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  1. Jethro stared in disbelief at the palm of his hand. He'd gotten the splinter only a moment ago, but things had escalated. The eleven-year old saw dark grey tendrils reaching and probing their way under his skin, through capillary and blood vessel, growing rapidly. When the blackness started to work it's way up his arm, he felt a madness take him, and Jethro was no more. Simeon had taken his place.

    "Stop being a cry-baby, it's just a sliver," Justin taunted. "You always cry at stupid things. I'm going to tell everyone." Jethro's father had always said that bullies like Justin would always get theirs in the end. Somerwhere along the line, someone would always teach bullys a lesson.

    "Stop, Justin, he's not crying." Kendin, said. She was older than the other boys by a year, and often times held the authoritative edge. She moved to Simeon's side, unaware of any danger, and took his hand in hers for examination. "This is... Weird." She concluded, looking up at Justin. "We need to get him home, help me Justin."

    "Ask nicely." Justin commanded.
    "Go to hell." Kendin shot back.
    "I shouldn't have come here with you idiots," Justin retorted, becoming so angry that Kendin could see his face getting red, "everybody said this place was haunted, but it's not, nothing cool has happened. Jethro cried all the way here, cried because of a sliver, and now he needs his mommy." Justin finished, punctuating the air with his air quotes.

    Kendin lifted her middle finger at Justin and told him to fuck off, but Simeon had no care in the world for such childish battles. Something greater awaited him. "Let's go inside." He suddenly suggested.

    Justin, who'd cursed and had begun to stalk away, turned and said "Finally, crybaby picked up his nuts. You in, Kendin?"

    Kendin frowned, but that was what they had come here for, after all. "Sure, but fast. Jethro's hand is nearly black. Does it hurt?" She asked, prodding the black flesh.

    "No." Simeon said. He stood, turned, climbed up the porch and headed into the dilapidated building. "Watch for slivers..." He said before disappearing entirely. Justin followed, and then Kendin as well.

    They didn't come out for a fortnight.


    Rid spat on the sidewalk as he walked, caring only for his thoughts. He was passing the house where the Flaggerty family had been murdered, and his thoughts paid their memory some respects. He'd never known them very well, but they'd had a rough time right before they'd kicked it; their girl goes missing and they have a meltdown the whole bleeding town can hear, and the day they go silent is the day they're all found dead. Terrible things happen all the time, and this town is no different. Rid told himself, but he did wonder who'd done it. He'd already gone through the list a couple of times, and the police had come by more than once asking him about it.

    "Fellas, I'm too old for this shit, alright?" He'd tell them, every time. "Nobody here matches the profile, to my knowledge. You'll have to catch the sunuvabitch to know who it is." He'd agreed to keep an eye out for anything strange, as usual, and then he'd banged the door shut and went back to his research. That's what he did these days, research. On anything he could lay his hands on. He was a scientist, and a damn good one too.

    He made his way to the makeshift command center that had been set up for search and rescue; two weeks and nothing had turned up. Ever since the Flaggerty murders, the search operation no longer allowed civilians to participate, but that didn't stop those idiots from running around in the woods to pursue who was probably an armed and dangerous individual.

    Despite shutting down the cops, Rid's participation became almost obligatory in the investigation when the FBI entered the picture. He lit a cigarette, walked into the command pavilion and announced, "Alright, shitheads. Who's yappin' first?"

    "Nobody needs your attitude today Rid, we're all tired and we need answers, else we wouldn't have called you in." Reed Douglas said as he stood, holding a file. He walked over and shoved the file into Rid's chest. Rid tried to grab it before it all fell to the floor, but he couldn't quite catch it all in time and ended up dropping his cigarette with everything else.

    "Still a dickhead, you'll never change. Cigarettes are expensive these days." Rid said as he gathered up the contents of the file. He stomped on the cigarette as he began to flip through the file, and immediately lit up to see that it was his own work. This is really old stuff, where did the dickhead find this? "This is classified." Rid said, cracking a smile.

    "And so are you. Isn't it strange that this kind of thing would happen right where you decided to retire?" Douglas said, not sitting back down, but choosing to hover over his makeshift desk, which was a mess. Kami Kirido, Douglas' partner, smirked and fixed Rid with a glare. Rid didn't know Kirido very well, but she was FBI; she was an asshole, a really attractive asshole, but rumor had it she was a headhunter in the witch-hunting department. This was starting to smell like a witch hunt, after all. Rid would have to be careful around that one. Douglas continued, "I think you know more than you told the cops, Rid. You always were a liar."

    Rid let the file fall back to the ground. "Sure I do, but I was told to keep quiet. As long as the pension keeps coming, my mouth may as well be stitched shut. I'll tell you what, though, this ain't no fuckin' Coven. They don't go after the family. It's probably some junkie psycho who took the kids and needs to kill the families for a change of ownership. We've seen this shit before... Unless you know more than you're letting on."

    Meanwhile, only miles away, screams ripped through a suburban home and then silence fell again. Simeon walked out of the home, and back towards the woods.
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  2. She was late, it wasn’t often that she was but the timing was a little off for her. Maybe she should have gone home earlier the previous night. Parking the black charger she stepped out. Locking the car behind her she walked to the main entrance of the command centre that the bureau had quickly assembled. She had only been in this town for a couple days and she already knew that something wasn’t right. It was heavy, in the air, she could feel it lurking.

    Stopping just inches before the door the tall brunette looked to her left. The screams were distant but they easily reached her ears. Clenching her jaw she opened the door and stepped in. They would get the call soon. If she hadn’t been late she would’ve gone out herself. She knew Douglas wasn’t a fan of people being late so she crossed her fingers in hopes that he wouldn’t chew her out.

    Stepping in she saw the three and she was also able to catch the end of their conversation. Douglas looked up at her and pointed. “There she is.” He stood up straight and looked back down at the man sitting across from them. A small breath escaped her when he said nothing more. That was odd of him. Douglas spoke again and pointed down at the sitting man. “Agent Silvasi. This is Teller Rid. Your gonna be working with him.” Her hazel eyes glanced down at the man, Teller. The name was rather familiar to her. They hadn’t worked together before but she had read about him and certainly heard rumours. He dealt with cases that were a little more odd, slightly beyond normal. Nodding, she stepped closer to everyone. “Rid, this is special agent Anna Silvasi.” Douglas looked at her once more. “She’s a great agent. Very open minded, I think you two will get along.”

    Anna moved closer to her new partner. “Pleasure to meet you Mr. Rid.” She extended her hand out for a shake.

    “You’ve been briefed on the investigation agent, haven’t you.” Douglas asked her.
    “Somewhat sir, yes.” She responded as she glanced over.

    “Alright, check out the updated files, get to know this guy and continue on. This is officially in our hands now.” Douglas finished off and glanced at his partner.
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  3. Rid studied Silvasi. He'd never heard of her. He'd only assumed that Kirido and Douglas were the only two real agents in attendance. A third... My new partner.

    Rid ignored the proffered hand. "Anna Silvasi, huh?" He said slowly. "Agent Silvasi... Douglas," he started, but Douglas cut him off before he could say anything else. "Stow your complaints Rid, this is the way it is. Before you ask, she's more than able to assist you, but remember, she's in charge. The FBI has everything nailed down here, including you.

    "She's taller than I am. I look like the Chinese kid who works at the Dominoes down the road when she stands next to me." Rid replied, but he said it with a smirk. He stuffed his hands in the pockets of his windbreaker. A few feet away from them, Kirido was handed a cellphone by one of the local police. "She's a polite one though, handshakes and all, huh? Silvasi, tell Douglas he's -"

    "The Lerato kid's father was just found dead, body's fresh." Kirido interrupted.

    "Please tell me you guys had the other families protected, at least." Rid said, sneering. He didn't wait for a reply, though, but instead turned to Silvasi and said "Alright, kiddo. You drive, Chet Lerato's house isn't that far away. I'll be nice and navigate." Douglas and Kirido were already rushing to their vehicles, and Rid began to stalk off towards Silvasi's Charger.
  4. Kiddo? Anna smirked to herself and shook her head slightly. If it worked for him she would deal with it. Getting in the car she started the vehicle and the two were off. The home was further than she thought but then again it was mostly flatland’s in the town, the sounds had more space to travel, less obstacles to keep them from fading away.

    Pulling up to the crime scene she stepped out and clenched her jaw, the scent of blood was overpowering everything else. There seemed to be a lot of it, she didn’t have to see it to know it. Approaching the police line Anna flashed her badge and stepped under as soon as she was allowed. She waited for Rid before continuing on.

    “Why did they bring you on this?” She asked making her way up the steps and into the home. “Do they suspect that it’s something…unnatural?” Her brow was raised as she looked around the first room. It was a dining room, half way up the walls were painted an odd mint green and from the middle point and up there was a rather unattractive wallpaper, the same mint green colour mixed into the designs. There were two china cabinets, one a simple corner unit with miscellaneous plates and mugs the other was slightly larger, drawers on the bottom half and glassware on the top display case. The room seemed untouched.

    Continuing on, the kitchen was the next room, again unscathed. This killer must’ve been very quite and quick or a very familiar face that had been let into the house. With her hands in her pocket Anna continued on, analyzing every detail for anything that could seem off. She was able to spot the small trail of blood before heading up the stairs. She followed it until she was looking out the back door which had been left open. “Good luck finding him out there…” She muttered to herself.

    Eventually Anna got to the corpse, every part of her focused on the body.
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  5. When asked about his involvement, Rid grinned a lazy grin and said "I know a thing or two. I'm a retired agent. Nowadays I conduct my research on this and that. So why did they bring me on this case? For one, I live here, but that hasn't done me any favors. For two, I specialize in Paranormal Scientific Research, Operations, and Forensics. Take that as you will."

    Rid followed Silvasi through the home, which swarmed with activity. He was mostly paying attention to her, studying what she chose to focus on and how she moved through the scene. He was trying to determine how green she was. Her hands were in her pockets, so she knew not to touch anything without gloves, and so far she hadn't asked any stupid questions. When they reached the open back door, Rid assumed that the killer had sustained some sort of injury. Minimal, but enough to follow. He agreed with Silvasi's under-the-breath sentiment, but at least it they had yet more confirmation of the killer's hiding place. The woods. That was where the kids disappeared, and the Flaggerty family's back door had been used as the primary escape route as well. Both backyards opened up to the woods beyond, though this yard in particular had a short chain link fence as protection from beyond.

    When they came to the body, though, Rid was surprised. This wasn't what he expected. The Coroner crouched in a corner of the room snapping photos of the scene at a low angle. Judging from the blood spatter, that was probably the only angle from which it could all be seen via photograph. The patterns were incredible, and quite unbelievable. Something was very familiar about all of this. Someone offered him a pair of sterile gloves. He took two and offered one pair to Silvasi after donning his own.

    The naked body of Chet Lerato looked as if he'd been drawn and quartered, yet his limbs and head were still attached to his body. It was obvious that his legs and arms had been dislocated from the hips and shoulders - in those places there was an unusual length to the flesh, with split skin and tissue indicating intense pulling. The muscle in those areas was probably shredded to bits. There was a large, messy puncture wound just below Chet's sternum that ran deep into his chest. The look on Chet's face showed that he'd been in immense pain before death; his eyes dropped lazily but his jaw told the story. "Clenched tighter than if I had a thousand dollars in my hand." Rid muttered.

    He knelt down next to the body, and noticed writing. It was cut into the back of Chet's neck, and was barely visible from where Rid was looking at it. "What does this all look like to you, Silvasi? Tell me what you see."
  6. Anna studied the body with her eyes. When the gloves had been handed to her she accepted them and put them on. Kneeling on the opposite side of the corpse she studied the man then stood to look around the room again. She had heard his mutter but had no comment. “If I had to guess, it’s definitely the same person. I’m not sure if he or she has a reason for how they kill. The previous corpses were found nude as well. Same puncture wound too, although I’m not sure what could cause that pattern. The others were also in individual rooms, away from each other.” She looked at the blood stains and splatters on the wall. “I have no idea how that could’ve happened.” She returned her gaze to the corpse. “Dislocated limbs match up with the previous file. Single father I assume? His son was probably under the age of 13 or 14. The Flaggerty’s had three children, two of which were found dead in their rooms and also over the age of 15, their youngest still missing.” She looked at Rid “Obviously this killer has a thing for children and torture by the looks of it.” She returned her gaze to the corpse.

    Anna removed her gloves. Stepping out of the room she followed the small drops of blood. All the way down and out to the back. Stopping at the fence she looked up and down the property, there were no breaks anywhere. The fence wasn’t too high, perhaps seven or eight feet. There was no blood on the fence. Depending on what this killer could be, clearing the fence wouldn’t be difficult. Anna thought to herself. Looking passed the chain links she tried to focus on anything that didn’t fit. Closing her eyes she listened, taking a deep breath she tried to go passed the overwhelming scent of blood, even if it made her smirk and eager. All she got was the sound of someone gasping slightly. Looking to her left she caught a glimpse of auburn hair as the white curtain from the house next door fell shut. She heard the hurried footsteps as they thudded through the home and down the stairs.

    Looking back to the ground Anna once again looked up the fence. Her face turned to the left again and this time she spotted the curious green eyes of the little girl. The tall brunette chuckled with a soft smile as the young girl was called away from the window. Turning around she stepped back into the home.
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  7. Rid hadn't had time to be briefed on the other case, so he listened intently to Silvasi. He knew this and that, but it was good to know some of these specifics. Afterwards, as she pulled off her gloves and stepped out, he asked the Coroner if the body was clear. The Coroner nodded and Rid once again crouched down next to the body. "Get this on record," he said to the coroner, "I don't want this shit coming back to bite me in the ass."

    He carefully probed the outer edges of the wound, then slowly reached one hand inside just as his favorite person in the world walked into the room. He glanced up at Douglas as he gently pushed his hand into the chest cavity. "What the hell are you doing? Is that body clear?" Douglas demanded.

    "What do I look like Douglas?" Rid retorted as he lightly felt around inside the chest cavity before pulling his hand back out. "Of course the body was clear, it's on record. Help me turn Chet over, dumbass." The Coroner rushed to help instead, and Douglas was left to watch. Together they turned to body just enough to take get a good look at the back of Chet's neck. "See that? 'Cor.' Is this consistent with the Flaggerty bodies?" Rid asked, standing.

    Douglas shook his head, indicating the negative. "Is it foreign?" He asked.

    Rid slicked off his gloves and examined his arm. Some of Chet's fluids adorned his skin. "It's Latin for heart. The heart is missing. It looks like it was pulled out while still pumping, that would explain the blood trail out the back door... Were the Flaggertys missing any organs?"

    "No." Douglas replied.

    "You should relocate the Beckinsales. You should have relocated Chet. I'm going to wash off and find Silvasi, we have work to do."

    After he washed in the bathroom sink, he found Silvasi coming back into the house through the back. "The body was missing a heart. What did you find?" He asked her.
  8. She raised a brow at his find. “That’s odd…none of the others were missing anything.” Her hands were in her pockets again as she clenched her jaw. Turning around slightly she looked out the back door. “I haven’t had a chance to check the other side of the fence but there’s no blood on the fence itself. The drops end just a few steps before.” She explained and met his eyes. “The neighbours also have a curious little girl.” She chuckled. “If you need me to take you anywhere that’s not a problem. I wouldn’t mind checking the other side of the fence though. There might be a trail.” Anna looked out back once again. “Shall we?” She walked ahead and out the front door.

    Slowly Anna made her way around the property until she was directly on the opposite side of the door to the back. She stopped in her tracks and knelt down. The grass was flattened, the ground pounded in slightly. It seemed like someone had landed, and fairly hard. What seemed odd to Anna was there was no blood. She looked down the forest, the trees got thicker as the woods got deeper. Anna stepped in a little further and stopped. Perhaps it would be better to go later…she thought to herself. “It’s a dead end.” She called out. “There’s not much more to do here. Sorry.” She somewhat apologized.

    It had peaked her curiosity but led to nothing that could be done at this point and time.
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  9. Rid frowned. He needed to think. It was what was best at, sometimes. He pulled a digital recorder out from one of his pockets, and set it to record. "Chet Lerato's place, 6:44 pm, ten-ten-fourteen." He said to the device as he followed Silvasi into the backyard. She's a quiet one... He thought to himself, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He continued speaking into the recorder. "Jethro Lerato goes missing with two other kids, supposedly in the woods, a logical place. Chet Lerato is murdered, his heart taken, but the other victims of the Flaggerty murders still had all organs intact... I need more data." He concluded.

    What does the heart symbolize? In some lore, the heart symbolized youth, power, control... But why only Chet? It didn't make sense yet. He looked around at nothing in particular, and for a moment took in the scene around him. Silvasi was messing around near the fence, maybe looking for tracks? That was right, she did mention something about looking for a trail, but Rid wasn't really paying attention. "Goddammit, Teller." He said to himself.

    Silvasi told him it was a dead end. "Yeah," he responded, "it is right now, there has to be something else here." He said, thinking about what to do next. "The neighbor girl might be a good lead. I don't know them very well, you should spearhead that one Silvasi. I fuckin' hate kids." Rid finished with a frown.

    Muffled shouts came from inside the house. They were high in pitch; they were panicked. Mingled shouts with calmer, more inquisitive voices followed, and then there was an instant of silence. Suddenly, the air around them became very, very cold, and Rid's heart thumped all the way down to the ground. The heart, it's a control mechanism! What came next was a thing he'd only ever read about. There was a loud meaty POP!, followed by a someone shouting clearly, "MOVE, GET OUT, GET-"

    The wall that separated Chet's bedroom from the outside buckled inward, not quite caving in, rather acting as if some force was pulling it inward from a central point. There was a loud screech, a human screech, that seemed to wail on for far too long. Rid didn't waste any time. He grabbed Silvasi by the waist and shoulder and heaved her away, yelling "On the ground and cover your head Silvasi! Bombshell!" And dove to the ground.

    The wall exploded outward. Brick, sheetrock, wood, and human viscera filled the air for a moment. Rid was unscathed, and before he checked Silvasi he looked up to where the wall once held firm. Chet Lerato was somehow standing, clutching the shredded neck and tattered spine of some poor schmuck in his hand. Shots were fired from inside the other part of the house. The dead body of Chet took the bullets like they were nothing. They blasted bits of flesh away from his body with no visible effect. Soon he disappeared from view, and more people started to die. "You okay? We need to get that motherfucker's head off, Silvasi, get up!" Rid shouted, rising shakily to his feet.
  10. She was ready to respond to him but her head instead shot up to the home on the other side of the fence. Too many people talking at the same time, it was difficult to make out any words. The screeched pierced her sensitive ears, hands shooting up to cover them as Anna winced at the sound. The throw was sudden but Anna did what she was told and protected herself.

    A few things fell fairly close to her and as she slowly brought herself up a heavy piece of drywall landing directly on her. The piece of sheetrock snapped as she almost fell face first in the dirt. Thankfully she was able to support herself. The gunshot’s are what caused her to push up even faster and get on her feet before Rid. Moving closer to him she looked up in the same direction Anna saw nothing but was able to hear everything. Pulling Rid up a bit faster she ran passed him and glanced over her shoulder, weapon drawn. There was a small glint in her eye, it was that of excitement as she smirked at him and continued around the perimeter to the front of the house.

    She listened as she slowed down to a walk, gun raised and pointed ahead. The victims didn’t have much time to react, all their screams being cut off fairly quickly. The front door was wide open as she approached the front steps, slowly she walked up, heart pounding in her chest, blood racing through her veins. She was alert and she was excited. Clenching her jaw she continued forward, a small and subtle smirk playing on her lips. Everything seemed to fall silent for just a moment, Anna could only hear herself.

    A slight exhale escaped her…

    Anna’s head shot up as another ungodly screech escaped whatever it was that was in the house. The thudding of footsteps made it easier for her to locate. Within seconds she found herself upstairs pointing her weapon at…the victim? Clenching her jaw she held her ground quickly squeezing off a few rounds. She was successful in catching his attention.

    Chet Lerato turned around, his bullet ridden corpse seemed angered by Anna’s presence. The brunette quickly glanced down to see Douglas’ partner, blood splattered but still breathing. Chet stumbled forward. Anna had never seen or dealt with anything like this before, a zombie? Was that the right thing to say or think? Rid had said the head needed to come off, did that mean severed? Could she simply shoot him in the head, like they did in the movies? Probably not, movies weren’t usually right. The scream caught her off guard as she winced, Chet rushing forward and knocking her to the ground.

    Anna had lost grip on her weapon as it slid across the floor. Her arms came up to keep the approaching face away from her. The corpse reeked, for obvious reasons. Disturbing and ungodly sounds escaping him. His left hand reached up for her face, fingernails digging in and ripping at her skin. Although a sound of pain did escape her she was also angry. Snarling at this thing Anna’s foot came up and soon the reanimated corpse of Chet Lerato was flying through the upstairs hallway. He collided with the first wall, a loud thud and crack. Hitting the ground he landed fairly hard and was soon stumbling down the stairs.

    Lifting herself up Anna spat out the taste of blood from her mouth and quickly went for her weapon. Looking into the other room she met the shocked eyes of Kirido before rushing to the staircase and slowly making her way down.
  11. Rid wasn't a fighter. He could aim a gun well enough, so if it ever came to a fight where everyone had distance between them, he would be fine until someone cured his lead deficiency. Otherwise, he was hopeless. His main strength was a mental one, so when Silvasi took off around the building, he was suddenly glad to have her around. She was on her feet far more quickly than he was; if not for her, he'd have fallen to the ground again with all of the adrenaline rushing through his veins. I need a really intense light. If we can't get Chet's head, we'll have to get his eyes. Rid began to walk towards the building, wary. He sped up after a meter and entered the home through the back door. He found himself in the kitchen, and he could hear the sounds of combat upstairs. An officer lay on the kitchen floor, her throat torn out, blood still oozing slightly from the wound. She was still alive. Rid had to act fast, but felt the need to pay her one small mercy. He knelt down next to her as he heard a rumble come down the stairs. Rid quickly and deftly fished the officer's gun, a shiny new Glock 27, from her belt, unsnapping the holster strap like he was doing drills again. He also grabbed her security light. Officers usually had powerful flashlights on hand, hers was the small variety that featured a lens rim that was designed for melee combat. If your opponent got too close, you could literally bust up their face with your flashlight.

    "I'm sorry." Rid muttered simply to the officer, who's dying gaze told him that she was nearly gone. Nearly wasn't enough for Rid. He put his gun to her head and fired, ending it quickly. He stood and turned to find Douglas behind him. Douglas had his weapon drawn, pointed right at Rid's chest. "Get down!" He commanded. "Now! Down on your knees and hands in the air!" He was visibly shaken - he was in shock. Gore and spatter covered his neat little suit, and part of his face. Poor bastard, you just can't believe what you've seen. Beyond Douglas Rid saw Chet rising to his dead, ugly ass feet.

    Rid hoped that Silvasi was still somewhere in here alive. "Corde titulari." He said, loudly. It was Latin for heart holder, but it didn't seem to have any effect. "Douglas, get your stupid ass out of the way!" Rid shouted as he started to cross the kitchen. He brought up his flashlight and shined one single powerful beam directly into Chet's eyes. That worked. Chet stopped and shielded his face from the light.

    Then Douglas slammed the butt of his gun into Rid's face.
  12. As Anna walked down the stairs slowly she heard voices. Her expression was that of confusion. She heard the hurried footsteps and stepped down and around. The walking corpse stumbled backwards. Anna’s arm reached out. She waited for the right moment and fired a round through the side of Chet Lerato’s head. Blood splattered against the wall and the man fell to the ground. Anna looked down at him. There didn’t seem to be any signs of life…undeath?

    Looking towards the back door she spotted Douglas. He glanced at her over his shoulder. “Where’s—” She cut herself off as he stepped back and turned around to face her. She holstered her weapon and slowly approach Rid who was sprawled on the floor. “Is he alright, what happened?” She glanced at Douglas as she knelt down next to Rid, making sure he was alive. “Pulse is good” Anna leaned in slightly. “Breathing is good.” Tilting his head she noticed the blood coming from his nose. “He was—” It seemed Anna turned around at the right time, her hand shot out and gripped Douglas’ wrist before his gun made contact with her face. Standing up she gripped a little tighter than necessary as the man winced. “What are you doing? You knocked him out?” She seemed slightly annoyed as she let go and shoved him back a little too hard. He stumbled and fell to the ground. “Why? He was the only one that had the slightest idea of what was going on. You brought him on.”

    Douglas rubbed his wrist as he glared at Anna and slowly pushed himself up. “He shot one of the cops!” He pointed towards the officer sprawled on the kitchen floor.

    Anna turned and looked over. She looked back at her superior. If she had no chance of surviving he simply did her a favour. “Were there any witnesses?” Anna asked.

    “No, but it needs to be reported to the local authorities which will then make it’s way to the bureau.” He kept his distance from Anna as he spoke in anger and irritation.

    “The whole unit in this house got slaughtered, if no one saw it what’s one extra body? No one will know.” The tall woman spoke, defending her new partner. “There are more important things to worry about anyway. Like how that corpse managed to walk around and murder everyone in this house.” She pointed at the body of Chet. “We need him to help us figure it out, now thanks to your smart decision we have to wait till he gets up. Hopefully he’s not in too much pain to talk.” Anna finally finished, Douglas’ gaze burning into her. She approached Rid once again. “Maybe you should go upstairs and make sure your partner is okay.” Anna looked back at the other agent before kneeling next to Rid.

    She slapped the side of his face slightly, hoping to get him up. Maybe he could figure this whole thing out. Hearing Douglas go upstairs she looked back and the hopefully dead corpse of Chet Lerato. She shrugged. “I guess a bullet to the head can kill anything.” She muttered as she brought her attention back to Rid, in hopes of getting him up.
  13. Rid was really out cold. Douglas had hit him hard, and there was no coming back from it right now.

    Rid hadn't thought that bullets would do the trick for Chet's corpse, but even though Chet lay as if he were dead a second time, a dark power still lingered there. The bullet had severed the necessary connections to the rest of the body, which disabled most bodily movement, but some functions remained. In a low, unnaturally loud and ominous voice, Chet grumbled, "Adeptus moratur... Simeon vagatur..."

    The room grew cold. Frost formed on spilled blood wherever it was. Chet's eyes snapped open. "Adeptus moratur, Simeon vagatur." He groaned, filling the area with the low thrum of his voice. Douglas levelled his weapon and pumped two shots into Chet's head to no further effect. The flesh and bone parted easily enough and scattered bits of Chet's skull and brains on the floor.

    "What the hell does that mean? Damn it, Silvasi, did Rid say anything about stopping this thing?" Douglas said, backing away from Chet, panicking. He could hear something else... He could hear someone whimpering, praying. Probably on the of the Forensic personnel hiding in a closet or something. He had half a mind to go join them.
  14. Anna raised her head and stared at the corpse. She felt the temperature change, her breath visible in the air. Her attention had returned to Rid, still trying to wake him up. She had heard the footsteps come down the stairs but the gunshots still startled her. She held back a growl as she glared at Douglas. “I don’t speak Latin I don’t know what it means! If you hadn’t knocked him out he would’ve been able to help. But you were worried about an extra sheet of paperwork.” She practically snarled at the man.

    The whimpers didn’t seem as important to Anna, her biggest concern was what had been happening in the house. Getting up she continued to glare at Douglas. Making her way through Anna found herself in the back. She looked around the yard, in the shed under bicycles and other junk until she managed to find a shovel.

    The temperature difference was drastic when she entered the house again. She didn’t care for Douglas, where he was or what he was doing. She made her way over to the chanting corpse and looked down. Clenching her jaw she brought the shovel down with enough force to pierce through the floor beneath Chet Lerato. The head had been severed as it rolled back from the body slightly. Guess a shot to the head doesn’t kill everything. She thought to herself. The chanting ended and the temperature slowly returned to what it had been minutes ago. “Douglas! I stopped it, where are you?” She called out and moved around the corpse.
  15. Rid's head felt like it had soup in it. He came to and immediately vomited on the floor to his left, rolling on his side in the struggle to get up. "I'm too old for this shit..." He spat as he knelt, feeling the spot where he'd been hit. It was tender to the touch. He glanced around, wondering where he was when he saw Silvasi. He was about to tell a dirty joke when it all came back, and then he held it back. Whatever happened while I was out, it may be the case that she's responsible for my still being alive. He made a mental note of that and filed it away. "Please tell me you shot that pompous bastard." Rid groaned as he made his way to his feet, placing a hand on the ground to stabilize himself as he did so. "Remind me to buy you a drink or something when this is all over, Silvasi. I need-... Hey, you did hear me. Clean cut with a shovel? I'll be damned, you're stronger than you look." He said when he saw Chet's corpse. He stalked over and clapped a hand on Silvasi's shoulder, which also served as a sturdy reminder of her height. He'd be damned if she hadn't grown up in the Amazon choking gorillas with snakes. "We need to get the hell out of here. Where's Douglas? Eh, forget Douglas, and Kirido. We need to leave, we have shit to do." He started to shuffle towards the back yard. "Did I miss anything?" He asked her.
  16. Her search for Douglas ended quickly. It was only moments later that Rid had woken up and he had Anna’s full attention. “I didn’t shoot anyone, the last thing I need is the bureau on my ass.” She responded to his first comment, whether he intended it to be a sarcastic remark or not. She couldn’t afford to be hunted down…again… Anna eyed Rid cautiously, making sure that he was okay as he slowly approached. “Kirido was upstairs, I don’t know if he went to find her.” She looked up but she couldn’t hear anything which was a little worrisome.

    Fully turning her body around she glanced up the stairs one last time; with Rid already on his way out she sighed and caught up to him quickly. “You did.” She responded to his final question. “Are you okay to walk?” her question had a slight hint of worry behind it. “The corpse started speaking…chanting, actually.” She began to explain as the two slowly made their way to her vehicle. “It was in latin.” Anna took a moment to try and recall what the undead body of Chet Lerato had been mumbling. “Something moratur, Simeon…” She shook her head. “I’m not sure.” She opened the door for her injured partner. “The temperature in the house grew colder, to the point where the blood that was everywhere started to freeze.”
    Anna got in on her side and caught a glimpse of crimson in the rear view mirror.

    Dropping the visor on her side she slid open the little mirror and looked at the scratches going down the right side of her face. They were tender to the touch but not even close to an open wound anymore, just dry blood. Closing everything up she started the car throwing a quick glance at Rid. “I shot him—uhh…it?” She even questioned herself. “Once in the head, he stopped physically moving and Douglas shot him twice in the face but he was still chanting. Eventually Douglas started to freak. I went to find something to…well, decapitate the corpse then Douglas just disappeared and everything stopped, you woke up and here we are.”

    Eventually they got on one of the main roads of the small town. “You shot a cop?” Anna’s voice was unimpressed. Shaking her head she smirked with a small scoff. “So what’s going on here? What was happening in there? You’re the specialist right?” She glanced at Rid. “Some sort of voodoo? I mean what could cause something like that, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen some weird stuff, I’ve been through some weird stuff. But a chanting zombie who was also capable slaughtering a whole squad?” This time she shook her head in disbelief. It was true, she had seen and been through some painful and horrible things, unnatural things and Anna was fairly open minded. Whether this was some sort of black magic or ritual it worried her. Magic users made her nervous; the power that they could potentially have was terrifying to her, it should’ve been to anyone, whether they had a connection to magic or not. The last thing she needed was to loose herself, again.

    “I mean obviously you have some sort of theory or idea. You knew how to deal with it. Unless you’ve experienced something like this before?” She made eye contact with Rid while they were stopped at a red light. Was there something more to him? Something she couldn’t see, or sense? Anna relied on her gut more often then her mind. There hadn’t been anything to this man that she felt threatened by. Maybe he was just really good at hiding it.
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  17. "We need to get to my place, and we have to be quick about it. We'll get there, grab what we need, and get out, I'll show you where to go." Rid had told Silvasi as they entered her car. I should probably get a car... Rid thought. He was a pretty avid cyclist, but his bicycle wasn't all that practical right now. For an old white guy, though, he looked damn fine while riding that thing. Rid suddenly realized he was on a weird train of thought when Silvasi brought up the Latin. He realized he had zoned out while she'd been rattling off the details of this and that.

    He straightened in his seat and chewed on that one for a bit; Moratur... Simeon. That doesn't make any sense. "Moratur, depending on the context, usually has something to do staying, or remaining. Simeon is a name, or title. Maybe both. Simeon could mean a few things, depending on... Well, I need to back-track a bit. First off, never say Zombie again. I don't suppose you could do that for me?" He said with a sly smile as he fixed his gaze on Anna. "What you saw, that was a Wight, it had to be. The heart was missing, and the word 'Cor' was carved on the back of Chet's neck. It was all pretty specific. The old idea is that after death, part of your soul remains with you for a short time. Under the right circumstances, if you wanted to control the dead for that short amount of time, you could specify to the remaining soul element what connection you had to the body." Rid explained, quite rapidly he noticed. He was just getting too excited by all of this. The realization was starting to really hit him; What they had seen was real. It was a huge leap in understanding. He slowed down, took a breath, and continued. "In this case, the killer took the heart. That was the established connection, with the specification being made by the carving made on flesh. Usually, the blood of whoever has the intent to control is infused in the cut... We should have checked that. Anyway, the point is that while a... Zombie," Rid spat the word, as if he might sneeze, "is controlled by some sort of infectious or hellish intent to literally consume living humans out of some insane appetite, a Wight is simply a dead body with just enough soul - or spirit, whatever you want to call it - left to make it amiable to control. However, that doesn't explain its other supernatural powers."

    He intensified his gaze on Silvasi, and said, "We are very lucky to remain alive. I've never seen anything like that before, Silvasi. I've seen this and that, things that we've all seen, and frankly, things that you still wouldn't believe. Here, take your next right, there we go, I'm right... Here." Rid directed as they came to a stop in front of his house.

    "Quickly. We go in, I get what we need... Eh, shit, let's clean that blood off your face, I need to examine that. Here, follow me." Rid said as he exited the car, gesturing around her face where the scratches could be seen. "We can't let your looks go to waste, Silvasi, the monsters always have mercy for the pretty ones." He jested as he went inside through the front door, moving through the living area and back into the kitchen where he extracted a first aid kit from under the sink.

    Upon first inspection, Rid's home would appear to be extremely tidy. The living area had three full shelves stuffed to the nines with books, magazines, and papers. There was a silver short sword hung vertically on the wall, to the left of the book shelves. Other than the fact that it gleamed brightly in the home's lighting, and that it was silver, there was nothing particularly remarkable about it. To the right of the shelves was a glass curio, which held numerous bizarre objects, one of them being a slim black rod, maybe six inches in length, which lay on a bed of white linen. There was a sofa with a coffee table in front of it; an open laptop sat on the table, its screen black from having entered sleep mode.
  18. Her wounds were fine. Practically healed, the blood had just dried up. Stepping in Anna looked around, her brain not only analyzing what she was seeing but also trying to make sense of what had happened at that house. A wight? She thought to herself, that was something she had never heard of. It seemed they were dealing with dark magics, that definitely made her uneasy.

    Her shoes clicked against the hardwood floors as she slowly walked around. Rid’s home was surprisingly neat and tidy for a man. There was a glimmer that caught Anna’s attention. Turning around she made her way towards the weapon that hung on the wall. It seemed to be well taken care of, she could literally see her reflection in it. The blade was simple, the handle had nothing intricate either. Her hand slowly came up, something felt familiar about this sword. She made contact with the blade, her intentions to simply tilt the weapon up slightly. Anna immediately pulled her hand back, a sharp inhale coming from her as she winced slightly. The sizzling was loud in her ears and the scent took only moments to enter her nose. What she hadn’t noticed was that the blade had drawn blood.

    Looking down at her finger she cursed and brought it up to her lips. There was a very quiet whisper that caught her attention, Anna’s hazel eyes returning to the sword. As if gravity didn’t exist, she watched her blood begin to run upwards along the blade. In the center of the guard there was a small circle, the blood made it’s way towards it. Sliding through some sort of chamber, the small amount of blood that had been shed disappeared, the faintest red glow pulsing for a moment. The whisper had gotten louder and eventually formed words.

    ‘Tou lykou…’

    The voice sounded like an array of whispers before it all faded away. Anna’s face was that of confusion. Standing up straight she removed her finger from her mouth, looking at the small cut she made a face. Clenching her jaw she turned around, “Where’d you get this sword?” She called out to Rid. She was more than positive that she had seen the weapon before. Her attention soon came to something else though. Looking at all the objects in the small case Anna grew more intrigued by this man. “Is that a wand?” She muttered to herself.

    Amongst the wand there seemed to be an array of other objects. They seemed like items that would be used in rituals, varying in cultures. From skulls to claws and fangs. Were there reasons behind all these trinkets or did Rid simply just like having odd things in his house?
  19. Rid returned to Silvasi holding some damp gauze. "That sword's been in the family for a long time." Rid replied. Now that he was bale to see Silvasi's head wound clearly in the light, he was able to discern that it was barely anything at all. Instead of administering aid, then, he handed the damp gauze to her. "I guess that's really nothing at all there, huh? Here, you can at least clean the blood off. Funny you should ask about the sword; we'll need the damn thing. It's been in the family for a long time. My ancestors settled in Colonial America, they brought that over with them. The Teller family goes waaaay back, I even have records from 1066 AD, detailing how some of them took part in William the Conquerer's conquest across the British Isles at the end of the Hundred years' War." Rid said, having placed his hands on his hips, frowning. "That was a hard time for lots of people, and legend has it that my ancestors made it worse, depending on who you talked to. Anyway, grab it. It's sharp, be careful not to-" It was then that Rid noticed the cut on Anna's fingertip. It hadn't been there before. His eyes narrowed as his gaze darted from her hands to the weapon - it was clean.


    After what he'd seen so far today, Rid would have believed almost anything. Right now, though, it was hard to imagine that Silvasi was not as she seemed. Maybe I'm just paranoid. In Shock. God dammit, Rid. He thought ponderously. "Just... Be careful." He repeated to Anna. "I need to grab a couple of other things, and then we'll be off again. I'll fill you in on a couple of things before we go." He turned to walk away, then stopped, hesitating.

    Rid turned back to Anna. He made firm eye contact with her. The scratches... They're healed. There was once a time in his life where he was prepared for a moment like this. Instead of taking up the traditional hunt with his sister, he chose a life of science. His past could never escape him, though. He never wanted it to, but the hunt had been a daunting prospect at the time. Even though his investigation with the FBI had historically curbed into the supernatural, Rid always knew that there were other horrors out there that even the FBI wouldn't let him pursue, no matter their threat to national security. He put all of that out of his mind, though, and braced himself for whatever might happen next. He was a scientist, dammit. He needed to know.

    "Silvasi." Rid said slowly, his face grim. "You have some explaining to do. Tell me, what did the Teller tell you?"
  20. Anna took the gauze and began to wipe away the blood as Rid explained a portion of his family’s history. She listened with interest. Why would they need the sword though? Was one of her thoughts. Did silver pose a threat to other species? Was it that dangerous? Something came across his features, Anna raising a brow as she looked over her shoulder at the weapon then back to the man. As he turned to leave Anna turned to grab the weapon. His footsteps didn’t continue through the house. Anna didn’t really worry as she approached the sword, thankful that the grip was wooden and not silver like the rest of the weapon. “Do you have a sheath?” Anna asked as she took the weapon off the wall.

    The blade was pointed to the floor as the woman was incredibly careful with it. Turning around she raised the weapon, her left hand gripping the blade with the gauze that had been given to her. She eyed the weapon before extending her arms and looking at Rid. His gaze was intense, the woman tilted her head slightly in confusion. His words confused her even more. What did the Teller tell me?. She took a moment. “You told me that we need the sword and you asked me to take it down. You also told me that we’re dealing with a wight and some of your family history…” Her right brow arched. “What kind of question was that? What do I need to explain? You’re the smarter one here, I’m just helping…” Anna extended her arms again, trying to give the weapon to Rid.

    “Now, what else do we need and what is happening? I’m waiting for some explanations.” Anna continued looking at Rid. “We have a killer to find, two victims already left behind and a couple of missing children. Can we do our job?” The question had confused her and it felt like he was accusing her of something. As far as she knew she hadn’t done anything to him, she was just trying to help, trying to do her job and avoid having anymore deaths due this dark magic.