Slice of Life/Romance roleplay?

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  1. Hellooo!
    I'm Cyndanya, But you could call me Cyn if you want to.
    I'm looking for roleplay partners, I'm new so I hope I'm doing this right
    At the moment I feel like the Slice of Life and Romance genres are the easiest for me to begin with here..
    So if anyone wants to do one, Feel free to ask me~

    Don't be afraid to ask even if other people have agreed to roleplay with me, I'm accepting multiple roleplay partners and if I didn't want any more roleplay partners, I'll just say so in this post

    Also, I'm a submissive roleplayer so I apologize if I say "if you want" or make you choose a lot, Just not used to leading roleplays, Or really looking for/starting roleplays

    I'm alright with MxM, MxF, FxF pairings so really you can choose whichever you prefer
    I have 2 characters right now, but I can always make a new one to fit the other character if you want

    Aimi (Female, 16)
    Blake (Male, 16)

    - - - - -

    Things you might want to know:

    - I'm okay with a lot of things, But I feel pretty uncomfortable with rping very dirty stuff especially with strangers (look at that i'm so innocent I can't even say the actual word) So if you wanna do romance, Just fluff and romance for now is preferred

    - I reply a few times a day, or multiple times a day, But I can wait however long for a reply, Just take your time <3
    - I'm online almost all the time, I'm a shut-in with no life except for the internet *sobs*

    - I'm not that new to roleplaying but I have only roleplayed with a few people before, I try my best to match the style of my roleplay partner though

    - - - - -

    For more info about what I'm willing to roleplay, Read the information section on my profile!
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  2. Hi hi! I'd love to roleplay with you, if you want!
  3. I've got four characters that can work with this.
  4. Okay~ Slice of Life, Romance or both? :o
    Also which of my characters do you prefer me to use?
    And do you want to start a private conversation so we could plan more
  5. Would you like to rp with me then?
    If you do, We should start a private conversation so we can plan more c:
  6. Heya! If you're still looking I have some fxf slice of life romance ideas that I could shot your way if you want!
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