    "What do you like to buy at Victoria Secret?"

    Do you prefer to shop online or in a store?"

    Those questions seeed normal... then they got bad real fast.

    "What colors do you buy?"

    "What kind of panties do you buy?"

    "Are you a cheeky girl or a boy short type?"

    Then even weirder....

    "Do you fake tan or real tan?"

    "Do you tan publicly or secluded?"

    Mind you at this point I've not been answering his questions. I was giving him BS answers to fuck with him and see how far he was willing to go with the questions.

    So after I got bored and hung up he called back and asked what my measurements were. He said he needed it for the survery. I told him to go kick rocks. Well... something like that but more vulgar.
  11. I'm like literally ecstatic

    though that may be because of the multiple cans of energy drinks and sugary food I used to power my way through an all-nighter working last night
  12. your diabetes is also ecstatic
  13. Yay, everyone wins! (Apart from my health but pfffttt who needs that shit anyhow)
  14. callous disregard of it certainly keeps me busy- i'd be bored without something to do at work
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