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  1. Hi guys! I'm looking for some role play partners now that I have some time on my hands. I strongly believe in quality over quantity in my posts. I love to keep the plot moving long, and generating new ideas as we go along. Also, I'd love to have a cast of characters involved(not necessarily right away) this is not a requirement though. I'm most comfortable playing male characters, either in homosexual or heterosexual relationships. I also enjoy playing gender queer characters, so there is lots of options.

    So here is what you can expect of me, and what I expect of you:
    • Open communication and plot building
    • Two to four paragraph responses(more for intro posts)
    • Decent Grammar
    • Interesting characters
    • Must be over 18
    • Don't just leave me hanging. Only PM me if you actually want to role play.
    Here are some starting points(ideas can be combined). All starting points are marked with 1-5 * the more * the more I want to role play that idea. Feel free to PM me with your own ideas as well.
    • Slice of life
      • Roommates***
      • Struggling 20-somethings***
      • Closeted characters**
      • Gender struggles*****
        • Trans, gender fluid, androgynous and so on
      • Life of the rich and famous***
      • Forbidden romances***
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  2. I'd be interested in either the roommates, life of the rich and famous, or the forbidden romances!
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  3. Hi! Send me a PM, and we can figure something out.
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  4. @Smallz
    I'd love to come up with something for Roommates, Struggling 20-somethings, Life of the rich and famous or forbidden romances!

    Shall I send you a PM to hash out the details?
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  5. Send me a PM and we'll work something out
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