Slice of Life rp?

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So, I don't know what it is but I am just really in the mood for a slice of life roleplay. Here are the details. I need someone to play a male character in college who is basically the star of the football team. Of course, this makes him very popular, especially with the ladies. I will be playing just your average girl. She's not popular, yet not a geek. She's just the kind of person that sits int ehback of classes and doesn't speak or do anything. There but never really noticed and very shy. But, in class these two in the middle of the semester get partnered for a project. Of course its kind of awkward at first, considering how she is anti-social in a way, but slowly he starts to see more of her personality(for example it could start with him noticing small gestures of her hands, or small smiles that last barely a second, and other things you can think of basically). Maybe they even they find out they have a hobby in common (perhaps a hobby he keeps a secret from everyone else?). But either way, when they start spending more time together, even time together outside of working on the project, the other girls on campus start to get jealous and things start to go wrong.

Anyway, pm me if you are interested please.



I am interested in your slice of life idea. PM me if you want to start something, or if you've found someone already.

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