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  1. I am interested in the following incest pairings. I like to write one or two brief paragraphs. It makes the story flow better in my opinion, plus people tend to bail more often when they have to write more. I have pretty good grammar and I can be pretty creative. I am only interested in playing male characters. I do not wish to be the female character in any of these.

    Kinks that I am not interested in are toilet stuff, vore, gore. I don't really like non-con unless my character is the victim. Otherwise, I'm pretty open.

    BrotherxSister - Sister is curious about sex and wants to have it with her boyfriend, but she's nervous that he won't like that she is a virgin or very inexperienced. So she tries to convince her brother to have sex with her and use him to practice. Things start out simple, but then she keeps wanting to do kinkier and kinkier stuff.

    FatherxDaughter - Its her sweet 16th birthday and her dad wanted to have a day for just the two of them. He planned the whole day. But what the daughter didn't know was that he wanted to end the day with sex. There is no mother in this story.

    SonxMother - A single mother has heard a rumor that her son is gay. He's never had any girlfriends and he spends a lot of time with his male friends in his room. One day she catches him in his room masturbating to some muscle mags and that is the last straw. She decides she is going to fuck the gay out of him, no matter what it takes. The mother in this story is a dom.

    NerdxFuta Bully - A shy nerdy boy in high school used to be teased by everyone. Then this tough girl started protecting him. She told everyone to lay off him or they would answer to her. But outside of school, she started to bully him worse than the rest. Worse, she made him come over to her house and she would rape him. She did lots of humiliating things, like make him dress up like a girl, have sex with girls he liked in front of him or have other boys rape him.

    BrotherxFuta Sister - a brother and sister have never got along. Their parents took them away on a ski trip. And to get them to bond, they got them their own cabin. A terrible storm hits and the two are stuck for days. They have stocks of food and fresh water, but the place has no heater. Just a fire place. They need to find someway to keep warm. Turns out sex is the best option. Although not necessary, I would prefer if the futa sister would be the dominant one in this story.

    Feel free to share your own incest/slice of life ideas with me. I may do MxM if you pitch a good story.
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  2. I'd like to take on that father/daughter one if youre still looking
  3. Ill do mother x son
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