Slice of life Romance? -Request/Looking for a boyfriend-

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  1. My character, DelaMonte, is a loud and mischeivous African American boy who likes to solve people's problems. But, he needs a boyfriend! Someone to help him out and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. Or others. Or property. A character sheet is not needed, but would be liked.
  2. Hi! I'm interested in giving DelaMonte a boyfriend! I have a Korean boy I'd like to give a whirl, but I've never actually used this site since I've signed up. Do you have a particular character sheet you would want filled in?
  3. Not really! Just give me a quick description of their personality and looks and I'll do the same!
  4. Awesome! I have no idea if BBcode works here so hopefully this works OTL.

    Here are the four references of him I have: [1 (on the left)] [2] [3] [4]
    His name is Kim Min Kyung (Min Kyung is his given name, his English name is Max).H e's Korean born but was moved to America at the age of 5, so was pretty much brought up as bilingual. He's an aspiring portrait artist, avid music addict, and (mostly) casual fashion fanboy, and he can fit most ages between 16ish up to around 25, so whatever age you need him to be!
    He's quite fashion concious and very self indulgent, so don't be alarmed if one day he's bought half a wardrobe full of new clothes and shrugs it off like no big deal. He's very much an extrovert, and craves interaction most time of the day except when he's drawing. Then, he likes to keep himself focused and stay very much on his own.

    I haven't developed him much past this, so he is quite subject to change depending on how he interacts with your character!
  5. http://miss-lavender-cutie.tumblr.c...awing-original-characters-because-im-bored-in

    There he is! His full name is DelaMonte Scotts. He's a university student, getting his major in creative writing and a minor in mathematics. He's really enthusiastic about helping people out, it makes him feel really good. But, he's got a quick temper and violence is his first choice for anything. That gets him in trouble a lot.
    He's a math genius, though most people wouldn't guess that by how he looks and talks. (He uses African American Vernacular English/Ebonics)

    He also loves cute clothes and animals. His girly side is really prominent in how he walks and dresses. His clothes are usually over sized and pale colored, mostly sweaters and baggy jeans.

    He loves affection. All types of affection, mostly kisses and hugs. Like, if they were walking together, he'd wrap his around Max's and his head on his shoulder. He's the submissive one and about 5'7". He prefers being taken care of, when he's not out helping kids find their lost pets or spying on a girl's boyfriend for her. Just making him some food or buying him a little gift is good enough for him.

    And most of all, he needs someone to calm him down. He doesn't really have anything to stop him. He'd break himself, which is why he needs a boyfriend, Max, if you'd still like that.
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  6. (Sorry for the late reply, I was away at a convention for the weekend!)

    Oh my days he sounds adorable! I think they'd make a perfect pair, and I can make Max a University Student at the same Uni, so that maybe gives them a bit of a backstory? Or maybe they met in highschool? Either way would be cool.

    I think their fashion sense and personalities balance each others too, and the fact DelaMonte is affectionate is a huge bonus. Max loves all sorts of PDA so he's perfect <3

    Did you have some sort of plot you wanted to try, or want to just wing it?
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  7. Ooooh lucky! I have to wait another two months to go to the con in my town!

    Winging it is what I do best! We can just do whatever, and see where it takes us!
  8. I was really lucky with it too, I was staying with my friend anyway, then we found out there was a Con happening in his town so it worked out pretty well 8D

    Sounds like a plan! Shall we just jump in and start a thread then?
  9. Sure! I'm heading to work in a little bit, so could you start it?
  10. I'm actually in work right now haha. I finish in 5 hours, so I can get it started when I get home!
  11. Just as a thought, did you already want them to be boyfriends? :3
  12. Yes, that way they already have chemistry!
  13. That's okay then! I was thinking about it earlier and just wanted to check :D