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    Hi! We're currently looking for more members to join our group @
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    Imagination is endless and anything can be created through writing. Stories have been told, stories have been written, and now we're seeking for more. We have everything from fantasy, to modern, to slice of life, to horror. Right now we're starting on some new role plays so please come and join us. :)

    Available Plot:
    xx. T h r e e Y e a r s A g o ...

    ...the band ‘ Fake Beauty ‘ first made their debut into a world where the media, music, and anything related to music had been ban-ned, and replaced by tech-nology. It was by the continuous rebelling of young musicians and music lovers that finally pushed the government to fix the verdict.

    S o ...

    ... with much reluctance, Nova Entertainment was created specifically for this case. A manager was hired, and six young, musically talented adults were recruited to form a band.

    That band held every musician's hopes and dreams of reviving the music industry once more. Their deal was if the band ends up {succeeding} and becomes {successful} in album sales and live performances, all media, music and entertainment activities will start again.

    N o w, t h r e e y e a r l a t e r...

    ...the world is once again filled with the magic and sound of music thanks to the success of ‘Fake Beauty. ‘

    However, that was all just the b-e-g-i-n-n-i-n-g. Now that they aren’t the only band and their popularity have risen through the roof, they will have to deal with rivalries, fans, rumors, and busy, loaded schedules. They've learned to live through paparazzi and maintain fake smiles during hard times but can they continue this journey without breaking apart?

    And to make matters worse, they are thrust into a reality TV show to maintain their popularity. Their mission? To revive a lifeless coffee shop. The bandmates that lived and thrived on music must figure out a way to use their talents, looks, and 'marketing skills ' to run this shop, earn money, and at the end of the day, try to not kill each other. And there's more... every week, they will receive "Task Cards" which are goals they have to accomplish by the end of the week.

    So the question is...
    Can you hang on?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.