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  1. Deep in the woods there's said to be a manor. Long banished in an era of being abandoned, it has been told to others as nothing but an urban legend and left untouched by mere mortals who came to think it never actually existed. However, that isn't the case. The manor is real and inhabited, though, there is a problem. It's cursed as well as the forest around it. However enters the woods with the fate of being killed or killing others will be trapped until they meet with that certain fate. That's how the other "urban legends" called Creepypastas and helpless victims got trapped and unable to escape. However, things aren't as bad as they seem. The characters from Creepypastas not only have the whole manor to themselves, but also get to hunt down victims as they wish with little trouble.

    Now tell me, dear reader, are you the victim or the murderer?

    • The manor is plain and simple on the outside with old style architecture, some cracks and leaks, and an erie fog casted by a nearby lake that seems to stretch endlessly into the horizon. On the inside, the manor is kept well. Bedrooms include the old furniture that was left in the manor when it was first abandoned and can hold two guest to a room. A large living room is usually where most of the guest stay when not out hunting. The kitchen is on the small side compared to the other rooms, but mostly used to prepare meals rather than eating in there. Currently the man is charged is Slender.

    • 1.) Characters will die whether they be canon or OCs. Please be aware of this and do not complain when your character gets killed off. Instant killing of NPCs is fine, but you must have permission before killing off OCs or canons that are taken. Multiple characters are allowed!
      2.) OCs are allowed. They can be victims or murderers, but all I ask is that if they are a murderer, that they aren't the "super, mentally insane" kind of characters that have killed tons of people and/or were abused a lot. Just no. I have seen a lot of those kind of characters pop up in Creepypasta RPs that allow OCs.
      3.) Posts must be a paragraph (4-10 complete sentences) or more long. Text talk, unless a character is using a cell phone, is not welcomed.
      4.) God Modeling is not allowed.
      5.) Romance between characters is allowed, but if smut occurs fade into black or make a side thread in the liberteen section.
      6.) Have fun! uwu

      OC Skelly:
      Full Name:
      Role: (Victim or Murderer?)
      Weaknesses: (Two or more)
      Strengths: (Do not GM with strengths!)
      Extra: (Extra information)

      ~ Extra for Murderer OCs ~
      Race: (Obviously, not all Creepypasta are human. Anything that isn't over the top is allowed.)
      Weapons: (Two at max for beginning of RP.)
      Allies: (Up to three. EX: Slender, Ben, ect.)
      Enemies: (Up to three.)
      Room: (Which room are you in at the manor?)

    • Mentioned before, rooms can hold up to two people. The only room that cannot is Slender's. Please include which room you want in the PM you send me containing character skellies/requests.

      First Floor:
      Room 1.) ___ & ___
      Room 2.) ___ & ___
      Room 3.) ___ & ___
      Room 4.) ___ & ___
      Room 5.) ___ & ___

      Second Floor:
      Room 1.) ___ & ___
      Room 2.) ___ & ___
      Room 3.) Emilia V. & ___
      Room 4.) ___ & ___
      Room 5.) ___ & ___

    • List of the canon Creepypastas that have been taken. Please do not take more than three canon characters!

      Ben Drowned - Nico
      Homocidal Liu - Nico
      Eyeless Jack - Poetic Justice

    • List of OCs that are trapped victims. They will die often. Members can use NPCs until victim characters are made.

      (No one as of now.)

    • List of OCs that are trapped murderers. Do not make them the super, over the top insane type of character please.

      Drawn by myself. Used a free wallpaper for background.

      Full Name: Emilia M. Vangison
      Nickname(s): Slimy, Ems, and Blondie (She doesn't have a "murder" name yet.)
      Age: Nineteen-years-old
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Demi-Panromantic
      Weaknesses: She isn't very strong physically, but she can take several hits. She can't see well in total darkness and is afraid of lightning storms. Bugs also freak her out.
      Strengths: She can produce sticky black slime that is very hard to escape out of. She's also very intelligent and sneaky.
      Race: Infected Human (Slime host)
      Weapon(s): Her slime is her only weapon as of now.
      Allies: Slender and Eyeless Jack
      Enemies: Jeff as of now. (She can't even be in the same room with him without getting angry.)
      Extra: The slime she produces can be controlled by her. The more organisms she "consumes" with it, the more she can make. If angered or hungry, slime begins to leak from her hair, eyes, and mouth until she calms down or eats. She can appear as a normal human with no slime coming out if fully feed.

      Full Name: Haru Shuji
      Nickname(s): Mute
      Age: 19 (Real age unknown)
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Bisexual- Biromantic
      Weaknesses: His Gas mask unless removed a certain way, and his memory if he remembers his entire past he will be destroyied becaue he is the echo of his past.
      Strengths: If he speaks and you hear him you're dead within a day (He has a toxic voice like radiation.

      Race: He's basically a memory Echo.
      Weapons: His voice and radiation.
      Allies: No one yet but Jeff does help him at times to remove his melted on gas mask.
      Enemies: Unknown yet.
      Extra: He died in Hiroshima but Slender Man saved him like he did Toby and now he is basically radioactive at choice, it mainly flows through his voice so he can't touch people and kill them. He mainly stays mute because he doesn't like to kill people but he comunicates through writing.

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  2. || This thread is now open! Please submit any skellies or canon requests to me through PMs! ^_^
  3. So do we make a cs for canon characters or do we just claim them? If we just claim can i have eyeless jack?
  4. || Skellies are for OCs only, thus the reason why I put "OC Skelly" as the skelly heading. And sure!
  5. I might be joining this! ^.^
  6. How many characters can you have? Because I have three Creepypasta OC's and two are a set.
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