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    Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandom.

    Seeing as I do ' One on One ' roleplays It goes without saying, that we both will have to play multiple characters.

    I only do long terms. I'm in this for the long run, while seeking long lasting friendships. And who knows, I know this may not be a dating site but things could/can happen down the road. You knows, right?

    No one liners. A love detailed paragraphs. And if you're on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it, when my partner ends up writing a “novel” gives me more to work with. I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I merely require your writing to be readable. Clear and understandable.

    * NOTE Ask for my Kink list *
    (For further information on rp listed below connect me. I will then provided all the required things blahahaha <3


    (And yes I do admit this write up, isn't all that good. As I said, its a rough idea...)

    Eva was born in the height of Victorian, England. At age ten, she developed tuberculosis, a death sentence for her age, which devastated her family. For seven years, they waited on the child, believing she would never live to adulthood. Indeed, after almost a decade of suffering, (18 now..)the illness seemed to be catching up. In an effort to keep the sickness at bay, Eva's family decided to visit the countryside.

    Although the country air seemed to help, her parents became paranoid and coddled her in a blind attempt to keep her from exerting too much effort, or becoming too excited. Feeling stifled, Eva began to plot an escape. When her family and nurses left for midday supper, Eva left the house, free to explore the land the way she wanted.

    As she explored, dancing in the meadows, Eva found an overgrown path. Sensing adventure, she carefully followed it until it led to a strange clearing, As Eva looked closer, her illness betrayed her, and she began to cough up blood, lose footing. She was unaware that something was watching her...

    The fit became worse, scaring Eva as her senses dulled. She knew this was it. As she began to grow numb, she fell limp on the forest floor. As her sight flickered, she noticed a dark shape moving toward her. As it came into focus, Eva saw a tall, thin, pale man. Her eyes widened, more in awe than terror. This thing couldn't hurt her any more than her illness already had. The creature spoke to her, but her fever-burned mind could not understand what it was, and she could only moan. Her eyes closed for what she was sure would be a final time, even as the beast reached out for her.

    But she awoke, much to her own surprise.

    She was in so much pain, and could still taste blood on her mouth. And something was throwing objects around, in a rhythm too precise to be random. Eva opened her eyes to see the creature, he was aware she had awoken. Still a bit dazed Eva make out this creature...Thing? Had no face. Yet even without a face she still found herself staring at . Staring at where it's face should be. While feeling and sensing the blankness of this own stare. Well it was directly facing her, which in common sense and logical was seeing and acknowledging her existences. Eva sputtered, trying to speak to it, still in awe of the too-tall beast with limbs outstretched in ungodly proportions. It was eerier and upsetting. She could hear that ringing in her eyes, as it took hold of her jaw, stilling her stutters. That horrible sensation that comes before the monster in your nightmare descends on you.

    Her eyes fanatically darted left and right, trying to more aware of her surroundings, then that monster who still held her chin. Trying to summon all her energy for that ' Flight or flight' like action. Still felt it's grip tighten nudging her head to the direction it wished. Her eyes adjust towards the direction, noticing it offering a glass of something in it's other hand. It ordered her to drink. Well she thought it did? It has no mouth, how is it speaking to me. She questioned this, within in her mind.

    Her answer was coming out slow, and with his ever tightening grip she could feel it's patience running thin. Feeling her hand trapped under it's grip Eva lifted her eyes, with few staggered nods submitted to this creature's will. Letting it adjust her body back, in the way it wanted. She lead back to it's cartdaling hand and parted her lips, feeling her top lip resting against the the cup's rim. Eva started to taste the contents, it tasted interesting. It tasted of tea, but also like drugs? And surely if any knew the taste of drugs, it was her. After dealing with so many in her young life. As she thought it was more like herbs and other earthly tonics, anyone with common knowledge of, could whip up into a drinking solution.

    This only dulled her senses more, making her mind more agreeable to all this. It gave her head a pat, and yet again spoke to her in ways Eva could not understand. something like ' There, there pet '

    CENTURIES LATER.....Now at home. In his strange/twisted domain. Slowly, under his influence. His world now becoming her own. she has brief fleeting memories of her old life, (and he likes it that way). She is now one of his top notch Proxies. Or more ' Pet ' by this point. She watch many rise and fall, to their master's will. She as proved herself, for that she as respect and certain form of a freedom. It didn't come easy. She thought she would play him then one day escape, but by doing so she is now one of the corrupted. It's true he babies her, but who would want to risk their favorite toy. She has become of his center piece, a pretty thing to add to all his other worn out with promised but failed Proxies. There is just little glimmer of life and a fighter in her. Her so close to death, but warmly features. She is like the fruit, the most delicious just hours before it goes rotten. He had caught her at her prime, just mere moments before death. Yet for that she is still weak and still has her ' episodes' he can grant immortally, but even he cant fully cure her. So for that he must keep her close, he can't risk her. She has more special missions. She works within his domain, then normal Proxies we are aware of that work out of it. Eva is one of the lucky few who stand equle to their master. Who get their orders directly from him alone. Not one Proxy to another, so on down the road.

    But problems will soon arise...When their new victims (Several High schools,spots open.] finally piece one and two together. While making it their personal goal to free Eva from his thrall. It will not be so easy. Her corrupted, slip self always has it's moments of returning, and jeopardizing her "Friends" plans.

    ...No one take away, his pet. He invested to much, and that she is the only thing that could make that non-exist heart of his beat..No one beats him, and NO ONE! Takes his things, or property.
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