Slice of Life one on one (fXf, mxm, mxf)

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  1. Hello! I will try to keep this short and simple:

    I'm looking for slice of life role play, but beyond that the plot is up in the air. We can figure something out together and let it develop as we go or sketch it all out before hand.

    I usually respond with 1-3 paragraphs and would prefer the same. I'm not picky about spelling or grammar mistakes as long as they are limited.

    I prefer someone who can reply more than once a day, but I'm okay with every few days as long as the plot keeps moving.

    I'm comfortable playing male or female roles.

    I don't mind sexual themes, violence, or cursing.

    -Please PM me if you are interested
  2. Pm me and we can come up with some thing.
  3. I am all ears if you want to create some magic together! Feel free to PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.