POETRY Slipping

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  1. Slipping. I am slipping down that slope,
    The slope of disrememberance.
    Slipping down the slope of unease,
    of places that I know I should know.
    Slipping down the slope of bliss,
    into a sea of madness.
    Always falling, my arms thrashing,
    my hands grabbing at the vines that aren't there.
    The slow decent into the abyss, I know that once entered,
    there is no turning back.
    I can see it now, the wild rush of heavy thick water,
    just below my eyes.
    My ears detect the faint sound of a voice,
    and another wave overtakes me.
    A new kind of blackness resides, deep within the caverns of me.
    Slipping down the slope of confusing madness.

    Just another poem that I wrote after realizing something.​
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