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  1. I am a major slender man fan and wanted to do a roleplay with the infamous creature. I have a few ideas.

    -A man ends up seeing slender man for the first time in over 10 years and is slowly being pushed to the brink of insanity. His best friend (you) is there to support him and is soon brought into slender man's sick game.

    -Two young teenagers are in the woods during their first date and soon find themselves being haunted by the slender man and must fight to survive.

    -A mother and father go on a desperate search for their son after he is taken by slender man. The mother (you) is struck the deepest because this is not her first encounter with the slender man

    If you are interested in this please let me know. I'm really excited for this role play
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  2. I kind of like the second one. ut I'm into a lot of romance as well.
  3. PM, me so we can start plotting
  4. oh heyyy count me in. i vote second too.
  5. PM me so we can plot
  6. Ah. A Der Ritter fan, are you?
  7. Hmm. I have my own...theories about the slender man, but I choose to remain partial as to if I am a fan or not.
  8. I have a theory of my own as to the slender mans purpose but I still find him to be a very interesting character. I've been a fan for a while now
  9. Yes, he's very interesting. Faceless, with octopus-like tentacles that are sometimes sprouting from his back....Kills his victims and seems to mentally torture them, only appears to those he kills...I think that he is a creature that survives off of people's energy, or life force, and that he feeds off of fear.
  10. I believe that he needs their souls, and souls are easier to take when they are full of fear and insanity