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  1. Oh No!

    You and your Space Team crash landed on a planet made entirely of Slime. Good luck with that!
  2. (Well hello there.)
    Laura wailed, as she repeatedly peeled her feet from the slime beneath her. When she eventually ran out of breath she paced around her spacecraft, wondering why she had been doomed to die today, of all days. You see she doesn't find Monday to be a suitable day to die.
  3. "I was expecting Lyrisa to be ... a different kind of green." Djawn said as he examined the burned out containment cylinder in the open engine compartment. A blue pulsating ball of energy was suspended off center in the chamber, too off-center to cause the Foke reaction the engine relied on for power. He tried to solve the puzzel that was the engine compartment, there was still hope.
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  4. "If we tried I don't think we could end up in a worse place!" Abel shouted rather irately as he began to pull the slime from his cloths." How did we manage." His sentince being stopped short by a grunt of exhaustion. Collapsing back into the slime."Well you know what I think I will sit here and wipe the slime off of what I can reach of myself.
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  5. Laura leaned against their ship and checked her fingers and toes "Hm," she began upon realisation, "I'm glad we crash landed here. It seems the environments mildly cushioned our fall. I feel fine aside for some slight bruising and cuts and this..." She looked down to her leg and noticed a rather large piece of shrapnel jammed into her leg. The adrenaline and the endorphins were wearing off fast, and Laura couldn't stop staring at her leg.
  6. "Would you two stop bickering? I'm trying to find a..." Djawn trailed off as he looked over to Laura. "Ah! That!" He said as he reached out and pulled the shrapnel from Laura's leg and hit something inside the engine compartment. He then quickly placed the cylinder back into the engine and it began to hum to life.
  7. "Oh my god it works!" Abel said as he was attempting to reel himself up from the slime. "Why is you're leg all bloody?" A look of discouragement on his face.
  8. Laura waved a thank you at Djawn, ano turned to Abel, "It seems our ship wanted to be inside of me, strange isn't it? I always thought of our ship as a girl..." Laura joked, cringing in pain. As she looked at Abel's lower limbs, she noticed a coat of green translucent slime, "you have a significant amount of slime on your legs and waist, yet the slime is sticky and solid... -ish, not slimy. How did this happen pray tell?"
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  9. "We are out of redundancy cylinders. I keep telling you guys, we need some scratch to fix the ship." Djawn looked at Lauras leg again. "What are you waiting for? get on the ship!" he said as he scooped up some goo and rubbed it on the wound. "That'll hold til dock"
  10. "Well I found some of the not so sticky and solid kind." Staring at Laura with an annoyed look on his face. Abel turned to Djawn. " Just hold on let me get all the slime off, then I can start doing something."
  11. Laura slapped her hands over the goo on her leg and waddled onto the ship "Aren't redundancy cylinders kind of redundant though, Djawn?"
  12. "I meant we ran out of cylinders that were redundant. We... Agh never mind. Get on the ship." Djawn walked away from Laura and pulled a decontamination canister from the storage. "Hold still Abel i gotcha." Djawn said as he ran the high pressure spray over Abel's flight suit. "You done mucking about now?"
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  13. " Thank you. " Abel said as he turned to Djawn. " Do you think we can still break orbit. just because she works doesn't mean she can fly." Abel stated with a cynical tone, While examining the ship.
  14. Laura pouted and hobbled onto the ship, "Djawn, how am I supposed to know about your crazy mumbo-jumbo. I'm not a technician!". Laura strapped herself in her seat behind pilot's seat. "If this ship doesn't break orbit, well... I hope we have a plan B."
  15. "Don't worry, i have a plan B. Just hurry up and get aboard." Djawn said before quickly jumping into the pilots seat and began checking the monitors. "Systems green... for the most part. closer to yellow."
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