*Slides in through the door, Slamming it wide open* YO!

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This probably isn't the most sensible time for me to post a hello since i have such a massive caffeine rush right nooooowwwwwwwww *Rocks back and forth, beings to rock in small circles staring blankly at you*

Oh yeah, so, hiiiiiiii, My names Jae *Wave frantically* I haven't really been rp'ing long, maybeeeeee a month? maybe two? So i'm a noob, go easy on me *Cowers in fear of the intimidating long time rp'ers*

I'm pretty easy going, pretty approachable and always happy to learn, try new things, and, and, and *Plays with hotwheels in the dirt* Vroom vroom.

*Twitches and turns back to face you*
Oh yeah, hi you're still here hm?
Okay so um, um, I'm a full time carer at home, blah blah blah boring miserable story leading to reasons i am trapppeeedddd in this house. *Kicks force field around the house* I hate you Mr. Force Field.

ANYWAY. So usually i can reply pretty quickkkkkekekek unless busies happen :s

I try to reply every day at least once, but usually able to reply a couple times a day ^_^ like maybe 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 wait why was i counting? *Rocks side to side* oh yeah.

Maybe like 5-10 replies a day? maybe? hopefully :D

*Licks you* Well uhm THANKS FOR READING.

I realllyyy need to drop the coffee today......So....Ummmm...If you wana know anything.....Just message me!!


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Hey, hey! You close that door right now. You're letting all the cool air out, and do you know how hot it gets here? It's on fire.

Anyway, here's a cookie and welcome to Iwaku. Enjoy your stay.

Drake Vampiron

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Welcome to Iwaku, I hope u enjoy your stay, and sorry about such a late post. ive been gone for a while, but i like to post on new arrivals if im not in mid rp. so, here i am ^_^ if you ever have any questions or would like to just chat or possibly discuss and rp, please feel free to message me anytime!
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