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  1. I am a HUGE fan of Sleepy Hollow (As if my avatar and siggy didn't give that way. :P) and I would absolutely love to do a Sleepy Hollow roleplay. I have been searching desperately for one! If anyone is interested (I'll be your best friend forever and ever!) let me know! I have a few ideas for plots, although with the show only going on to it's second series....but that's what roleplay is kind of about, isn't it?
  2. No one? :( This makes me very sad.
    I usually avoid things like that but Sleepy Hollow had me hooked the whole time. I'm ecstatic for season two! That being said, I would love to do a roleplay for it with you!
  4. o.o

    OMG! I was starting to think I was the only one! -Cries tears of Joy-

    If I can't find anyone else, we could always do a 1x1. I have dibs on Irving though if we're going to use canons! I love that guy.
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  5. He was the business. xD Loved his no-nonsense attitude LOL
    Did you want to use the canon characters? I wouldn't mind, as I would like a chance to play Abigail; She was my favorite, then it was her sister.
  6. Anyone else? :(
  7. Possibly me ^.^
    I loove Sleepy Hollow so it would be really fun to roleplay this. I don't mind what character I get to play
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  8. Ahh, cool! Someone else is interested!! :D
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