Slender Man is haunting me.



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So, at my alternative reality gaming club last night, I was having a conversation with my friend Thomas. I was telling him about An American Horror Story, this new show I'm absolutely in love with, being a giant video nerd and appreciating the superb editing techniques shown throughout the series so far.<3 I recommend anyone who enjoys fucked up horror, which gets more at you psychologically over using gore and blood, to watch that show, btw. It's on hulu. <3 Anyways, as I brought it up and raved about it to him, he asked me, "Have you heard of Slender Man and MarbleHornets?"
I say, of course, "No, I haven't. Do tell".
Thomas explains to me what Slender Man is, which can be found here if you're interested:
I was very interested, and it didn't sound that scary to me last night. He told me about these videos on YouTube done under the name MarbleHornets. He told me to watch them, because they are just awesome, and very popular, and if I love horror (because we know I do) I will adore this.
So I brought up the video this morning before going to class. The first entry is right here btw:
Althought, I watched the introduction video before watching that. But it's upto you. Entry #1 actually shows creepy video.. :3
Basically, this is freaking me out a tad. I'm on entry #5 right now. I LOVE horror, but when I'm alone, it's hard to watch it full on without watching from the corner of my eye, as I do when I get a little scared in theatres (i.e. when I went to go see The Fourth Kind and Insidious <3 ).
I just wanted to post this so others might be able to indulge in this with me and enjoy it. I'm LOVING it so far, even though I'm a little antsy and jittery watching it. >.> I need to find a snuggle buddy and lock them up under my desk, so I can grab and hold onto them whenever I watch stuff like this. Good plan, I know I know.~
Also, if you know of Slender Man quite well already, maybe you'd like to talk about him in here. Or if anyone has any art they like of him, or any memories of playing games, or nightmares, etc.

Snap off his arms and go for the throat! Also he only goes for the chillrun from what I hear. You're young, but not young enough for that creepy pedobear.
Pete, thank you. You helped me out. xD
But the guy in the video is like my age. D: SLENDER MAN CONFUSES MEEE.
And scares me.
:D. . .
But I wanna keep watching.
But the story goes, the more you think about him, bring him up, focus on him, the more likely he will focus on you.
So...That explains who keeps stealing my good suits. DAMN HIM.
The Inquisition has already dealt with this.
So took my shower this morning, at 3am since I have a taxi coming for me at 6:30 and wanna be well prepared by 6.
I had to keep opening the curtain to look around.
I can't get him outta my head.. D:
srsly. xD DAMNIT.
*sets up a camera to focus on Staci* : D

...I was bored last night so I sat through and watched it all then watched American Horror Story...I slept like a baby ^^
I'd heard of Slender Man before, but didn't realise there was a whole video series/ARG related to him. Awesomeness; cheers for the link, Staci.
Uh .. I don't have the guts to watch it. To those that are going to ..

May the Force be with you.

I also offer bodyguard services as a stuffed panda in your bed that will protect you from any monsters that come to harm you. I only need to be given a place to stay and food and ... you hug me to sleep every night.

Offer applies to girls only. Guys can go f- I mean, defend themselves.
As i have stated earlier, the Inqisition has already apprehended this particular pedobear, any further videos are merely faked by heretics who wish to keep the good subjects of the emperor in fear.
This should have been done with a little larger budget. Like, more than $200 for the camera and $30 for the cheap suit. Perhaps, totaling $350 because crash test dummies are cheap too.

Should get Peter Cullen for the voice.
It's the simplicity that really makes the whole thing, I'd say. Really feels like a student film production that's gone horribly fucking wrong.
Reading all these reply posts coming back to my dorm from my visit home..
has made my night wonderbar.<3
thank you all.
I shall sleep with my light on.<3