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  1. Hello there people!
    I am looking for someone to RP with and I'm craving for slice of life lately in addition to romance!
    I have a few pairings I would want to try and I would prefer keeping it at MxF or FxF...soo if anyone out there is looking for something, feel free to message me and hopefully we can work something out!
    I would love someone that can reply often, because lately I really enjoy RP's and if I had to wait for a reply a whole week I would be a little disappointed, of course if something comes up thats not big deal
    ...yeah this getting longer than planned already soooo just message me...please?
  2. I'd be interested, any plot in mind?
  3. I have a few pairings in mind we could come up with a story for it ^^
  4. Alright, quick question though. Do you play as M or F
  5. Doesn't matter to me, I can do both
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.