Slice of Life RP anyone?

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  1. Anyone want to do a simple daily life RP? No fantasy, no Si-Fi, no dramatic deaths, just a bunch of dorks hanging out.
    The said dorks are going to be my two characters, Matt and Al, and whatever character(s) you want to use. You can have just one or like 5 characters as long as it doesn't get too hectic.
    Plot wise I have no preference, though I think it'd be fun doing a camping RP? Like they meet up on a camping trip or something or they have neighboring cabins and they just hang out for the week or so they're all there? But if you have an idea then by all means mention it

    One last thing, I'd prefer to have a bit of a bio for your character(s) before hand. Just so there's no surprises or anything.
    Doesn't have to be anything fancy either. Just the basics like name, personality, gender, appearance, etc, etc.
    Matt (open)
    Name: "Just Matt would do."
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Light blue/violet eyes, long blond hair often in a loose pony tail, and pale skin. Quite tall (about 6'3") and a tiny bit chubby in the stomach. Often wears a flannel shirt and a pair of blue jeans, sometimes he wears pj pants and a baggy t-shirt if he's lazy.
    Personality: Quite laid back and neutral, often acting as a peace keeper between people (especially for his brother...). He's quite blunt and will give people a piece of his mind if prompted. All in all he's like a big teddy bear who will fuck shit up if needed.
    Extra info:
    -He's a huge dork.

    Al (open)
    Name: Alphonse, but call him Al.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Dark brown/red-ish eyes and light red-ish hair in a pixie cut. More on the shorter side (About 5'6") and quite scrawny for someone his age. Likes to wear shirts you'd probably find at Hot Topic, jeans, and a worn leather jacket from his father.
    Personality: The exact opposite of Matt in a nutshell. He's a good person if you're on his good side but tick him off and he gets loud and angry. Very angry in fact. But don't worry, he's more bark than bite. Aside from that he has a huge soft spot for animals.
    Extra info:
    -He's a vegan due to all these allergies he has. He doesn't have to be but he thinks it's much easier.
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  2. Hello, I would love to RolePlay with you.
  3. @Shinari
    Oh, awesome! Would you like to do the camping plot I suggested or do you have any thing else in mind?
  4. Camping sounds fun!!
    Want me to me a male or female character?
  5. @Shinari
    Doesn't matter to me!
    Would you like just normal tent camping or cabins? Either would work fine for me
  6. Hmm tough pick, let's do a cabin.
  7. @Shinari
    Do you mind if you post your character bio before I post the starter?
  8. Can we do this in a pm?
    Name: Ash Shindoyama
    Likes: music,coffee,camping,stars,fireworks, and stuff
    Dislikes: milk,thunder, pickles, snakes,
    Bio:His family is always work work so he does what he wishes within reason. Going into his first year of collage the coming fall.
    Personality: he tries to hide his emotions with a mask scared he will be rejected. He enjoys everything to the fullest. ( like yatsuba from yatsuba)

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  9. @Shinari
    Sure! I'll send one to you asap
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