Slightly based on Final Fantasy III, among other classical RPG titles.

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  1. Have you ever played a JRPG? What about turn-based roleplaying video game? Do you enjoy the dynamics of being in a party of different jobs? Are you a fan of tactical teambuilding? If so you're invited to sign up! (Interested newbies to this nerdy niche are welcome too.)


    RULE #1: Playing Post must be between 3 to 9 lines.

    Keep it rich (and if possible, interesting as well) but don't over-dramatically fluff it up.

    RULE #2: Present your post as nicely as you can.

    Don't merge it all into one paragraph if you're writing a lot of sentences. This isn't an English assignment, but try to keep spelling mistakes to a minimum.

    RULE #3: Basic roleplay etiquette/manners.

    Do not kill other players unless permitted to.

    You are free to interact with other characters but not control their reactions.

    Disagreements in-game shall be discussed outside, in the provided OOC (Out of Character) board.

    Please inform the others about your absence/mistakes OOC.Insistent disruption and violent out-game arguments will lead to strict punishment. (Like kicking you outta' the game dishonourably!)


    :: Game Features ::

    13 classes - 4 basic, 9 unlockables.

    Stat-based like the real RPG video games! (Which could unlock you secret events.)

    Free interaction with NPCs to solve mysteries and quests.

    (... did I mention dragons? )

    Save the world with your misfit group of strangers-turned-friends!

    Or be destroyed by the evil overlord pulling the puppet strings!

    And maybe fall in love with one of your comrades for the complete happy ending. (Coughcough.)


    M O N K
    Resilient close-quater combatants who work best without the burdens of heavy weapon to slow them down. Their spirituality protects them from a plethora of dark magic arts.

    T H I E F
    Lock-pickers who can swiftly swing their weapons for successive blows and even steal items from their enemies.

    S C H O L A R
    Bookworms who wield knowledge and magic into a deadly combo. Their books function as encyclopaedias and dumbbells.

    K N I G H T
    Aside from being a lean mean fighting machine with sword obsessions, they can defend their allies and mitigate damage.



    Character Name: (20 letters maximum)

    Age: 17 (non-customizable for plot purposes; they'll turn 18 eventually anyway in the story)

    Race: Human / Elf / Dwarf

    (Yes, they affect your starting attributes, but just by a pinch.)

    Appearance: Please provide a picture of your character, preferably from head to waist.

    Starter Class: Monk / Thief / Scholar / Knight

    (You can choose the same class even if someone else applied for it. We can tailor the storyline regardless of players' choice of jobs.)

    Background: Not required. Will be discussed after everyone decides on their starter class.

    Personality: Will be discussed after approval.

    Sample of Post: For verification and approval purposes. Approximately 50 words is sufficient.
  2. I just have a question regarding posting expectations. How often would you require posts to be made?
  3. Optimally, posting at least once daily. But since probably all of us have other commitments as well, be it other roleplays, real life, or other reasons... a little notification from anyone about absence is all it takes to "pause" the roleplay.

    Sorry for the late reply; New Year celebrations got in the way.
  4. NOTICE! I won't be around for a week, due to my partner taking me on a trip to some uncharted island (yikes!). I don't know if I'll make it back alive, but I should be back before February is gone. (Sweats up a storm.)

    Anyone who is interested can first file in an application.
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Not open for further replies.