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  1. Hello~! Sansa here. Lately I've been craving some slice of life roleplays, so I figured I'd post a request thread to try and recruit a few people. I'm pretty picky about who I take on as a partner however, so make sure you read my requirements before you reply to this thread. I'd hate to start something and lose interest because we didn't come to the same understanding.

    My partner requirements are:
    • Advanced or above level ONLY.
    • 4-10+ paragraphs per reply, novella replies preferred (but not always necessary).
    • Genuine interest in the story, not just "sure I'll do that."
    • Be progressive with the plot, not passive.
    • Please be an adult.
    • Be confident in your writing ability.
    • At least one reply every 1-3 days, don't just randomly drop. Inform me if you'll be absent.
    • Friendliness--I like meeting new people and an OOC mutual friendship can often make the roleplay more enjoyable.
    • No MxM. Sorry, just a preference. FxF and MxF are all I do, with a preference for the latter.
    • I'm only looking for a few partners here.
    • DO NOT play a character younger than 18. This is not a high school request thread.
    Now, onto the good stuff! NOTE: plots with a * are ones I am craving most, and bolded are my preferred roles. All of these ideas are for modern day settings. Some of these plots and settings can be mixed and matched. For MxF roleplays, I prefer to play males.

    My plot/pairing ideas are:
    • BlindxArtist*
    • Interracial*
    • AthletexFan*
    • AthletexArtist
    • ChristianxMuslim*
    • TeacherxStudent (COLLEGE ONLY)
    • HomelessxNun*
    • SoldierxSoldier
    • PoorxRich
    • BritishxAmerican
    • Amnesia Patient*
    • DoctorxPatient
    • Small Town Setting
    • CaretakerxRunaway
    Thanks for reading! I hope to hear from you soon!
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  2. @Sansa Stark I would love to do AthletexFan or the BlindxArtist. They both sound very promising.
  3. Great! I'll send you a PM!
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